The Empire of Ilvaki


The Empire of Ilvaki. An empire built on the military conquest of 10,000 nations. They had developed space travel, faster than light drives, and advanced, futuristic weaponry. They were a militaristic civilization, hostile and powerful. They were fully prepared to destroy any alien empires they encountered on their conquest of the galaxy.


The Ilvakans had prepared a great fleet of 10,000 warships. Each one armed with enough firepower to wipe any small colony out of existence. With their armadas and armies ready, they set out into the stars to find enemies to conquer.


Except, they didn’t find any. 


Instead, their pioneers only encountered ominous findings. They found the remnants of civilizations, thousands of them. Humans, just like the Ilvaki, except they had grown and evolved on other planets, unaware of all the other humans that were so close by. In their research, they found that humans were all over the galaxy, all on different planets. It was unlikely that humanity evolved on so many thousands of planets individually, yet there they were. While their scientists worked out why humans could be so spread out without their knowledge, the others worked on another question.


Where were they all?


Instead of finding actual people, they found thousands of different cultural styles, buildings, and imperial histories, all separate from another, and all in ruins. None of the civilizations discovered one another, each one instead having their population mysteriously disappear shortly after discovering star travel.


Everything remained except the bodies. Their property, ruins, pictures, data and all were kept intact, and each and every planet was reduced to rubble by something so devastating that it destroyed everything in its wake. There was nothing written or recorded about their demise or disappearance. It was as if they simply left their planet one day, after an instant global catastrophe and never returned. 


Always ruins, but never there. Instead, they plundered what they could from the ruins and took it home, hoping to understand, but never finding an answer. They had hoped to one day find what made all these empires disappear, before it claimed them.


However, finding an answer was impossible until it was too late.


The Ilvakans were humans as well. They grew up with different cultures, histories, and lives to all the other empires of humanity, but they were human all the same. So, they prepared all they could. They searched extensively, and obsessively, desperate to understand. After several years, they would finally find a clue.


When the Ilvakan head of research, Alvaka, was shown a journal recovered from a human empire ruin, she immediately called the Empress of Ilvaki, Elysia. The Empress of Ilvaki was a tall, voluptuous woman in her mid-20s. Standing at 6’4”, she ruled with an iron fist from her regal palace. 


Her hair was long, blonde and flowing. Her uniform was pure white and regal, with golden tassels that served to bring attention to her perfect posture. She rose to the position through pure force, gathering an elite group of 100,000 powerful warriors, she stormed the imperial palace and declared herself the new empress. For 10 years, she reigned, and brought upon a new golden age to Ilvaki. 


Space travel, great wealth, technology and unification were brought to the empire, all under her banner. Her main priority was the advancement of her people, their power and their position in the universe. They had begun to colonise other planets in preparation for their survival. Now, all she wanted to know was what happened to all the other people out there. Perhaps the head of research had an answer.


The journal didn’t say much, but it was more information than any other text or data source had given them, in all their searching. All it said was this,


“I don’t know what happened. One day we were all fine, living our normal lives. The day before our first expedition into space, a strange mist fell upon our world. For 2 hours, the mist covered everything planetwide, and even spread to other planets, covering them in a red glamour. It seemed harmless at first, until it began to compile, turning the skies red and blotting out the sun. Before we even had a day or two to study it, the mist gathered into a focal point and unleashed something impossible. We didn’t stand a chance…” It ended there. It was clear the author was trying to write more, but something prevented that.


The empress Elysia dropped the journal on the table, and looked at her head of Research, Alvaka. “This doesn’t tell us much, other than something about red mist. But do we have confirmation that this red mist was the cause of all disappearances?


Alvaka nodded. “Well, we’ve discovered data fragments from almost every empire mentioning something about the color red, just before they disappeared. Red mist, red eyes, red skies… it all seems unrelated. This is the first time anything has mentioned all of them together, and directly presented it in a negative light. Other empires seem to always come to the conclusion that it’s harmless. This is the first time we’ve gotten a direct description of what the ‘red’ is, and we’ve never had confirmation that it’s always the same thing. This is the first confirmed piece of data that says something about the red being the last thing they see.”


Alvaka was a short brunette woman, always wearing a lab coat, and standing at 5'2"

Her green eyes always became pinpoints whenever she talked about anything she was interested in, like space. Her. Lab coat was too big for her small frame, and the sleeves always went over her hands, making her look even smaller. 


The empress nodded. “So the ‘red’ is an omen. But of what?”

Her scientists all looked at each other, unsure.

Elysia looked back at the journal. “So this red mist seems to come a few days before the actual event that ends civilization. At the very least, it’s all we have to go on. Once that red mist appears on Ilvaki, if it does, we must be ready. Evacuations will need to happen immediately, and we will need to record everything we possibly can.”


So they prepared, setting up as many cameras, recording devices, and written evidence they could make in as little time as possible.


2 months after the discovery of the journal, Elysia was looking out from the windows of the palace. It was sunset, and the skies turned orange. Then, they shifted to red. It was a normal looking sunset on Ilvaki, or so they thought.


It lasted for hours. It wasn’t until 10 at night when Elysia became concerned. Night did not fall, instead the sunset became more intense. The red sky turned more and more saturated until it hurt her eyes to stare at it. The red filled the skies, across the entire planet, blocking all view of the clouds, the stars and even their own sun. An hour later, the condensation began to fall. At first, it just looked like red clouds had covered their town and was dropping a heavy mist onto their city, but Elysia knew it wasn’t normal. The moment she had confirmation that it had covered the entire planet, she ordered planetary evacuations.


The sun looked almost like an eye, more intense in the center, and always watching the empire of Ilvaki, never blinking.


The red mist covered the entire planet for 2 days, growing more and more intense as time went on. Elysia immediately ordered all her researchers to begin looking at the mist, to try and find out what it was and what it did. Once a day had passed, she called an emergency meeting of the greatest minds on Ilvaki to the central chamber.


As the 9 best scientists on Ilvaki gathered in the palace’s war room, they became concerned. The mist was seeping into the buildings, making it difficult to even see each other across the table.


“So, it’s true then? That journal… it mentioned the mist gathering into one spot, and unleashing… something.”


"I've looked into the Mist's origin point but found nothing conclusive." Alvaka said. "It's like it's being created spontaneously."


Elysia closed her eyes. “And the composition? What is this mist? Is it just water vapor, or…?”

Another scientist stood up. “From what I can tell, it’s just water with particles of salt, sugar, ammonia… it’s almost like normal human sweat, but doesn’t smell at all.”


"Strange. I see why the other empires conclude that it is harmless. We must be prepared." The empress said. "Where is the greatest concentration of this mist?"


 One of the scientists nervously spoke up, and pointed at a map. "It's right here, centered on The capital city, just downtown."


"I want everything we have pointed at that spot. We have already evacuated all the civilians, so I want every last shred of military equipment in all our empire focused there. We will not disappear like all the others."


And so the full might of Ilvaki was poised to strike at the town square. Thousands of warships, weapons, and warriors were gathered into one spot, all led at once by Elysia herself, commanding an enormous, technologically advanced tank the size of a building. The large, imposing war machine looked like a steam train, with cannons and laser weaponry coming out of hundreds of portholes. Her own tank was powerful enough to destroy thousands of her own empire’s tanks, and was nigh-indestructible to all but the most powerful weapons in her empire. They were ready.


3 days after the blood red mist appeared, it began to intensify again, gathering like a dense fog at the town square. Soon, it became dense enough in one spot to be totally opaque. Then, in the center of the large orb of mist, a glowing red light shined, and split apart, like a portal opening. Through the sliver of shining red light stepped a single person.


Every soldier in the Ilvaki military froze on the spot. They stared in awe at what stepped through the light. It was a single woman. Stark naked, with skin pale and shimmering with sweat. She stood far above the average person, almost 14 feet tall. Most people only came up to her knees. She had long, black hair that flowed like silk all the way down to her shins, and glowing, bright red eyes, just like the mist. Everyone's eyes slowly fell to her crotch. Despite being a woman, they all saw a massive, flaccid dick hanging from her groin. The size of it was impossibly big, not just because she was 14 feet tall, but it was even far too massive for her already massive scale. The flaccid meat hung all the way down to her knees, along with the pair of colossal testicles as large as dumpsters. 


The awe gave way to confusion. Who was this woman? Why was she here? Where did she come from? Her posture was perfect, despite her bottom heavy frame, and flat breasts. She stood straight as an arrow, with a blank expression on her face. She looked around, as if studying the waves of men and women pointing weapons at her. 


"Odd." She said, speaking the Ilvaki language. "I've never faced a welcoming party before. Did I leave too much last time? Mustn't make that mistake again." she said, as though she were speaking to herself.


While the massive woman mused to herself at gunpoint, Elysia looked to Alvaka. "What is she? Do the sensors say anything?"


Alvaka messed with the tank’s state-of-the-art sensor suite to scan the futanari that just stepped through the portal. "Her body… it's losing energy through her skin but… the energy she's giving off is enough to power an entire fleet of starships! She's like a walking, talking nuclear reactor! She raised the temperature of the square by ten degrees when she walked in..."


A small, very slight smile crossed the massive futa's face as she slowly raised her arm.


“You.” she said, pointing at a nearby man. He looked at her with focus, but answered. “Yes?”

“Who is your leader?” she asked.

There was no answer. He didn’t know how to answer that. Would the Empress want him to answer that? He was locked in place for a moment, until the strange futa tilted her head at him, impatiently. After several moments of silence, Elysia grabbed a microphone, and spoke through her tank’s loudspeakers.

“I’m the leader of Ilvaki. Who are you?”

The woman smiled at the answer, and began walking slowly towards the tank. “I prefer to speak face to face.” She said, as the soldiers stepped out of her way, still keeping their weapons pointed at her. She didn’t seem hostile, not at first glance anyway. 


She walked up to the front of the tank and placed her hand on it. She closed her hand around it, and all the men nearby gasped in horror as the woman began to peel away the thick, advanced armor of the tank with a single hand. She pulled away the metal until it revealed the frame underneath, which was even more durable and armored. She grabbed it, and ripped it open, like it was wet paper, revealing the tank’s command chamber, where Elysia sat on the commander’s chair, her face filled with fear. 


She smiled at her. “You’re a  pretty girl. My name is Lana. Though most prefer to refer to me as Goddess.” She held up her hand, and a large burst of red mist erupted from Lana’s skin, saturating the air even further. “From this moment further… I am your Goddess.”


Everyone looked at each other. Elysia, her face frozen in fear, quickly grabbed the microphone and yelled into it. “Fire!” she ordered, and all of the men and women of the military began firing their automatic weapons at Lana. Every single bullet and laser that hit her did nothing, no matter where it hit. The lead simply crumpled against her skin, and fell off without even leaving a bruise. The lasers simply disappeared when they hit, as though they were being absorbed for her own power. Lana stood still as the weapons hit her and Elysia took the chance to run out the back exit of her massive war machine with Alvaka.


Lana smiled as Elysia ran. She turned towards the soldiers, and smiled, holding up her hand. “Worthless.” She said, her voice booming over all the automatic gunfire, easily heard over the noise.


“Hear me. I am Lana.” Her voice echoed in the ears of all Ilvakan people, regardless of if they were nearby or on an evac ship in space, or hiding in underground bunkers.. “I am the god of this universe. I know you wonder why all aliens in this galaxy are humans. That is because I placed them here, in my image, to grow and evolve into powerful civilizations, so that I may conquer them, and take their women for my eternally growing harem.” Simply speaking caused the windows of nearby buildings to shatter. Her cock began to harden as everyone began to run away, their weapons ineffective. They began to fire tank shells at her, but they had the same effect. The shots simply deflected from her naked body or crumpled against it. She continued to speak without concern. 


“With my purpose known, I no longer have need of those of you whom I do not find attractive. I require only the most beautiful women to take my sperm and bear my children.” Her cock reached full size, 4 feet long, throbbing powerfully as she smiled. “So… if I no longer need you, then you may cease to exist.”


Then, by the time Elysia blinked, she gasped. Half of her empire suddenly disappeared. Nothing was left of the men of Ilvaki. Every male was simply gone. No evidence remained of them, as if Lana simply erased them from the timeline. The remaining women looked at where their allies once stood, in horror.


“Good.” Lana said. “Now, I only require the most beautiful women. Those of you who do not meet the standard of beauty needed to turn me on may cease to exist.”


Once again, Elysia blinked and another large portion of her army disappeared. Very few women remained, only about 5% of her people were left, all of them very beautiful women. She looked around in horror as her remaining soldiers ran away in fear, screaming and begging for their lives.


“And those of you who remain…” Lana’s voice rang out again. “...WILL serve me. OBEY!” Everyone began to scream as the red mist became hostile, violently forcing itself into the eyes, ears and mouths of all the remaining women. The mist expanded into space, forcing itself into the warships of Ilvaki.


The women screamed as the mist entered their minds and began to change them, rewriting their thoughts and turning their eye colors red. With one final panicking move, Elysia grabbed the radio from her belt and screamed into it. “Last resort, do it now!”


The flagship of the Ilvaki empire then pointed its primary weapon at Lana from space, and fired a single projectile at her. It was the height of Ilvaki technology, the Reality Bomb. It was a powerful explosive warhead, capable of cracking planets in half. Lana looked up, knowing innately what it was. “Hm. That may damage my new property.” She said to herself, and then bent her knees, before performing a single jump into the air, flying upwards with such force that it destroyed the town square, and launched her into space in a single bound. She flew at the warhead with a sonic boom, and punched it directly as she collided with it, detonating it in her face in the atmosphere. She smiled as she bathed in the hellfire, absorbing it into her body.The fire and energy of the explosion collapsed into Lana, and she fell harmlessly to the surface.


She landed gracefully, after falling for a few minutes, on her feet without a sound. She smiled, took a deep breath, and sighed. The energy was converted into more of her red mist, which erupted from her body like a smoke grenade.


Lana had landed right next to Elysia, whom the mist had not controlled. Lana wanted her to see her empire die, before she claimed her body forever. Lana turned towards Elysia, and smiled. “Any other last resorts?”


Elysia looked at her in fear and anger, gritting her teeth as she saw her city collapsing around her. The mist began to swirl all around the imperial palace, destroying it and moving the rubble, crushing and reshaping it into a massive statue of Lana.


The mist swirled throughout the planet, destroying every single building, and turning them into statues of Lana. The massive warships were contorted into Lana’s beautiful shape, as the remaining women were pulled from them in balls of red mist, and transported straight to Lana. Even those who escaped Ilvaki in ships moving faster than light were pulled back.


Ilvakans on other planets were pulled through portals to the capital, and soon every single remaining Ilvakan was standing before Lana, their minds overwritten. Elysia looked at them all in horror, only the most beautiful remained. They all fell to their knees in unison, and placed their foreheads to the floor in Lana’s direction. All at once, they chanted.


“We are sorry, Lana. We will serve you. Our bodies belong to you, Goddess. All hail Lana. All hail Lana. All hail Lana…”


Elysia looked around as her remaining female subjects worshipped the woman who wiped out her empire in a matter of seconds. She thought maybe there was still something she could do, or maybe it was just a bad dream?


Lana approached Elysia and put a hand behind her head. “With this, your empire is mine.” The mist forced itself into her face, every hole in her head was violently opened by the mist, as it forced its way into her mind to rewrite it. Elysia grabbed her own head, attempting to resist it, but the last thing she'd remember seeing is Lana's face as her vision was overwhelmed with red. What remained of Elysia slowly disappeared as Lana’s will overwrote what remained. She fell to her knees, emotionless. She then knelt down and placed her forehead on the floor, joining the others in chanting. Lana’s cock throbbed in excitement, ready to take her new batch of women back to her home and begin impregnating them. With her hand raised to the sky, she closed her fist, and the mist raged around, destroying what remained, leaving no trace of her. All recording devices were destroyed or wiped, all data was destroyed, and anything that remained of the Ilvaki empire, including the impromptu statues of herself, were reduced to rubble. With that, the portal opened in front of her. “Come now, my servants. Let us begin breeding.” She stepped through the glowing red portal, and all her slaves stood up, and obediently followed her through it. When they were all through, the portal closed, and the mist slowly began to dissipate, leaving the planet as it once was, only now without any trace of Ilvaki. All that remained was a ruin.


On the other side of the portal, the 3 million remaining Ilvakan women stepped through and beheld Lana’s home. It was a beautifully built up city, far more technologically advanced than Ilvaki could have been in millions of years. The population was exclusively beautiful human women from other empires, conquered by Lana. All of them served her obediently, and the red mist covered everything, and the sky was permanently glowing bright red, signifying Lana’s ownership of the entire planet. There was no sun, or stars. Only red. 


Lana led the newly owned slaves to her immaculate palace, far more incredible than Elysia’s ever was. All of the Ilvakans lined up in a single file line behind Lana, filing into a large crowd as Lana entered her massive throne room. With 3 million beautiful women in front of her throne, Lana sat down, spreading her legs wide to allow her colossal balls to rest on the floor, and her growing cock to reach into the air.


Lana looked at the crowd, pursing her lips with disinterest. “Hm. I wouldn’t say you all exactly turn me on very much. You might be in the most beautiful group of women possible for your people, but I’ve had prettier. I want you prettier. I demand you all become more beautiful.”


With that, their bodies contorted as their breasts began to grow bigger, their faces shaping into perfect orientations to make them impossibly beautiful.


“Better.” She said, smiling. “Let’s breed. I shall impregnate your empress first.”


Elysia approached Lana’s throne as the remaining Ilvakans got to their knees, chanting “All Hail Lana.” as she approached. Elysia smiled at Lana’s colossal balls, and placed a single, gentle kiss upon them. “Order my body to pleasure you, Goddess. I serve you utterly.”


Elysia found herself floating into the air, and over to Lana, lining up the entrance of her pussy with Lana’s impressive cock. She slowly lowered onto it, moaning as it penetrated her, filling her pussy completely as her previous subjects watched their Empress begin riding an all-powerful Futa Goddess.


A moan escaped her lips as the bulge of Lana’s cock creeped its way up her womb, and crashed directly against her ovaries. Without a warning, Lana began to cum. A shot of powerful, virile sperm immediately erupted from her cock, directly into Elysia’s womb. Her moans of pleasure mixed with moans of pain as her stomach filled to the brim with the Goddess’ sperm.


After several straight minutes of orgasm, Lana let loose a sigh, and pulled Elysia from her fuckmeat. With a barely interested grunt, she tossed the bloated empress to the side, and pointed at the first of many women in line. As she beckoned them to approach, they floated into the air, directly towards Lana.


She continued this brutal pattern of breeding for months. Lana never rested. She did not sleep, eat or drink. She kept fucking Elysia’s subjects for months on end, slowly blending time into years as she quickly cycled back around to Elysia, fucking her and her subjects multiple times each. After several years, Lana finally stopped fucking her subjects, standing up from her throne. 


“Well, I think that was a decent warm up. Perhaps it's time the good empress saw what became of her empire.” Lana raised a finger, and Elysia, bloated with over 2 dozen children, levitated into the air, and flew over to Lana, landing at the foot of her throne. “I shall give you back your consciousness.” Lana said, snapping her fingers.


Elysia slowly regained consciousness. She felt woozy and had trouble focusing. Her eyes hurt, the entire dimension of bloody red mist hurt her eyes when she opened them. The first thing she saw was Lana’s imposing form, towering over her. At first, she felt angry. Before she had a chance to demand answers, the shifting mass in her womb made her stop. She looked at her own stomach in horror. Her gut was distended as if she had swallowed an entire beach ball, swollen completely with over two dozen children. She moaned as she felt herself pinned to the ground with offspring.


“Welcome back.” Lana said, smiling. “Isn’t it beautiful, what I’ve done to your womb? I think it looked better in the crowd, though. The only thing better than a heavily pregnant womb is several heavily pregnant wombs.” When Elysia looked in the direction Lana was looking, she felt despair. There must have been billions of pregnant women behind her, and another two dozen offspring growing in her own womb.


Elysia looked at Lana with bared teeth. "My body… What did you do to me?"

Lana smiled at her. "YOUR body? As the divine goddess who brought your people life, I'd say I have just as much a claim to it as you do. Now, to answer your question, I put my big, fat dick in your pussy, and shot loads and loads of cum inside it until you were pregnant."


Elysia stared right at her, angrily. She was furious, but what could she do? Not even reality shattering weapons hurt this monster. She had to fight back somehow. 


Lana smiled, reading her mind. With a simple thought, she inserted something into Elysia's thoughts. 


Suddenly, Elysia had an ingenious idea. The Breeder Goddess couldn't breed if she didn't have any cum! Elysia quickly grabbed Lana’s hard, throbbing cock and forced it down her throat. 


Lana gasped in pleasure, suddenly gripping the arms of her throne tightly. "Ahh! What are you doing?!" 

Elysia didn't answer. Instead, she forced Lana's colossal 4 foot long cock as deep as it would go down her throat, all while forcing out the most obscene slurping and gagging noises possible. Lana threw her head back in pleasure as Elysia continued to furiously suck her cock, all while rubbing her distended womb against the Goddess' tremendous balls. She felt those balls clench powerfully as she bottomed out on the massive 4 foot fuckmeat, deepthroating it intensely. Finally, in front of trillions upon trillions of slaves, Lana came straight in Elysia’s stomach, launching sperm into her gut at insane speeds, firing out the virile breedgunk like a fire hose.


Elysia triumphantly swallowed every drop with a smug grin on her face. Her already bloated stomach grew larger and larger, doubling its size. When Lana finally stopped cumming, Elysia pulled herself off that cock and wiped the sperm from her lips with a giggle. "Ha! You must be so embarrassed, wasting so many gallons of your divine sperm in my throat! You must be so mortified, shooting so many gallons and not even making a single baby! What use is the universe's most virile spunk, if it's in my stomach? Ha!"


Lana struggled not to smile at Elysia, as she watched her stomach shrink back to normal size… at least, normal size for a woman pregnant with Lana's children. It absorbed Lana’s cum, enhancing Elysia’s body without her even noticing, since she was so busy gloating. 


Lana's cock throbbed as it watched Elysia’s tits grow from D cups to a much larger size, eventually rivaling the size of watermelons. Her whole body became taller, and more durable. Her skin lost what little blemishes it had and became softer. Her organs grew more elastic, allowing her to bear more children and swallow more cum. 


Before Lana could say anything else, Elysia approached once again, and grabbed her cock. Unable to wrap her entire hand around it, she used two hands to begin jacking off Lana. She got onto her knees, and used her spit as lube to jack off her massive cock. 


Her hands glided up and down on the spire of virility at incredible speeds, making Lana throw her head back once more in pleasure. Elysia rubbed Lana’s cock as fast as she could, forcing the omnipotent futa to moan in pleasure, and stick out her tongue. “No, S- Stop!” Lana yelled, deadpan. Elysia ignored her and jacked her off faster, sticking her tongue into her balls, and licking them so that they bounced back and forth. They churned in response, forcing thousands of gallons of sperm into existence. Lana’s balls began to grow bigger as they became overpowered factories of virility, threatening the wombs of all her subjects with instant impregnation. 


However, instead of breeding, her cum was being pulled out of her balls by Elysia’s handjob, making her scream one more time before she finally fired her tremendous cumshot. The load of sperm shot thousands of feet into the air, and then began to rain down all around her, into the crowd of mind-controlled slaves who served Lana.


The slaves quickly pointed their pussies into the sky, hoping to catch the load she had fired. Oblivious to this, Elysia laughed as she watched gallon after gallon eject from her ballsack at the speed of a jet fighter. With one final grunt of effort, Lana emptied her balls all at once, unleashing everything her balls had made in one fell swoop. 


Elysia and Lana both fell back, panting and out of breath. “Hah!” Elysia yelled. “Look at all that cum, wasted!” Lana responded with a moan of pleasure, standing from her throne with a smile. “If that’s how you want to play it, then fine. Bring your throat back over here.” She demanded, and Elysia obeyed, crawling back up to Lana like another one of her slaves. “Oh?” Elysia teased. “Going to waste even more sperm into my throat? Well, if you WANT to be humiliated, who am I to argue?”


Elysia opened her mouth wide as Lana walked up. On her knees, Elysia was only as tall as Lana’s hips. Lana grabbed her by the waist, and lifted her into the air, effortlessly. She then speared the ex-empress’ throat with her ever-growing spunk cannon, forcing it all the way to her stomach again.


This continued for months. Every day, Elysia thought she was getting closer to breaking Lana’s spirit, and forcing her to release her and her empire. In fact, it was quite the opposite. All she was doing was making her cum harder and harder, convincing her that the Ilvakans were the best slaves she’d ever defeated. With their ever-growing beauty, brought about by Lana’s sperm, she knew they were nothing, if not the perfect cum-guzzling slaves.


After so long, Lana, who had only become more beautiful and virile in the last few months, walked up to her most beautiful and assertive slave, Elysia. The powerful suggestions Lana had put in her mind had evolved to complete depravity, making her believe that any cumshot Lana put into her was bad for the Goddess.


She was unable to see Lana’s ever-evolving perfection, let alone her own immense beauty.

“Are you ready to put another batch of children in my womb, Lana?” She demanded at the Goddess on the throne. Lana grit her teeth, playfully. “You bitch.” she said, suppressing a smile as Elysia climbed onto her lap and lined her pussy up with Lana’s cock. “I’ll get you for this some day. How many babies have I put in your womb now?”


Elysia giggled pridefully. “One hundred and fifty five thousand or so. Can you believe how many slaves you could have made with all that cum? Instead you’re putting cumshots inside me, wasting them completely. If you surrender and let my empire go free, perhaps I’ll allow you to stop breeding me.”


Lana narrowed her eyes. “Never! I’ll waste billions of cumloads in your womb before I let you go!” She demanded.

Elysia nodded pridefully in response. “Then so be it.”


For years, Lana continued to breed her unending supply of slave pussies, all while Elysia constantly attempted to rob her balls of cum, attempting to prevent her from impregnating them. 


Lana also continued to conquer empires and brought them back to her home dimension, only for Elysia to teach them the ways of wasting Lana’s cum.


This continued for as long as Lana's balls had cum to shoot, and her endless cycle of conquer, enslave, and breed ensured that her balls were always full. 


It had been 400 millennia since Ilvaki was wiped out of existence, but Elysia continued to "fight" for her freedom, as Lana did not allow her slaves to age. 


She looked at Lana sitting down on her throne after a particularly successful breeding session with the new empire she had conquered. Her balls were almost empty, and she had sat down on her throne to give them a chance to refill. Millennia of unending breeding had encouraged them to become overpowered, making them as large as basketballs when completely empty, and as big as entire warehouses that she had to drag around on the ground behind her when full. The moment she saw those balls grow from beach balls to the size of cars, it was time. 


Elysia signaled her people, and they quickly stormed the throne. 


Lana moaned in surprise pleasure as she felt Elysia’s throat close in around her cock, and ten of Elysia’s allies licking and massaging her balls. As her allies slurped all over Lana's balls, she felt Elysia’s throat giving her a powerful vacuum blowjob, making her nuts clench powerfully, and aggressively produce incredibly virile sperm. 


"You!" Lana demanded angrily at Elysia. "You're back! How many trillions of gallons of holy sperm must you waste before you're satiated?!"

Elysia didn't answer, instead she clenched her throat harder and sucked down Lana's cock all the way to her balls. The combined pleasure got to her quickly and made her grip her throne harder as her balls began to quake and her cock began to throb. With a final moan, Lana gave into the blowjob, firing off a powerful cumshot into Elysia's throat. 


Elysia raised her hand to Alvaka, who was waiting patiently for her leader's signal. She had spent the entire time she was here studying Lana's reproductive system and how to give it the most pleasure. She began ordering rebel beauties to squeeze certain parts of her cock and balls, in the exact places where it would make her feel maximum pleasure, and encourage the fastest cum production.


Her allies knew their signal, and began to apply more pressure to the Goddess' nuts, making her cum even harder. Elysia's stomach began to inflate with cum at an alarming rate. She took it all, every last gallon. She was inflated to the size of a car by the time the Goddess finished her orgasm.


Elysia had to be carried off of Lana, but as her allies lifted the massive, cum inflated woman off of that cock, Lana smiled. "I've enjoyed this silly personality of yours for a while, but I think it's time for a new one."


Elysia narrowed her eyes. "You can't just rewrite my mind! You tried to mind control me too, and that didn't work!"


Lana smiled as she raised her hand. "Didn't it?" She then closed her fist and Elysia, as well as all her allies, fell to the floor clutching their heads and screaming.


"From now on… your goal will be to make me cum in your wombs. You will think that by breeding your rebellion, I'm wasting cum and making you stronger. It will never occur to any of you that this is exactly what I want, nor will it occur that you're still my slaves, only that you want my cum. OBEY!"


Elysia, Alvaka and her allies collapsed, only to wake up a moment later. Elysia looked at Lana in anger. "You bitch… I can't believe I fell for your tricks and wasted all this cum down my throat! Don't think you've won! I'll get pregnant no matter what!" She literally dragged her bloated stomach, walking backwards with it dragging across the floor, over to Lana’s throne and lined up the divine Bitch Breeder with her pussy before taking the entire thing at once, sitting comfortably in the Goddess' lap, while Lana threw her head back in pleasure. 


Elysia began to bounce up and down on Lana’s cock, smiling devilishly as Lana moaned in pleasure. Alvaka also went to work, personally rubbing her inflated tits against her balls, and applying pressure to places that would amplify the pleasure she felt. Lana eventually felt so good that she cracked the armrests of her throne by gripping it too hard in response. "G- gonna… cum!!" Lana moaned out, renewing Elysia's energy, making her bounce on the Goddess' dick faster. "Good! Cum then! Breed my fucking womb! Shoot that cum straight into my pussy and make me fucking pregnant, Goddess!"


Lana resisted orgasm as much as she could for maximum pleasure, but Alvaka took action. "Attempting to resist? Futile! I know more about your balls than even you do. By holding back your sperm, you're applying pressure to the lower muscles, increasing their sensitivity. As a result, all I have to do is apply pressure to the tops of your balls, and you'll cum harder than if you had just let it go! Take this!" Alvaka squeezed the tops of Lana’s balls, making her scream in unknowable pleasure. Lana closed her grip harder, shattering the arms of her throne completely. 


Lana couldn't hold it anymore, not with ten other beauties massaging her nuts, demanding her to unleash that sperm.

"Ahh… I can't… hold it… f- fuck! FFFFFUUUUCK!!!!" She finally gave in and came, launching sperm into Elysia’s womb with such force that it splattered all over the throne room. Alvaka laughed to herself as she grabbed a stray ball of sperm, and forced it into her own pussy, arrogantly. "I'll make sure you never stop cumming, ever again, Lana." 


The raw energy Lana was expending with this orgasm caused the excess energy to gather into a blood red storm cloud, which flew high into the sky and drifted over to a large gathering of Lana’s slaves. The cloud began to fire bolts of red lightning at the gathering of slaves below, each strike not shocking the women, but filling them with raw virile energy from Lana’s balls, impregnating them instantly. 


Lana continued her orgasm into Elysia, producing another 5 clouds and bloating the ex-empress to the size of an entire house. When her cumshot finally settled down, she fell limp in her throne, panting and out of breath.


"Ghk… n- now!" Elysia struggled to order her allies with her new bloated belly, but still managed it. Her allies quickly surrounded Lana and began taking turns making themselves pregnant on her cock.


For the next month, Lana didn't move a muscle, simply allowing the 'rebels' to make themselves pregnant on her cock one at a time, all while producing more clouds of pure virility to impregnate even more women. Without moving a muscle, she bred over 2 billion women a day. 


Effortless breeding. Eternal pleasure. This was Lana’s goal. She had won.


Like she always does.






















































































































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