Undressed for the Occasion

Brad and Amanda were having their monthly lunch date where she agreed not to use her endless array of powers. Amanda was the one who had suggested the original idea, but these days, it didn’t take much going wrong to annoy her.

They strolled through downtown, hands entwined, arms swinging in sync. Stepping onto a crosswalk, a speeding car tried to plow right through them. The driver slammed the breaks, his tires scraping across the gravel to a sudden halt.

Amanda picked Brad up and quickly placed him behind her.

“Hey, get off the road, whore!”

“Fuck off, man! We have the right of way!” Brad retorted.

“Why don’t you stop hiding behind your whore and tell me that directly?!” he yelled as he held down the horn.

“Hey Brad, you wanna have sex right now?” Amanda asked.


Amanda pointed a glowing finger at the car. Suddenly the horn stopped honking. The driver’s mouth was still moving, but no sound was coming out. When he realized that he had gone silent, he began to panic.

“Amanda! I thought today was no powers day!”

“Eh. I end up using powers on no powers day all the time.”

“What!? No you don’t!"

“Sure I do, Brad. I just make you forget it later.”

“What!? That’s cheating! Amanda!”

“Hey babe, I do it like 4 out of 5 times. Don’t worry about it.”

“Oh, okay, I won’t worry about it,” he echoed dreamily.

“So, do you wanna fuck?”

“I guess so… wanna go back home?”

“How about here?”

The driver was just beginning to step out of the car when Amanda swept her arm in his general direction. His car stretched and flattened, turning into a firm gel mattress. Before the road rager could react, he had turned into a blanket that fluttered neatly onto the new bed.

“Whoa! Is he okay?” Brad asked, a bit taken aback.

“Unfortunately. Don’t you think he deserves worse?”

“I mean, I guess…” he replied hesitantly.

“Sorry Brad, am I turning you off?”

“No, no, Amanda! You’re always super sexy! But lately, you’ve just been, sort of, you know, vengeful…”

“And you like it,” she declared. “You like it a lot.”

And did he ever. His pants were suddenly too tight for his turgid foot-long erection. Wait, foot long? He looked at her in helpless lust as he tried to free his manhood. When it sprang forth, he gasped at its length and girth. He was huge!

“Like it?” Amanda grinned.

“I thought…” he panted, “you liked me, the way I was.”

“Yeah, but it doesn’t hurt to try new things,” she smiled.

A soft glow surrounded him as Amanda hovered them both onto the bed in the middle of the street. Traffic was starting to pile up around them.

Amanda ignored it and impaled herself on his steel rod. It should have been impossible for her to take his entire length, but she smoothly slid herself all the way to his base in a single, slick movement.

“Unnnng!” Brad choked.

Car horns were blaring everywhere.

“Oh, stop!” she yelled. And everything stopped.

Time stood still for Amanda as she looked around. It was like she was an animation in a still painting. She took her time to examine the frozen faces of all the drivers, the bend of tree branches in the wind, a formation of birds in mid flight, completely unmoving. Looking below her, she saw Brad’s dumb grimace of pleasure. She smiled and caressed his face gently before she thrust herself up and down, flying her grip all the way up to the very tip of his penis before slamming back down.

Up and down she went, sometimes giving it a little twist, as she rode her frozen fucktoy for her own pleasure. She could feel his giant shaft penetrating deep inside her, yet never causing her any discomfort. She decided he could go a little bigger. So he did.

She rammed herself on him over and over until she was near her climax. Sliding all the way back down, wrapping her arms around him and squeezing his chest against her round, firm, goddess’ breasts, she wriggled her pelvis, grinding her own pleasure center against him.

Amanda glowed as her sexual peak hit, and a shockwave erupted from her orgasm. As soon as it left her body, it, too, was frozen in time. She quivered and gushed all over his foot-and-a-half long cock, soaking him and the road-raging-former-driver-turned-blanket completely wet. As she twitched and shuddered, she tapped Brad on the forehead with a single finger, and he resumed his movement.

“Oh, what, oh, FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” Brad screamed as he felt all of her enrapturing motions at once. He began to come in huge gouts inside of her, searing hot pleasure racing through his entire length to erupt violently.

“Pretty, unf, good, right, Brad?” she panted rhythmically. She loved feeling his wet warmth jetting inside of her.

Soon, it wasn’t only Amanda’s gushing that was flooding the bed. Brad was coming so much that his sticky semen seeped out from inside her too. After a minute long ejaculation, she could tell he was starting to fade.

“Don’t worry Brad, you can’t run out,” she whispered sensuously into his ear as her eyes glowed.

His eruptions renewed continuously and endlessly.

By now, she had stacked up quite a few orgasms of her own as she held him tight and squeezed his pulsing organ inside of her. With a snap of her fingers, she resumed time, and her multiple orgasmic shockwaves raced outward, overturning cars and shattering windows.

“Yes! Yes! Now this is a date!” she screamed, her cry of ecstasy blotting out the sound of the destruction all around her.




Brad checked his watch. It was now 2PM, and he was roaming the sunny streets with his goddess of a girlfriend.

“Hey Amanda, I know we just ate lunch and all, but I’m really hungry! You wanna get another meal?”

“Sure Brad,” she smiled as they walked past a heavily stained blanket in the driver’s seat of a car.



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