The Epic of Alika part 1



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(This is a story taking place in Akane's super goddess series. If you are unfamiliar with it, it's not necessary to understand what's going on, but will explain more)


Centuries ago, the sea nymph Callianassa altered her fate, managing to supplant the former king of the gods Zeus and become the undisputed ruler of the Greek pantheon. She however caused the collapsing of nearly every Bronze Age civilization in her bid for the throne. Now, she visited the island of Zakynthos in the northeastern Ionian sea.


Chryses lived a modest life away from mainland Greece as a master fisherman. Despite his simple life of solitude on the edge of the village, the man known for his catches had managed to catch the attention of the queen of the gods herself. He wasn't noteworthy to her, at least not at first. Queen of the gods or no, she was still a sea nymph--prone to falling for a big strong man making a living on the sea. She enjoyed many nights of passion with him, visiting often for several months.




She sat on a throne of gold atop a hill with her attendants near the city of Pythia. Her arrival was permitted thanks to the Oracle at Delphi finally agreeing to her request. Callianassa was at the height of her power, but that could change. No one could have predicted the likes of her being enough of a threat to take over and rule an entire pantheon. Knowing this, she planned to be more active than her predecessors, especially regarding people of godly descent.


There was a thick fog obstructing much of her view. Eventually, a medium sized group of people emerged. As they approached Callianassa, began to make out the figures. To her confusion she found them to all be women, which struck her as odd, since she recalled the oracle was supposed to be the only female at the temple. As the group arrived, they all presented themselves one by one and congratulated the queen of the gods. Though each was in robes covering up most of their bodies, just one look and Callianassa could tell these girls would have put Helen to shame. They each disappeared into the fog, leaving her wondering what they were congratulating her for. Finally a woman in flowing white robes and exposing an impressive midriff and ample amounts of cleavage presented herself as the Oracle of Delphi: the one she had been waiting for.




Her hair was mostly covered by a hood, but Callianassa could tell she had beautiful black hair. As she looked her in the face she momentarily felt unworthy of being in the presence of this woman. She couldn’t explain it, but the scent of divinity seemed to be oozing off of the priestess, clouding her mind briefly and causing the attendants to pass out from the overwhelming aroma. After several awkward moments of silence the priestess congratulated her like all the others who came before her and hastily left as well.



Callianassa pulled her head out of the gutter and remembered why she was here. An annoyed expression came across her face. “Wait Oracle!” she shouted. “I demand answers!”


The Priestess turned back to the monarch. Callianassa’s eyes must have been playing tricks on her because for a brief moment a glimmer of light appeared in her eyes. The expression on the woman’s face changed from stoic to a more serious one. “We are congratulating you on your new daughter,” she said, her voice echoing in Callianassa’s mind.


“My daughter?” she asked, looking at her gravid body. “What does that have to do with anything? I demand a prophecy right now you cheap fortune teller!” she ordered standing to her feet looking down on the woman in white robes.


“No need to get flustered,” she teased. “I mean, you’re really not my type, so I won’t be coming back,” she mocked.


Callianassa was furious at the Oracle’s defiance, , hurling a bolt of lightning at her. The priestess was gone before the bolt even hit, but in her mind she heard the woman’s voice. “That daughter will be quite something....”




Callianassa didn’t know what to make of the statement. The Oracle didn’t know her place, but there had to be something to what she said. “My daughter...” she thought for days on end. Her curiosity peaked, turning to annoyance, then finally developed into resentment. Her calls for more answers were ignored by the temple who told her she was only allowed the one prophecy. “My daughter will be... something.”


“My daughter will amount to nothing. That priestess was so brazen as to lie to my face. Blasphemy!”


On the day her daughter was to be born, Callianassa returned to Zakynthos. Her father was now less than nothing to her, and she didn’t bother to tell him she’d returned. She went to a small shack next to his home, where he kept his netting, to have the birth. The gods of childbearing were most kind to her--she felt no pain when the time came. The child came out with a full head of scarlet red hair, and deep blue eyes like her mother’s, which shed no tears. Upon seeing her eyes her mother’s resentment grew. She left the shack and raised her hand. Two large nearby tree branches turned into large serpents. She left, sending the creatures to ensure the so-called Oracle’s words would never come true. The only shred of love she showed her daughter was that she would die close to her father.


Chryses awoke with a start, hearing a crash just outside his home. He ran outside to find the source of the ruckus but what he found was the last thing he was expecting. He saw two serpents slithering off, covered in wounds and splinters, apparently from the gaping hole in the side of his shack. On the other side of the hole was a little redheaded girl who looked too young to be standing doing just that and looking right at him. “Father, I don’t like snakes,”' she said, staring at him with familiar eyes.


“F-father? Was all he could manage to say as he struggled to process what was going on.




The incident was just the first in a pattern as the girl continued to amaze him everyday. Showing intelligence well beyond her years and a quick grasp of a multitude of languages that he despite having spent his life trading with ships from all over the Mediterranean had no way of matching. He tried his best to educate her but the girl proved to have an insatiable curiosity that the occasional scroll from passing scholars couldn’t fill. The women of the village tried to instruct her on the ways of the proper housewife, but the girl though excelling in all they showed her with remarkable quickness, was not satisfied with that lifestyle. It pained him to see that she mostly chose to play with the boys in the town, and not just because it was quickly becoming clear she was going to be quite something when she finished developing.


However the most astounding thing about the girl was her strength. Though Chryses could never recall a time she had harmed anyone or caused damages she was unable to repair with talent most men his own age could barely dream of. The issue was how she chose to focus on working whenever he wasn’t there to steer her to more feminine pursuits. He found her one day working with lumber workers grabbing logs twice the size of the full grown men as simply as if they were twigs that had fallen from a tree. So began the heartache of watching his daughter go on to do what the fates must have destined for her to do. Doing tasks that the greatest of men would struggle with all the grace and poise of the fairest of maidens.


When the mine's deposit was depleted and a new source had to be dug out, she was there cleaving the solid rock with her hands instead of a pickaxe. When the oxen’s leg had been broken she pulled the plow herself. And when the townspeople had decided they needed a new temple the girl had moved actual tons of marble off of the ships and built the building herself. All of this happening in only a few weeks' time. The villagers one day had to ask that she stop for she had done a full year's work for them and anymore could endanger their small islands future prospects, but more personally she had made all the men and women of the village feel insignificant. Without labor to do she trained her body wanting to be like the heroes at Troy in the stories she’d read. Her feats inspired affection in all the boys who bore witness, much to her father’s despair.


Chryses had seen early on her potential and named her Alika meaning defender of man, for he had originally believed she was sent by her mother to protect him. He had learned the truth quickly however and he wished to hide it from her for as long as possible. Till one day Alika came to him after spending the whole day alone in her room not having left her bed, a most uncommon sight, since his daughter never seemed to stop being active, often barely seeming to sleep at times.


“Father, I want to go and visit Mother," Alika asked. He gave an uncomfortable expression and moved to say the lie he’d spent her whole life practicing to himself in case she ever asked. However he was interrupted before a word left his lips.


“I have always known what she did Father, no one had to tell me," she said. She hugged him and thanked him that he loved her enough to try to spare her feelings, but she had never asked for anything in her entire life and he struggled to come up with a reason to deny her. Finally however he arrived at the only thing he felt he had a right to ask as her father.


“You may go if you can beat your old man at the one thing the gods put me on the earth to do beyond raising you, well for what little I could," he said with a smile and a wink.


Chryses haul was the biggest of his life, he’d almost thought his daughter had thrown the win to him. It seemed at times she was even helping him. However, when the time came the girl dove into the water and grabbed the largest shark he’d ever laid eyes on by the tail and pulled it to shore. The creature was easily 6 times her length over and yet it was as if it weighed nothing to her. With that he knew his daughter was beyond his ability to keep at home.


Chryses spoke with her the morning she was to leave the island for good. “The villagers have given you another name as long as you’ve been alive, tell it to everyone you meet so that they and your old man will know it’s you making a ruckus that even Olympus can’t ignore.”


“I am Alika kókkinos, Alika the scarlet-haired," she responded to herself as she saw her home fading in the distance. For the first time in her life shedding a single tear.




“Young lady, please get down from there,” a sailor shouted.


“Oh come on! I’m not gonna break anything," Alika shouted back. She had never left her home, and the joy of sailing out to sea was something she could not contain. She had climbed to the top of the mast to get a view of her destination once no one was looking. The sailors weren’t even sure how she managed to get up there. The port that was closest to Olympia, the site of the largest temple to her mother, and the place she was most likely to receive a response from.


“Seriously, lass. That spot is not safe!” the sailor shouted again.


“ Fine, I’ll see you when you make landfall!”


“What is she on about?” another sailor asked no one in particular.


Alika had been sitting on what basically amounted to a post, and was letting her feet dangle the entire time. The men were right to be afraid, one rough wave and she would fall. She stood up balancing on one foot on the post and gave them a smile as they began to fear for her life. She rocked her well toned arms back and threw them forward as she leapt from her perch. She managed to jump so far that she missed the boat, though the ensuing splashed caused the whole ship to bob up and down momentarily. The sailors held onto whatever was fastened down and looked on in confusion as the girl was not only unharmed but was doing the backstroke all the way to shore.


Workers at the port were preparing for the cargo ship to arrive, when one of them noticed a woman swimming toward them. “It looks like she must have fallen overboard!” one shouted. “Someone fetch her and get a blank…”


He was interrupted by a crash at the port. Boards could be heard breaking, and a few bystanders fell into the water. They saw two hands rise out of the water and grab the dock, and in one motion the young woman pushed forcing herself onto the dock feet first with a commanding thud.


“Sorry about the damages." the girl said. “I got a bit too excited." she said, moving some of her hair out of her eyes.


They all looked on in awe. “Who are you?" one asked.


She shook herself off in one motion causing all of the water to come off of her in defiance of logic. “I am Alika kókkinos! nice to meet you.” she said, giving a smile and leaning forward with her hands behind her back.


Everyone just looked on in confusion as the girl walked up to them. “Where is the Temple to Callianassa?” she asked.


“Just east of town” one managed to say, making a pointing gesture behind him.


“Thanks cutie!” she said, blowing a kiss to him and leaving as if nothing happened.


“Who the hell was that?” The worker who answered her question asked, his hand on his cheek as if the kiss had actually made contact.


“Alika kókkinos, she said. I’ll have to remember that.” another worker said.


“I’ve never seen a girl built like that before,” another observed. “Especially not so…”


“Short? No, I’m just not done growing yet.” Alika said proudly with her hands on her hips, talking to a merchant in the marketplace. She had grown quickly all through her life, but suddenly it seemed her growth had leveled off becoming more normalized. She stood currently only 122 cm tall, barely over 4 feet. Something that definitely detracted from the fact that she had the arms of a grappler.


“Look little girl you’re cute and all, but if you don’t have any money I’m not going to give you the armband.”


“Pleaaase... it’s for my mother." she replied, turning the cuteness factor up a notch.


Had the merchant not spent decades at this he may have actually let her. The aura of confidence that was around her seemed to ensure that one way or another she would get the trinket. “No girl now if you don’t mind I…," the man stopped speaking, being distracted by a shriek in the distance.


“Ha.. Harpies!?” the merchant said as he quickly packed everything he had up. “Quick, girl. give me that before it’s too…”


He looked back to see her foot being dragged upwards. “No, girl! Let go of it before it’s too late!!!" he yelled as Alika was carried higher and higher.


“Huh, so this is a harpy?” she asked herself as she looked at the half-bird half-female creature, which was just as large as she was. She remembered reading about them from an old scroll from Hesiod, but was happy to confirm their existence with her own eyes. It carried her up in its claws by the armband with one leg and her left forearm in the other.


As Alika got over the initial awe at seeing such a foreign creature, she realized something important. “Oh goodness. I forgot he didn’t say I could have this armband. I need to return it.”


Alika rocked a bit and pulled her legs up and wrapped them around the torso of the creature. She tugged at the leg of the fowl and formed a leg bar on it like she’d learned when she used to wrestle with the boys back home. The creature went from flying to falling with style, as even when it let go with both its legs Alika held firm and the ground was fast approaching.


The crash brought half the town out to see the aftermath. Next to the stall was a crater 10 feet wide and the dust kicked up causing everyone in the immediate area to cough repeatedly. After moving from the cover he’d hid behind, the merchant looked inside the hole to be greeted by the sight of the girl holding the harpy in one of her arms cradling it like a baby and extending the other arm out to hand him the band.


“Sorry about that. I didn’t mean to steal it. If you could hold on to it though while I get her to a doctor, I’d be really grateful.”


“Ju.. Just take it.” he replied, his mouth agape.

“Oh, so you changed your mind.” Alika asked, smiling the biggest smile. He just nodded his head in response and with that she went off in search of a place to leave the harpy.


Alika found someone willing to take care of the Harpy at a tent by the docks, causing quite the scene. A 4 foot tall girl holding a legendary creature was a sight to behold. Fortunately harpy talons were used in certain potions so the doctor was willing to do it for free. She wouldn’t have been able to live with herself if she’d been unable to help a poor animal, she always had a soft spot for them big or small, except snakes.


She smiled looking at her new armband as she walked out of town talking to herself as she went. “I know he gave it to me just because I dealt with the harpy, but still it was really nice of him to give this to me for mother.” she giggled to herself as she put it on her well toned arm and headed for her original destination.




“Queen Callianassa, if I may?” the high priestess at her temple asked.


“Speak, mortal.” Callianassa replied. Position or not she was just a human to her. The goddess was sitting on a throne and being fanned by the priestess attendants.


“I would never question your grace, but was releasing a group of harpies in the city really an appropriate punishment?”


“Those fools’ offerings were smaller than last year. They’re lucky I only sent those snatchers out and not laid waste to the city itself.”


“Your mercy is boundless!” The priest replied, trying to not offend her goddess more.


It was her least favorite part of being queen of the gods, but it was sadly expected of her. Callianassa watched as the doors to the temple opened and a small crowd arrived to ask for blessings and foreign dignitaries petitioned for help with their small issues.


“Ugh, fine!” she replied to one such dignitary’s request. “Attendant, remind me to send Lydia to Nemea.”


“Yes your hig….”

“Mother!!!!" a voice shouted from outside. Seconds later the crowd was being pushed to the side as Alika made her way through.


“Hold it right there, little girl!” commanded two large men wearing bronze armor on the chests and leather skirts down to their thighs. Alika ignored them at first and just started to walk in between them, only stopping as crossed spears in front of her.


“Excuse me boys, I need to have a word with her. Would you please be so kind as to step to the side?” The men looked at each other unsure what was wrong with this girl. As one of the guards put his hand on her right shoulder, however, he’d realized his mistake.


It was quite the sight to see Alika, a little if well built girl from the onlookers prospective grab the man’s hand, get his arm into a lock and then drop him to the ground. The second man moved to help the first charging with his spear which she caught by the shaft a few inches from her chest. The guard looked at her with confusion as he saw her expression.


“These things are dangerous.” she said with a neutral expression before crushing the shaft in her hand. The guard dropped his broken weapon and charged in at her, but she grabbed the collar of his armor and pulled him down to her level instead.


“Eee...Nough!” Callianassa shouted. Her voice shaking the building and causing all within to look up at her. Alika looked as well, having her foot stepping on the first guard to pin him and holding the other in a headlock as he squirmed, unable to break free. Her face showed no signs of difficulty in doing so.


Callianassa stood up and began to walk down some steps to get a better look. “Who is this girl to think that she can set foot in my temple and…” she started before her face went white. The crimson red hair, similar features, but most importantly the deep blue eyes which brought her anger to a boiling point.


“Mother! It’s so nice to finally meet you!” Alika said, dropping the guard who fell to the ground and began gasping for air.


Callianassa began gritting her teeth to hold back the rage she felt in this moment having thought she’d rid the world of her already. A storm began to whirl up outside and when she finally thought she’d reached her limit the looks of bewilderment from her subjects caused her to debate her options. The girl was hers and it would be difficult to argue otherwise, but then she had a moment of inspiration.


“Oh, dear daughter!” she cried trying to force as much emotion in her voice as possible. “I had thought you lost after you were stolen away at birth.”


Alika remembered the event in full detail and knew her mother was lying, but she didn’t come to shame her mother. She came for acknowledgement, and to see the parents she’d never truly met. “I am Alika kókkinos, daughter of Chryses the fisherman, and Queen Callianassa!” she said proudly for all to hear. Her mother took the jab poorly, her poker face morphing with her disgust at playing second fiddle to a mortal in this girl's eyes.


“Yes, Alika. I must welcome you properly.” Callianassa announced. “After seeing her prowess firsthand, I hereby decree that Alika shall go to Nemea with my blessing.”


The crowd was in awe of this moment. Callianassa had a daughter and they were lucky enough to see her meet her child as a young woman. The goddess had played her hand well for it didn't dawn on anyone present that she was sending her daughter off to her death.


Alika looked on as the attendants rushed people out of the temple at her mother’s behest. Soon she was the only person left, with the exception of her mother who looked at her with utter scorn.


“I don’t know what I did to upset you, and I don’t care to ask. I will instead do what you ask.” Alika replied.


Her mother ignored her, knowing she would willingly go to her death was all she wanted of her daughter. “You are nothing and you will be tossed aside like nothing.” Callianassa thought as she left the temple in a flash of light.


Alika leaned against the door of the temple after she stepped outside, and gave a soft smile, “She accepted me as her daughter.”




Nemea was a town to the east of Olympia, the home of her mother. As such it was more practical to go by land than by sea. Never in her life had she gone so far that she could not see the ocean, but as she ran the paths of the Peloponnese she was surrounded by nothing but hills and mountains most of her trip. Not that the trip ended up being long; she arrived in a matter of a couple days and even then mostly due to the occasional straying from the path due to curiosity.


As she noticed the city in the distance she came to realize something, something very important. “Wait why did mother need me to come here again?”


In the distance she heard a loud roar, and her curiosity got the better of her again. “Well that can wait!" she shrugged as she ran off to see what was making all the noise.


“Run it’s coming!" A woman shouted into a home as a crowd of people were fleeing in the street.


Alika was casually walking in the direction everyone was running from, looking for the sound she heard. “It sounded like it was around this area." she thought as someone that tried to stop her but failed to even get her attention let alone pull her to safety.


She looked around for a moment before hearing the roar close by. She did a tumble routine and flipped high enough to stick the landing on the roof of a nearby house, and there she saw it.


“Aw what a cute kitty!”


The town’s food supply had been broken into and at it’s door was a massive lion. It stood twice the height of a normal lion and had claws three-inches long. It had a long flowing red mane and a mouth that could easily swallow any human head whole in a single bite.


Alika hopped off the building and tucked her roll, making enough noise in doing so that the creature turned around to face her.


“Aw who's a pretty girl, you’ve even got pretty red hair just like me!” Alika exclaimed while playing with one of her braids as she said so. She reached out her hand to the beast and without hesitation it pounced forth biting her on the shoulder.


The creature however did not make the girl easily 5 times lighter than it move a single inch. In fact it’s legs hit the ground at an odd angle and it was bending its neck very awkwardly.


“Aw, she wants to hug!" she said, patting it on its mane. “I love you too!!!”


The creature released its grip on her shoulder as it felt great pain, having chipped a tooth while doing no more than causing damage to the top of the girl’s clothing. She then hugged the beast, causing it pain. The lion flailed around it’s claws slicing larger and larger holes into her clothing, but not doing much else. Soon she let go putting the cats front legs back on the ground and kissed the beast on the forehead.


“Oh no! You tore my shirt." she exclaimed, noticing her clothing torn to shreds. The creature bowed its head as if to offer an apology.


“Aw, it’s okay. I’ll find something else, just be a good kitty from now on okay?” she said, offering a heartfelt smile. She reached out her hand and patted the beast on the head one more time with the lion’s permission. With that the beast ran off into the wilderness and never harmed a human settlement ever again.




“Ugh!" Callianassa groaned, receiving yet another question about her daughter. “She’s not even a god. Why do these mortals bother coming to the temple if not to commune with the divine on matters of worshiping me?” She gave a smug grin as remembered she'd be receiving word she was dead and then they would ever bring her up again would be about what a failure she was.


Just as she finished her thought the door to the temple swung open. “My queen… My queen!" shouted a man winged shoes adorning his feet.


“Ah Hermes.. What news have you to share?" she grinned awaiting for words that would bring her pleasure.


“Alika did it, the Nemean lion is beaten!" he announced.


“Oh what a great tragedy… how will I go on without…. Wait what?”


“It’s true the creature is nowhere to be seen, and the town of Nemea is currently singing her praises.”


The mortals in the crowd all began to chatter amongst themselves and celebrate with glee. Callianassa’s face contorted in absolute disgust. “It was bad enough when people learned she was my daughter, now with this she has something for the people to talk about.” she mused. “That damn beast was supposed to be invulnerable, how in the hell did she manage to kill it… no it matters not, I have to stamp this out immediately.”


“Hermes I have a message I’d like to send my daughter." she said, trying not to choke on the last word.




“Thanks for the armor!” Alika squealed with glee. She’d had to stumble around for a couple days using only cloth for covering, but when the local blacksmith offered to make her some armor free of charge she couldn’t say no to waiting till it was done.


“It’s... a bit tight." she murmured to herself as she looked in a mirror. She’d only gotten the measurements done a few days ago, but clearly her “Developments" had led to some guess work which didn’t pan out. Namely she’d grown a decent bit in a short time. Not unusual for her, but when you go from average to stacked, and throw a couple inches in height for good measure you get a growth spurt that makes a cute girl go to Shortstack heartthrob really fast.


“Well.. maybe they will all stop mistaking me for a kid now." she prayed.


She walked out of the home and showed the smith his hard work had paid off. “Aye now that’s the look of a proper hero!" he proclaimed. It wasn’t too fancy or anything, but it was solid bronze and covered up her body. It took a lot of convincing to get him to only have the armor cover her chest and not her abs, but she didn’t want to hide them.


“Now it may take a bit to get used to the extra weight but…”


“Thanks again mister but I gotta get going." She yelled having already left the building. The smith looked out of his door to see her jumping from tree to tree without the slightest hindrance of movement.


“Alika she said her name was." he thought. “I may have to spread the word that I made armor for her to get ahead of the curve.”


After going for a few miles Alika came to a sudden stop near a lake, “I can sense you!" she announced crossing her arms under her chest as she did so.


“How can a mortal detect me?" the messenger thought to himself. Stepping out from behind a tree he removed his helmet which was supposed to mask his presence from all beings supernatural or otherwise.


Noticing his winged shoes Alika figured out who it was. “Hermes, Messenger of the gods, it's nice to meet you.'' she curtsied remembering her manners her father had drilled into her.


Hermes looked confused by her formality. “You are Alika, daughter of Callianassa?”


“I take it, mother has some orders for me." she deduced.


Hermes looked at her seeing she understood her mother wasn’t the kind to praise someone for doing a good job. “Crete is home to the minotaur and she wishes for the beast to be removed.”


Her face lit up and she grabbed a stick and started to draw a perfect map of Greece in the dirt. “Okay so I get to this area right here to look for a boat, I’ll find some way to pay, go here and..”


As Alika kept talking Hermes was unable to understand what was going on. Not only did she detect him, she seems completely unfazed by the fact that her mother was sending her off into danger. “Her sister is nothing like this." he thought before realizing she was already gone on her next adventure.




“Dammit girl it’s bad enough you sent us on this cursed voyage to begin with we aren’t going to go back toward that death trap.” The tired man yelled as he rowed with all his might.


“But I didn’t get to explore the island." Alika shouted back giggling the whole time.


“Look I know we owe you for stopping those satyrs from eating our crops, but seriously starting a fight with a cyclops. The damn thing nearly hit us with those giant boulders.”


“Oh come on they weren’t That big," Alika said, mocking them by holding one she’d caught the size of her torso with one hand.


The crew all looked at each other unable to believe a girl like this existed. She tossed the boulder overboard and sat back looking at all the muscular men rowing to her destination. “You know..." She said slyly “You guys have been going all day.”


The men all noticed a shift in the air as Alika was speaking. “I think you all deserve a reward." she said unfastening the side of her chest plate slowly. The men all watched with bated breath momentarily stopping rowing as she demanded their attention. She used the chest plate to hide her chest as she grasped both breasts with her right arm covering her nipples from their sight. Even covered the men all began to lose themselves as they gazed at the perfect specimen of femininity before them.


“You know boys." she pouted. “I don’t have a ride back off the island when I’m done, and I was wondering. “Could I also get a ride back too, I’d be ever in your debt." she said motioning toward her crotch as she did.




“Thanks boys I’ll be back in a bit!" Alika waved as the men began fawning over her before making sure the ship would be spotless once she returned.


“Now then, this is Crete." she said looking at a massive port before her. After getting lost for some time taking in the sites, she got directions to the old capital now in ruins. Not a soul lived around it due to the fear of what remained dark winding tunnels and walls beneath known as the labyrinth.


Alika soon found what she was looking for: a cave entrance that was the only way into or out of the maze. “Alright this will be different from the Nemean Lion.” She considered, remembering that the Labyrinth was just as much a reason no one came to this area as the Minotaur itself.


Breathing in some fresh air and taking a step toward her goal she was committed. One step became two, then three, and then she’d smashed through a wall by the entrance, then another, and then another. From the outside soon all that was heard was every second or two rocks visibly shaking outside. Soon a new sound was heard outside one that started quite, but became more loud and desperate sounding.




The creature roared in desperation as Alika dragged it by its legs and it clawed at the floor desperately trying to get away, and back into its home away from her. Finally as the beast was forced out Alika through it a couple feet in front of her and stared at it. The Beast was easily over 9 feet tall standing from hoof to head.


The Minotaur stood to its knees before Alika was upon it, her hand reaching toward the beast's throat. Its roar became a low groan and to its amazement Alika spoke back to it placing her hand on its shoulder. “Ah you poor thing, it must be awful for people to not be able to understand you.”


“Who would try to understand someone that looks like me?" It replied.


Alika looked at it in the eyes before giving it a big hug, “You’re already a pretty girl to me, but since you desire some help.”


Alika felt the beast shrink in her arms as she comforted it. Where she was hanging on it before it was now small enough for her to wrap her arms around it, though it was still much taller. It’s horns became much smaller, it’s body going from muscular and brown to thin and white skinned, and it’s hooves morphed becoming human feet. As she held on she was pushed back slowly as a large set of tits grew completing the transformation.


“What did moo… do?" the cowgirl asked in shock looking at her transformed body.


“Well for starters you can speak properly now, and as for everything else I turned down the cow on the outside so everyone will be chomping at the bit to talk to you." Alika teased grabbing her breast which was about the size of her head.


“Mooooooo!!!" the cowgirl cooed small bits of milk coming out as Alika got a naughty look on her face. She pushed them both to the ground and started to make out with her forcefully. Only a few moments later did she remove her lips and think to ask. “What’s your name by way?”


“I… uh… I don’t have one, they only ever called me Minotaur, which was what I was." she spoke in between moments of groping that she couldn’t say she disliked.


“I’m gonna call you Mina!" Alika said, positioning herself behind her and rubbing her thigh as she stuck one of Mina’s nipples in her mouth.


“Mi.. NAAAAAA!!!!!!" she steamed as Alika began to drink all the warm milk from her.




“I’m back, boys!!!" Alika announced gleefully.


“Alika’s back!" One shouted, all hands jumping on deck in a hurry. “The ship is ready to go whenever your…” He stopped as he noticed a tall woman with cow ears and small horns giving a gentle nervous smile behind her. Mina looked down and nervously shifted her legs back and forth, her hands on her lap and squeezing her massive tits with her arms as she did so.


“Don’t be shy Mina, they are friends." Alika whispered, walking behind and patting her on the ass pushing her forward.


“I… I’m Mina!" she replied nervously. The men all welcomed her with a cheer. “Any friend of Alika’s is a friend of ours!" One said as he helped her onto the ship.


Alika laughed as they showed Mina around. “She’ll be just fine." She thought glad Mina agreed to leave the island and see the world. “It was also nice of Hermes to get those clothes for her. Though I think I like her better with them off.”


“Captain to Colchis!" Alika announced.




“Why does news only ever travel fast when it’s about that damn mistake?" Callianassa shouted loud enough that it was heard in another room.


“What’s she on about this time?" A girl with long flowing silver hair asked Hermes.


“It’s well…" He shuffled nervously.


She pulled out a sword and pointed at the god, “Speak or the Olympians will welcome you back into their ranks!" She taunted.


Hermes debated his options. “Fine Lydia, it’s about her daughter.”


“I’m right here." Lydia announced, lowering her sword slightly.


“I guess word hasn’t reached the east quite yet, turns out she had another daughter.”


Lydia's deep blue eyes ceased blinking as she processed what she just heard. “What is her name?” She asked, her voice trembling slightly.


“Alika kókkinos" He replied after making sure Callianassa wasn’t listening in on the conversation. “She’s headed to Colchis as we speak.”


She returned her sword to its sheath and then turned to leave the room. “You take great risk." She said, thanking him as she left the room.




“Wow I know dragons were supposed to be big but damn!" Alika shouted as the town folks cowered in their homes, expecting the girl to die any second.


“Get out of their young lady, the fleece isn’t worth dying over." One person shouted.


“Fleece no, I’m here to deal with the dragon those guys wanted the Fleece." Alika announced, pointing toward where some men were hiding hoping to use her distraction to get what they came for.


The dragon landed and roared right above her, her head only a couple feet from the monster. It swung it’s claws and sent her flying through a market cart. The townsfolk were horrified and many could not watch.


“Wow I actually almost felt that!" She announced as she stood up and dusted herself off. “Hey mister sorry about your cart." She said apologizing to a very scared and very confused man.


She looked up at the winged apex predator weighing over two tons of pure muscle. It’s body lorded over her like a mountain, rivaling the homes around her in size. The beast leaned it’s head back and Alika announced giddily, “Oh it’s going to show me it’s dragonfir..” in an instant the flames completely enveloped her and she was impossible to see by the onlookers.


The beast ceased and looked at its handiwork with it’s large reptilian eyes. “Oh poo there goes my armor." Alika said standing in the exact same spot with half her armor melting off of her. The beast’s anger grew and it leaned it’s head back again. “It’s not nice to ruin other people's clothes." Alika said as the beast let out another blast.


Alika leaned her head back and breathed in heavily, swallowing the blast whole. When the beast stopped it was showing genuine fear as Alika breathed out firing the dragonfire back at it’s source.


The dragon fell to the ground charred but alive, its natural fire resistance doing nothing to stop from feeling the full brunt of her attack.


Alika walked up the creature and bent over as if scolding a child. “Now let that be a lesson to you, don’t break other people's things.”


She turned to face the town’s people who were all looking on with astonishment. “You can come on out now!" she said as she waved.




“Run before she turns on us too!!!”


“Gods save us!!!”


They all left in a mad dash taking what they could and fleeing at a pace that surprised even Alika. “Huh not the usual response I get." She said wiping some soot off of her face before laying the dragon's head on some hay to keep it comfy as it had fallen asleep for a nap.


Lydia was walking on the road when she saw a crowd of people in the distance. “Excuse me what’s going on here?" she asked.


“Go back the way you came, there’s a fire-breathing demon in town!" One yelled.


“Was there a foreign girl in town?" She asked. However upon hearing that they stopped talking with her and continued going the opposite way.


Lydia made her way to town cautiously scouting the outskirts of town. As she heard a loud groan she pulled her sword and carefully looked around the corner of a house.


“Alright now if you go here you won’t be bothering anyone and people won’t try to steal the fleece from you." Alika explained the dragon coiled around her and nodded as she showed it a scroll.


Lydia stepped back a moment confused and realized she must have been seeing things, before looking to see her waving to the beast as it flew away. She stepped out and made her way to the small girl who was still sitting and staring at the scroll.


“Girl! What’s happening here?” Lydia asked, seeing she was barely covered, her armor charred and covered in soot. As she noticed it became obvious it wasn’t a little girl, but actually a really short woman with an insane body. She averted her eyes trying to leave the woman some shame, but before she knew it the girl was right in her face.


“Oh hello, what’s your name?" She asked, pulling on Lydia’s long hair slightly, but enough that when she jerked back in response her braid came undone. Lydia chastised her from a moment as she began trying to fix the braid to stop her hair from touching the ground.


“What is wrong with you… you…?" Lydia blurted before noticing the girl’s eyes were the same as her’s.


“Sorry about that, I am Alika kókkinos, and you have very nice hair," Alika stated.


Lydia slowly finished fixing her hair and cleared her throat. “It’s alright, I…”


“I’ve never seen anyone with hair that long either, are you some kind of princess or something?” Alika said, cocking her head sideways with her hands behind her back.


“It’s well… it’s…," Lydia stuttered. “Right so I have a question”


“Do you know who Callianassa is?” Lydia asked. “Please say no please say no please say no!" She thought in her head.


“Oh yeah she’s my Mother!" She stated in a matter of fact way before stretching.


“Well definitely not what I was picturing from the few stories I heard on the way here." Lydia thought. As she looked at the girl she now knew as her sister she couldn’t help but compare herself to her. Lydia had an athletic build that gave her a very ideal figure. Alika on the other hand was just as big in figure, had more defined muscles, and her crimson red hair didn’t match the hair of her or their shared mother. She was relatively larger in all ways, to her except in hair length and the most glaring difference. Lydia was very tall standing 6’4, meaning she was looking down at a girl at least 2 feet shorter.


“Calling her little sister would be an understatement." Lydia thought.


“Excuse me?" Alika asked, her arms crossed under her chest and pouting slightly. “I told you my name, it’s polite to tell me yours as well.”


“Oh.. I’m Lydia, or Lydia Astraea as they sometimes call me." She said.


Alika’s eyes lit up, “Oh my gods you’re Lydia- the Lydia!" she declared. Lydia looked at her in astonishment. “You know me?" she asked. “You’re like a legend!" Alika announced. “What’s a hydra like? Do you really have a centaur you ride around with, oh and was that whole oedipus thing as bad as it sounded because that whole mess sounds crazy and…”


Lydia patted her hand on Alika’s head to stop her from jumping up and down with excitement. “Okay look as much “fun” as all that would be to talk about." Lydia said sarcastically. “I came here for an important reason and I need to talk with you.”


Alika stopped daydreaming and looked her in the eyes. Lydia hesitated to choke out the words, but knew she had to say them. She rubbed some of the soot off of Alika’s cheek and stated flatly. “You’re my sister, Callianassa is your’s and my moth….”


Lydia was stopped as Alika hugged her squeezing her tightly to the point she felt slight pain. “I have a sister!!!" Alika declared as she dropped Lydia back to her feet. Lydia was unable to process what she was experiencing as she realized her sister had lifted her and had run off into a home and in her haste had smashed part of a wall out.


“This calls for a drink," Alika announced, producing a pitcher of wine and a couple of cups.


“Look now's not the time and…" before she knew a cup was in her hand and Alika tapped her cup to it. “To my new big sister!" she cheered and moved to drink it.


Lydia looked at her sister celebrating and got angry throwing the cup to the side. “Damn it Alika my sister isn’t going to be a drunkard. Also really... your clothes barely cover anything and you're covered in grime and ash, let's get you cleaned and clothed right now you’re embarrassing yourself!" She yelled smacking Alika’s cup onto the ground and pulling her sister away with great effort.




“Now don’t come out until you’re spotless!" Lydia demanded, as she threw her sister into a lake.


Alika stayed under the water completely submerged for a time. As Lydia noticed bubbles had stopped coming up she had a horrifying thought. She didn’t know if her sister could swim and even then she’d just thrown her in with full if badly damaged armor. “Oh crap!" Lydia thought over and over again as in a panic she threw her own armor to the side and dove in head first after her. After several moments of searching and finding nothing she swam up for air and was dismayed at what she had done.


As she began to panic, she felt something grab her leg and pull her under. She moved to grab her sword only to be greeted by a familiar laughing face. Both swam back up to the surface and as Lydia gasped for air; Alika was laughing up a storm.


“I got you back!" Alika smiled.


“I thought you were drowning you jerk!" Lydia replied with concern.


“You told me not to come up till I was clean." Alika stated.


“I.. you…" Lydia finally gave up and just hugged her sister, which confused Alika. “We barely know each other, but understand you’re all I have right now. Please don’t pull anything crazy like that again.”


They removed their clothing, except the armband Alika wore and got a fire going to dry them off before returning to the water and chatting. “I’m from Lydia, that’s why my father named me that." Lydia stated. “He passed away when I was young, I... haven’t cut my hair since that day in fact.” She said petting her hair. “So without him I traveled looking for my mother.”


“She wasn’t what you were expecting, right?" Alika asked understandingly.


“How do you prepare yourself for all that ego?" Lydia replied.


“Dad always told me to treat people the same." Alika stated, eliciting the first smile she’d seen out of her sister. Lydia could only imagine how much Alika’s personality rubbed her mother the wrong way based on how she herself was struggling.


Lydia’s expression became more serious. “Mother is not someone you can really deal with like that. Alika I sought you out because I wanted to warn you that…”


“She’s trying to kill me, yeah I know." Alika interrupted. “It’s okay she’ll come around." She replied nonchalantly looking at her armband.


Lydia looked at her stunned. “How can she just say it like that?" She thought as she started to swim back to shore.


“I mean yeah, I don’t like the snakes she sent to kill me, but everything else has been really fun!” Alika said following behind.


“Fun?" Lydia thought, feeling the disconnect with her sister encapsulated in that sentiment.


“Oh wow you’ve got a really great butt!" Alika said as Lydia got out of the water.


“What?!!!" Lydia said trying to cover herself, her face as red as a rose.


“Aw don’t be shy!" Alika teased, walking around uncovered clearly showing she felt no shame whatsoever in doing so.


Lydia tried to use her hair to cover herself as she walked over to the fire. “Wait, where are our clothes?” Lydia asked, looking at her sister. “You pulled another prank again didn’t you!”


“I’ve been in the water with you the whole time." Alika reminded standing right behind her sister, her chest grazing Lydia’s arm as she did.


“Oh! So they just up and disappeared then." Lydia said, trying to ignore how uncomfortable her sister was making her.


“Maybe whatever's in that cave took them?" Alika asked casually walking toward a hidden cave nearby with reckless abandon.


“Wait Alika don’t…," Lydia started before remembering how her sister was. “Uh I’m right behind you." she started bending her head down in annoyance.


“Mine butts pretty great too!" Alika teased leaving Lydia even more uncomfortable with the situation than she already was.




“Do you even know where you’re going?" Lydia quietly asked.


“I’m just following the tracks." Alika announced loudly, echoing through the cave.


Lydia facepalmed. “Now whoever’s in here knows we’re here too, might as well have just said….”


“Hello my name is Alika Kókkinos, did you take our clothes?”


To Lydia’s surprise a voice answered back. “You struck my curiosity, children of the sea.”


“Children of the sea?” Lydia asked, her hand catching on something sticky on the wall. She started to panic, “Alika we need to get out of here right now!" She declared before seeing that her sister had walked into the main section of the cave.


“Oh wow Lydia check this out!" Alika called.


“If we make it out of this, I’m going to kill her myself." Lydia declared.


She walked in and saw what she’d feared. A massive woman with the top half of her a normal woman and the bottom half the body of a spider. “Arachne." Lydia announced.


“Very wise you are dear girl." Arachne declared. “You are children of the usurper I assume?” She asked, to which Lydia nodded. “She denied me my revenge against Athena and I would like compensation.”


“We have nothing to do with you?" Lydia asked desperately wishing she had kept her sword right about now.


“You are correct and I am nothing if not fair." Arachne said with a smile. “I challenge you to a weaving competition, if I win then you stay here till your mother shows up so I can enact my revenge properly.


“I accept." Alika interrupted, touching one of Arachne's legs with great curiosity.


Lydia pulled Alika aside, “Okay I’m gonna need you to distract her while I get my sword, do that and we can out of here with no problem.”


“I want to use my sister as the model is that okay?" Alika asked, to which Arachne agreed.


“You know mother isn’t going to ever come right? Hell do you even know how to weave?" Lydia asked angrily as her sister through her plan out the window.


“I watched the woman in my village do it before, and she challenged us, I’d never back down from one." Alika said with determination.


“Ugh if I can get some damn clothes on fine," Lydia said defeatedly.


Arachne produced vast amounts of thread till Alika declared that it was enough. Lydia stood utterly embarrassed as she had to stand naked modeling for the two. “Let’s see." Alika said, making her sister yelp as she got pricked by the needle Arachne provided her. “Sorry boobs were just a bit bigger than I realized." Alika teased.


“I swear to mother if you don’t stop playing around and get serious when our lives are on the line, Arachne will be the least of your concerns.”


“Concerns?” Alika asked, pulling a fold of cloth around her sister’s hips, getting too handsy with her sister’s ass for Lydia’s liking.


This went on for several moments before Lydia lost all patience. “Can we hurry this along?" she begged.


“Done!" Both Alika and Arachne announced.


Arachne had constructed an elaborate series of pics showing the old gods in their prison in Tartarus. Alika had produced a dress that Lydia was at least thankful covered her body. She was pleasantly surprised her sister was able to make something with limited experience, but waited for Arachne to declare victory.


Lydia was not prepared for when Arachne picked her up with her front legs and gave her a look over. She fully expected that she was about to be eaten as she looked her over. “Impossible!" Arachne declared. “These Inlays, the pattern, no loose ends, it’s all flawless.”


“Thank you!" Alika said, having no idea what any of those terms meant.


“If that bitch Athena could see this now." Arachne laughed. “Oh girl you have talent far beyond your years, I declare you the winner, go and share this so that the world may know that she isn’t the best weaver around.


“Oh come on sister it was fun wasn’t it." Alika announced as her sister changed back into her old clothes.


“You’re lucky Arachne’s mellowed with age." Lydia said, throwing Alika’s outfit on top of her, before leaving to wait for her outside the cave.


Alika walked out a few moments later wearing the outfit, which now had some metallic finishes on the skirt and top, as shoes made of bronze Lydia had never seen before.


“How did you make those fit you, and where are your things?" Lydia asked, completely confused.


“The armor was damaged anyway and I figured they’d help me really through the look together,'' she said producing a headband as well and putting it in her hair.


“Whatever?” Lydia replied, realizing it was Alika and if something was off it’s better to just go with it, whether it made any sense or not.




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