Rising Star


“Darn it Mikky you messed up the chorus again.”


“Sorry Monica my bad”, he replied weakly.


“Come on Monica, lay off him, you’re only gonna make him more nervous.”, Beth interjected.


“Says the person that couldn’t even wear clothes to match the rest of us”, Monica replied.


Seeing the tension escalating Tina got out from behind the drums and announced she was done for the day. “Let’s start fresh in the morning, I need to get ready for a date later.”, she said very bubbly.


“Uh.. fine”, Monica said as she left the room, almost slamming the door on the way out.


Monica Thomas always had a big opinion of herself. Her parents spoiling her, telling her she was special, only made this worse. At sixteen she got it in her head that she wanted to be famous and dragged others into a punk rock band. Mikky was an introvert but had played guitar at a high level from an early age, whom Monica knew due to him doing her homework often for her.


Beth had been an old childhood friend that had grown apart, but when Monica found out she played bass she couldn’t help but seek her out and renew their friendship. Or at least that’s how she phrased it to others. Really they kinda hated each other, but had an understanding. Beth would use them to get as far as they could go, but if she thought it was over, there would be no bad blood between them.


Finally there was Tina, She and Monica had been two of the most popular girls in school together, due in no small part to their looks which were above average. That said the air head blond bombshell’s body made Monica more than a little nervous. Monica was 5’6 had a cute face, long black hair she kept in a twin tail, and a body that certainly caught the boy's attention. That said Tina had the kind of body that pulled their eyes off of her, being very willing to show off the DD’s and bubble butt she possessed to the world. It’s the main reason why Monica was glad Tina at least had some experience with the drums, so the attention wouldn’t be stolen from her, the real star who did vocals.


They called the band Vessels, and after high school they all decided to take a shot and start doing gigs. So far they’ve been able to survive, but a few years in and they were just a local band with not much going for them. “They’re going to blow it”, Monica thought as she walked down the street. For the first time in her life things weren’t working out like they’d always done.


Monica opened the door to an apartment room. She looked around for a moment before finally finding who she was looking for. “Jess, we need to talk”, Monica said.


Jess was so startled she fell out of her seat, knocking over several pieces of paper to the ground. “What have I told you about knocking!!!”, Jess yelled as she rubbed her lower back.


“Sorry Jess”, Monica said as she helped her back to her feet.

Jess was the band's manager and song writer. She was actually the only one Monica hadn’t forced into the role, or ordered around on the regular. In fact Jess’s dream since she was 8 was to be a songwriter. Monica would never admit it to anyone, but she would have been lost without Jess’s input. She came up with the theme, name, wrote or co-wrote the songs, and got every gig.


“So what are you working on this time?” Monica asked, picking up the pages which held symbols she was completely unfamiliar with.


“Why are you here, I thought you were going to be practicing till 8?”, Jess replied.


“We had a bit of a dispute and Tina was too distracted with her boyfriend Tyler to keep going. Now then... is this more of that pagonia stuff you’re always on about.”


“Monica, it’s pagan”, Jess corrected. “It’s part of the theme for your band, so I would have hoped you’d have learned at least what it’s called”


“Whatever?”, Monica said as she looked through the pages.


Jess paused for a moment and looked away from her. “Look Monica, we need to talk.”


“About what?” Monica asked as she looked at the translations.


“I.. I’ve been approached by another band and..”


“You're leaving us!”, Monica exclaimed.


“No no it’s just... I’m taking on another client. I’m still going to work with you guys, it's just... well… I’m not making enough money.”


Monica understood, her dream was shattering in front of her eyes and she was running out of options. “That’s understandable and good luck with them”, Monica said trying to hide her anger. “So this is the new song right?”


“Umm, oh that’s just some notes I took. It’s from an old book of spells my mom had in the attic. I’ve got the song here somewhere.” Jess replied looking at some shelves.


“Spells huh, can they make me fly on stage”, Monica joked.


“Oh stop it, I know you don’t believe in the stuff, but half your songs have lines from books like these thrown in to sell the image.”


“So what is the spell supposed to do then”, Monica asked. “These words kinda roll off the tongue.”


Jess smiled a bit at seeing someone take an interest in her hobby. “It’s written a bit cryptically but roughly it says “My master rules me what is mine is my masters, and I willingly submit to giving my master what is there’s”


“I kinda like that”, Monica said thinking about some ideas for maybe working it into song lyrics. She read it over a few times and when she finally thought she had it down, read it out loud. She looked around for a moment and saw nothing happening. “Nope, it looks like I won’t be flying”, she said half jokingly.


“Not bad actually”, Jess said, a little impressed by her pronunciation. “However, you're supposed to replace master with the name of the person you’re submitting to. “So say I’m submitting to you, I’d be thinking of you and I’d speak the words. Jess took the book and began to read it. She spoke the words out loud, but changed the last word, getting stuck on it as she did. “Monica..a… a”


Monica looked on in confusion as Jess kept repeating the syllable. As her eyes went white Monica looked on in confusion “Jess hey are you okay…”, She asked, reaching toward Jess who suddenly was surrounded in a faint aura. All the light in the room vanished except for it.


Monica backed away as the light surrounding Jess began making its way toward her. She backed up slowly. Soon she was stuck cowering against the walk. “Hey… Jess this isn’t funny!”, she yelled before finally with nowhere to go the aura made contact with her body.


All breath left her body as a powerful feeling overtook her, one that was foreign but wasn’t altogether unpleasant. As the feeling grew stronger she looked at Jess and began to notice her body was intangible but not just that. Her body was shrinking slightly.


At the time Monica began to feel changes were happening to her as well. She felt a tightness in her clothing specifically in her chest. Her bra which had been a perfect fit was now feeling tight. Bit by bit she felt more tightness, in her hips, her shoes, finally all over though not just from her clothes but more specifically it was like every muscle in her body was feeling like they had a really good workout. Finally her mind began to strain, visions suddenly assaulted her in an instant untold number of experiences and memories were a part of her. She looked up and saw the last of Jess’s body fade into nothing leaving behind only her clothing.


Monica stood to her feet and put her hand to her head. “That was so intense!”, she said. “Wait what?... whose voice is that?”, she asked. It was hers she realized. It was definitely recognizable as hers, but a bit more soft, more sensual. She also realized her hair was longer, sleeker, more straight. Standing up to her feet was a shock as she confirmed she was taller. Moving over to the nearest mirror she was greeted by a familiar face only better, less imperfections, lips more full, even her eyes seemed more full of life. She kept admiring the new her as she took in the reality of the situation.


“Jess… Jess is dead.”, Monica thought out loud. She was conflicted, on one hand Jess was her manager, a business partner, a friend. Her face shifted to a frown, “No now I know better, she had a new band, Jess was planning on dropping her band in the coming weeks once her connection got them the opening gig for a bigger band. But now Jess is stuck with me” Monica chuckled. “Or more specifically all that Jess was and knew is all in here”, she said pointing to herself.


“She was always a pretty good looking girl, but I think we both agree it looks better on me”, Monica said to herself. Jess’s best feature had always been her legs which to Monica’s delight was where most of her height increase came from. It wasn’t much 2 maybe 3 inches but it was all perfectly toned leg perfection. She turned around and bent over slightly, she now had a fine ass, to her disappointment Tina’s was likely still better but it was definitely an improvement. Her chest had slightly grown larger. She always wore a B-cup, but given the strain a C-cup would be less constricting. Overall she’d gone from cutie to outright sexy in the span of a few seconds and she was loving it.


Monica walked over to the table with all the scattered papers from Jess’s hard work. Jess had dropped the book when the spell kicked in and it had fallen under it. Monica would normally have struggled to move the table out of the way, but she didn’t know her own strength anymore as when she shoved it moved several feet hitting the wall. Monica was shocked for a second, but then began to laugh as she picked up the book. “This whole thing just gets better by the second.”


It was easy to say Jess’s sacrifice was a massive boon to Monica, but it wasn’t entirely without some struggle. She had to call the band members and inform them that Jess was dropping them, but Monica was now more crafty than ever with Jess’s knowledge. Monica said she’d found someone else and with her knowledge of the connections Jess had she’d gotten several gigs lined up without an issue. While she did this she took full advantage of Jess no longer being around and sold off many of the things in Jess’s apartment to buy new clothes for her new body, as well as pulling her money out of her bank. “She offered to give me everything after all.”, Monica joked. Finally after a week of dodging them Monica showed up to the band's pre-gig rehearsal.


“Hey Monica you’re late!”, Beth said as she entered the room.


“Sorry”, Monica replied in a joyful tone. “I’ve just been working with the manager to get us our big break.”


“What do you mean?”


“I mean next month we’re going to be playing live on national radio as the opening band for a top 100.”


“You can’t be serious!” Beth yelled wide-eyed from shock.


“Yeah it wasn’t easy, but the band that was going to play ended up having a conflicting schedule and wouldn’t be able to make it, and we managed to sweep in thanks to a connection.”


“That’s Crazy… That’s….”


“I know the new manager is awesome, I’ll be sure to let them know you approve.” Monica teased before walking into the room for rehearsal.


“Woah Monica you’re looking great!”, Tina said.


“Thanks”, She said with a big smile. “I went to the spa last week and it did wonders”


“Yeah… you look great… or well you always do but…”, Mikky was clearly more nervous than usual. He tried desperately to not stare working on tuning his guitar and even just facing the wall at times.


As they began rehearsing the band began to notice something. Monica was always a good singer, but never this good. Even more than that they noticed she never missed her timing, she was correcting them on playing the wrong note and using music terms she’d never used before.


Finally her constant suggestions and interruptions got to Beth. “What’s gotten into you?”


“What do you mean I’m just trying to help us get ready for the gig?” Monica replied.


“No it’s just…”


“You’re starting to talk like Jess”, Tina interjected.


“Oh well since she’s left us, I just… I wanted to make sure it’s like she’s still here to help us with rehearsal.”


“And we all appreciate it!”, Mikky said before shaking as Monica turned and started talking to him.


“Thanks Mikky.” she said, giving a gentle smile.


“Hey, weren't you shorter than him?”, Tina asked.


“Oh..”, Monica stepped in front of him to close for his liking and measured herself to him. “Nope looks like I’m a bit taller, must just be a late growth spurt or the new shoes I guess”


Monica pulled out her phone. “Oh sorry guys I got to go!” she said as she walked to the door.

“Where the hell are you going, we have a gig in a few hours?!!!” Beth asked.


“Don’t worry I’ll be there on time, I just have to take care of something important.” She yelled leaving everyone confused.


Monika made her way to the front of the café where she agreed to meet them. “Monica over here.” One girl called. She looked over and saw who she was looking for: a couple of very devoted fans. Sure they had never been as popular as they wanted to be as a band, but that didn’t mean they didn’t have groupies. In this case a nice looking lesbian couple that just so happen to also be dance instructors.


“So Monica, what did you want to do before we head over to your big gig?” one asked.


Monica walked in close and kissed one on the lips leaving both girls completely shocked. “I was thinking we’d skip dinner and go right to dessert.” she purred.


“I didn’t know you were into…” the one she kissed said before blushing.


“Usually I’m not.”, Monica replied. “But a little birdy told me you guys are into me, and how could I deny that.” After several moments of shock and disbelief the girls were taking Monica back to their place for the threesome they never thought would actually happen.


Never in her life had Monica considered that she was willing to have sex with another woman, much less two. Not because she wasn’t okay with the concept, but because she honestly wasn’t too into sex as a whole. She’d dated a few guys of course, but her first and only real love was herself. As such her primary sexual pursuits were the occational sex toy. Her lack of experience was on full display as she was double teamed by the duo. One sat atop her and groped her bosom as they made out, while the other serviced her below expertly. She knew that the girls were far more practiced in sexual matters but the overstimulation that was wracking her several minutes in was too much for someone unpracticed like her and she lost it. “Oh fuck.. Oh FUCK!!!” Monica yelled as an orgasm approached.


She lay there for several seconds, her mind completely wracked with the afterglow of the biggest sexual experience of her life. As she calmed down she sat up and watched as the girls began pleasuring each other, giving Monica sensual glances from time to time. Monica was surprised by her attraction to them, but then again that was the whole point of choosing them in the first place. Monica wanted her next gig to attract as much attention as possible. “Hey girls, how about you help me with some lyrics?”, Monica asked with a smug smile. The girls were disappointed that the fun was stopping, but also jumped at the chance to help Monica work on a new song.


Monica pulled out her favorite book. At first she read more normal lyrics asking the girls to repeat them to hear how they sounded. They were real notes Jess had made, but they were on loose pages Monica kept in the book to mark the most important page. Finally Monica put on a sensual tone and said “just one more that I personally really like” She spoke slowly, correcting the pronunciation as they went before finally they said the whole phrase and gave an evil smirk. “Monica!”, they both said at the same time, completing the spell.


As the girls began to glow as Jess had done in the past, Monica moved over to them and began to feel them up. She knew not to run from the aura, no she embraced it as fully as she embraced the girls in their final moments, seeking all the pleasure she could for feeling them up. They were hers now after all.


The feeling she felt when she drained Jess had nothing on this. She lay back on the bed as the changes overtook her, the feeling of insatiable lust drove her to enthusiastic masturbation. Every second new thoughts entered her mind, her technique improved spurring her to higher levels of pleasure, as well as the horniness of two lesbians in heat pushing her to keep going. As she climaxed she felt her right bosom which she had groped tightly swell in her hand. Her legs which had been hanging off the bed were suddenly touching the floor, and finally her moans of ecstasy were the most sensual she’d ever heard. As the last of the girl's essence was gone leaving nothing behind Monica just lay there rubbing her left hand over her thigh just basking in the sensitivity of her new body.


She lay there for several minutes just feeling herself and being turned on by the sound of her own voice till finally she heard the alarm on her phone go off. “Aw!” She pouted. She forced herself to her feet and opened her bag which contained a larger set of clothing which she had bought for herself. She glimpsed into the bathroom mirror as she prepared a quick shower for herself. She was definitely 6 feet tall now easily. Her face was hers but if it was done by an artist seeking to remove all imperfection to display in a museum next to a sign that said ideal women. Her hair was immaculate, her twin tails were now in the realm of anime pop idols as far as length and perfection. Each Raven haired pony tail went down to her ass when she fixed them, tangle free, and softer than silk. Her ass was now the best that she’d ever seen, Tina was now an after thought to her as she saw herself. The biggest change however was her tits were now huge F-cups, in her mind she now knew no one could say she wasn’t one of the most beautiful and busty women in the music industry. Monica left the room in clothes that barely fit, thinking that she should think bigger next time after all she’s aiming for the top now.


When she arrived slightly late to the gig, her band was too awestruck to chastise her. Well at least Mikky and Tina were, Beth managed a snide remark, but admitted Monica had still made it before they were supposed to go on if only barely. The only questions she received besides that were “Is that really you?” and “How?”. Monica didn’t answer because she was too busy looking for the big time producer in the audience she (Jess) had invited. Monica licked her lips as she found him in the 3rd row. She had told them they were playing for a top 100 next, but that actually depended entirely on what this producer thought about them. That’s why Monica went out of her way to buff herself up before the gig, it was now or never.


As they went out onto the stage everyone in the room was floored by Monica’s appearance. Everything about her screamed sexy to the point some questioned whether they had stumbled into a strip club now, the talking in the room continued for several moments as they set up their last remaining equipment. But everything went silent as Monica began to hum a couple notes. The crowd was eating out of the palm of her hand as they played their set, so beautiful, so talented, so perfect. All these thoughts and more went through their minds and by the end no one cared about the band they had actually come to see.


“Monica!!! Monica!!!” a chant broke out as they finished their allotted number of songs. Monica gave a lustful grin to her band and began to speak. “Do you all want one more song?” she asked with a loud cheer. They got the go ahead and played another song, and this time Monica was more into it than any song ever before, she moved in ways previously foreign to her, the girls she’d taken into herself earlier loved this song more than all their others. It was the song that played when they met and Monica couldn’t help but move in a more sexual manner as parts of their lingering personalities entered her mind. This all came to a head however when she leaned in to Mikky in the middle of it to do their usual duo. Mikky was so nervous so lost in catching the sight of her cleavage that not only did he mess up the lines, he strummed the guitar so hard he broke 3 strings making a loud noise that caused many to cover their ears. To say she was furious was an understatement, but she played it off apologizing to everyone and telling them thank you for letting them perform. Luckily the crowd seemed forgiving as clapped all the same as they left the stage.


“Well I think we blew it!” Monica announced as they entered their room backstage.


“I don’t know, I think they were really fine with it.” Tina replied.


“No I think Mikky’s rookie move hurt us a lot.” Monica said nonchalantly.


Mikky sat in a chair in the corner trying to not cry as the woman he’d had a crush on his whole life, rightfully chastised him.


Beth finally spoke up. “Lay off him, Monica!” She yelled.


Monica stood to her feet, something that shouldn’t have been intimidating, but her new size made Beth uncomfortable. She didn’t say a word, just gave a pouting expression. “Look he made a mistake, that doesn’t mean we should beat him up over it.”


Monica walked over to the door, and opened it. “I’m going to talk with the producer, hopefully he sees it that way as well.”


She left the room and only then did Beth find her courage. “She’s become a real big bitch lately, way more than normal!”


Tina looked down at her phone for a second before showing it to Beth and Mikky. “Tyler says we did good, even sent me a close up of me playing with little hearts.” Beth rolled her eyes before sitting down to think about what to do.


Monica didn’t actually have to look too hard to find the producer as he had just entered backstage when she left the room. “Just the girl I was looking for!” He said cheerfully.


“I was just coming to congratulate you on an awesome performance, name’s Marcus by the way.”


“Awesome?” Monica replied confused.


“Yeah you guys are fantastic, and I think my boss at the label will be more than willing to sign you guys.”


Monica had waited several years to hear those words, but upon receiving them. She had expected this to make her happy, but at the moment she was just greeted with a feeling of confusion. “But we fucked up our last song” she replied.


“Oh that, don’t worry about it kid, we’ve got that all taken care of.” He took out his phone and showed her a video clip and saw herself. She was stunning, amazing, fantastic, and just when she went back for the encore the feed stopped. “5,000 views so far, and it's only been a few minutes.”


“See here’s the deal. It doesn’t matter how good you are if no one knows who you are. 5,000 isn’t even that much when you think about it. That’s where we come in. I posted this on my social media, not a small account, but certainly not going to make you famous by itself. However the company is going to post this on theirs once you sign the contract, that’s when you’ll really get out there. You’ll get a small following, post your face all over as the next big thing, and then people won’t be chanting your name in small groups like here, you’ll be filling stadiums.”


Monica smirked. “This guy is as good as Jess thought she was.” Telling her everything she wants to hear and more. “What’s the catch?” she asked.


“Ah you’re on to me, I knew you were a smart one when I laid my eyes on you..” He smiled. “So beyond the normal record label contract, percentages, and royalties. We will be in charge of your band's themes, song choice, image, and performance schedule. “


Monica felt the little bit of Jess left in her dying hearing all this, but honestly Monica didn’t care how she just wanted all the benefits and fame, the way it came about wasn’t a big deal to her.


“But” Monica said knowing it all sounded too good to be true.


“Ah, see you get it. A beautiful woman, talented, and smart enough to know everything has a cost. I honestly might fall for you.”


“Flattery won’t get you anywhere.” Monica thought.


“So here’s the catch. An all girl group with a male guitarist is a tougher sell, not because of the accident of course, just business I’m sure an intelligent woman like you could understand this.”


“So drop Mikky or you roll everything under the rug before it really takes off, am I understanding you right.” Monica said.


“I’m sure this’ll be tough since he’s been with you for some time, but understand I can get you another girl and…”


“Deal!” Monica interrupted.


“Oh.. just like that… Really!” He said expecting more resistance.


“Just get me the contract by tomorrow and we’re all set.” She said walking away after shaking his hand. “One thing though.”


“Yes,” He replied.


“We don’t need another girl, I’ll just do his job too.” She looked back and smiled. “I’m sure that will be more marketable to you as well.”


As she walked away the man was left there looking at his hand she’d shaken. “I really might end up falling for her.” He thought of realizing there was someone that was that beautiful and coldhearted.


Monica walked in on the band and all gazes turned toward her. They suddenly started to stage an intervention.


“Monica, you've been acting weird lately.” Beth started.


“Yeah like, your attitude, and your body, and how you treat Mikky and…” Tina started.


Monica just ignored them and interrupted Tina’s droning by saying something so shocking they all shut up instantly.


“Hey Mikky. Do you want to go out on a date tonight?” Monica said nonchalantly.


Beth and Tina’s mouths hung open, and all eyes turned to Mikky who looked like he was going to throw up at any second.


“I… I… You… and…”


“Yeah you know take me to dinner, we kiss, that stuff. It’s not like I don’t know you’ve liked me this whole time”


Mikky sat there dumbfounded. Old Monica saying this would have been bad enough, but at the moment Monica was on a complete high in the sexiness department and Mikky had no way to comprehend the statement.


Monica walked over and pulled him up out of his seat easily, and after a few seconds of him dragging his heels, decided to carry him over her shoulder. Before she left the room she made an announcement. “Oh by the way we’re going to have a big gig soon, like Live recording for a record label big, so be ready.” And with that she left the room.


Beth and Tina were left in complete shock at the whole thing, and had no way to process it. Tina broke the silence first announcing she was going to tell her boyfriend and tell everyone else how awesome it is. “Mikky finally got a date with Monica.” Beth however was not so happy. She’d joined the band because she loved playing, and because they could possibly make it one day, but receiving that news finally didn’t make her lose sight of the strangeness of the whole situation.. “Monica doesn’t date people, and she certainly doesn’t care about others' feelings. She must have some other motive.” she thought. Tina was too busy texting up a storm to hear what Beth was saying until she heard the door to the room closing. Beth had run out of the building to look for them, but they were nowhere to be found.


Monica’s strength actually surprised her, she hadn’t considered she’d gain the strength of those that became part of her, but the thought made her fall even more in love with everything that was happening. It took a few blocks but finally Mikky snapped out of the shock and asked to be put down. He was just following her, like a lost puppy, as they walked, as he could not think of words to say. A person normally had to work up the courage to ask someone out and had at least a few days to plan things out in their head for a date, he however was forced into right away. “That’s Monica though.” He thought completely infatuated.


They arrived at the café Monica had been at earlier. “Those girls really wanted to eat here with me.” Monica thought as she ordered for both her and Mikky. He struggled to say anything, he’d never been able to express his feelings, but here was his heart’s desire looking better than ever. He snapped back to reality when a drink was set down on the table. He had been staring intently at her breasts which looked like they’d pop out of her clothes at any second, and only just now realized how weird he was being.


“So uh… Monica.” He managed to say. Monica had been stuffing her face with appetizers. “Hmm.. one second eating for more than just me.” She said not providing any explanation as she was too focused on filling the hunger caused by the two girls that were now a part of her. “You gonna eat any?” Monica asked.


“Oh no go ahead, I’ll wait till the main course gets here.” He said. “I wanted to ask you something.”


“What’s up?” Monica asked as she ate the last of what was on the table.


“It’s just well… This is nice right… Just you and me and….”


“It’s nice!” Monica interrupted. “How'd you like to be with me forever?” She asked, taking hold of his shaking hand and looking deep into his eyes. It threw him off even more and he started to avert his gaze as he stumbled through saying something that was almost a sentence.


Mikky’s had always dreamed of this moment and never thought it would actually come. Now facing it, it felt like he’d had about 3 heart attacks at the same time. He thought he must have imagined it and tried to hold it together through the rest of the date making small talk in between glances at his muse. She was too perfect, too popular, too much, for a nervous wreck like him. She must have had a reason for suddenly acting this way. He took a big sip of his drink and thought to himself as she ate her meal like she hadn’t eaten in days. “She’s gonna ask for something, yeah, she’d never consider someone like me for…”


“Okay so how’s about you pay and we head to a bedroom?” She said nonchalantly.


Mikky did a spit take all over an unfortunate waitress coming to pick up their dishes. He quickly apologized and paid, leaving a massive tip all the while panicking, “She can’t be serious!!!” He thought over and over as they walked down the street. As he did his eyes looked at her over many times. Her legs went on forever, her hair was voluminous and straight, and her ass caused his jaw to drop many times as he came to the realization about what was about to happen.


“Who’s place is this?” He managed to ask as Monica opened the door to an unfamiliar apartment.


“It belonged to that couple that always shows up to our events.” Monica replied, directing him to the bedroom. He looked around and saw clothes all over the floor before noticing a familiar set that Monica had worn at rehearsal earlier. “I.. didn’t see them at the gig earlier.” He nervously asked as he sat down on the bed.


“They were there in spirit.” Monica said in the other room before stepping into the doorway. She was standing there in nothing but her undergarments which barely hung on her body. As expected Monica’s body on full display had taken all thoughts from his mind as he stared in awe. She’d be lying to say that she wasn’t enjoying him admiring her form, but not enough to hold off on her plan.


She walked over in a seductive manner that would have felt unnatural to her just this morning, hips swaying and arms at her side like a runway model. Mikky was a trapped animal with no way to defend himself as she stood in front of him bent over and drew his sight to her now ample bosoms. She moved a finger under his chin and gently closed his mouth which had been hanging open and directed his eyes to her pouting lips. “How about we play a game?”


Monica stepped over and moved some of the clothing left behind by her last victims and picked up the book. “The rules are simple: you keep reading these lyrics Jess left me aloud and I try to get you off. If you cum first I win, but if you get to the end then you win.”


“What do I win?” the virgin weakly asked.


“Hmmm..” She mused. “Let’s just say you and I will be very well acquainted. One way another I’m going to be the winner here” she winked.


It was all he needed to hear. Monica began making him lose focus as she went. Making him stumble as she made sexual gestures to draw attention to her sexy body made her smile. The cracking in his voice as suddenly he was greeted with her bra landing in between the pages made her chuckle. He called her out for cheating when she moved in and stripped him of his pants. She teased him and began giving him a handjob saying, “All is fair in love and war.” When it was clear he was going to cave too soon she pushed him down flat on the bed and mounted him. “Come on just a bit more, one more verse you can do it”, she teased keeping his member from entering her much to his irritation.


Mikky was on the spell and Monica pushed him to the brink. “Come on, don’t you love me. Prove it to me and finish reading.” He stumbled on the pronunciation and Monica thrust down on his dick to correct him. “Come on, read it, then you can cum. You’re so close! Come on baby read cum for mommy read it and…”


He finally reached his limit as he got to the final words. As she thrusted his dick inside her, he couldn't help but moan her name as he came. “Monica!”


As the familiar glow overtook him as Monica became overtaken with lust. Each draining was a pleasurable experience beyond measure, but right now Monica was determined to get herself off during the experience. As she thrusted with desperation more and more as the sensory overload hit her, Mikky’s body slowly began to dwindle away. He was her’s now and as if responding to that fact, the spell didn’t finish until she’d reached a state of sexual bliss no mortal could comprehend leaving nothing of him.


Monica fell face first into the bed as the afterglow set in. She was so caught up in it that she didn’t notice she’d grown a couple more inches now standing 6’2. Other than the little strength Mikky possessed there were no other changes to her body, her mind however.


“Mmm… Me!!!.” She moaned to herself as she lay there.


Mikky truly loved Monica and now his thoughts and feelings were her’s. Monica’s ego was stratospheric before, but now it was out of this world. She thought about her bright future before those thoughts turned her on and she masturbated the night away with thoughts of herself turning her on.


“Damn it, it’s bad enough Monica’s always gone, but now Mikky too!” Beth complained.


“Oh come on they’re dating now they probably are just having a quickie before our first big gig.” Tina said.


Beth scoffed “You know Monica better than that. This has to be a part of some plot.”


They were both quiet for a second before Tina spoke. “I could probably help you get your own boyfriend, you know.”


Beth blushed. “This has nothing to do with that!”


Just then the door opened and they turned to face Monica. Her new and improved self was still something neither of them were used to. She was carrying a large bag behind her with ease.


“Oh you brought Mikky’s guitar, ' Tina said, smiling about the little act of love.


“Yeah, but he’s not going to be showing up today.” Monica announced pulling it out of its case.


“What the fuck?!” Beth yelled.


“It’s fine we’ll just go on without him.” Monica said.


“We can’t go on without a guitar player.” Beth replied.


Monica quickly played a few lines from their songs without missing a beat and the two girls were left staring. “Since when do you play the guitar?” they asked.


“Since now” She said nonchalantly. “Anyway it’s time for the biggest gig we’ve ever done.”


It wasn’t the most high profile event, but playing on a weekly show on television as the featured new band is a good start. The girls were stunned as Monica proceeded to do vocals and guitar without missing a beat, only making sure to skip the songs which they needed Mikky for. However, as stunned as they were, the audience was more so. She didn’t even start playing before it started to point out Monica’s beauty. When it was seen that not only was she good looking but could play the guitar and sing like a world class opera singer she was trending in many parts of the internet.


The record label was pleasantly surprised at how fast people wanted to find out who the new band was. Or more specifically they wanted to know who Monica Thomas was. It goes without saying they were rushed into a booth within a couple days to begin recording their album and the studio began setting up appearances. The girls wanted to ask what happened to Mikky, but soon they were too caught up in things for them to keep hounding on it. Tina thought that Monica and him were still dating, but Beth realized he had to have been kicked from the band. It took a promise that she wouldn’t be replaced in formal writing, and a few texts that definitely came from Mikky, but Monica was all too happy to keep Beth in the band.


“Good job girls, it sounds great!” The audio expert said as they finished recording a new song.


“If you can call this record label garbage that” Beth whispered. Tina nodded in agreement, and to their surprise Monica spoke out. Monica had let much slide, the producers had full control and as she often reminded her bandmates. “Hey they are making us famous, if that’s what it takes.” Monica had long since pushed the Jess part of her away, but she had something to say. “Call Marcus.” She requested.


Monica left the room and met him alone in his office. “Monica, my girl. How's my new rising star?”


“Perfectly fine,” she replied. “However, I have some requests.”


He started to give a clearly rehearsed speech about creative control, and the songs of theirs used in the promotional material was what they thought would be best, but Monica dashed that real fast. “No, there's nothing about that I feel the need to change.” She interrupted. “See here’s the deal, the girls aren’t happy with the new song choices, but I understand that selling an album requires filler songs more likely to appeal to a wider audience.”


He was impressed by her maturity. “What’s your issue then?”


“Well I was thinking we could change the name of the band. See you and I both know without me we couldn’t sell the product.”


“So Monica and the vessels then” he suggested.


“Precisely, also I want a big time TV appearance. Also rent out this place and organize for these people to be there. I’m finally making it so I want one big private party.” she said, handing over a folded up piece of paper.


“That’s quite a tall ask” He said, opening it up and seeing the number of arrangements that would need to be made.


“In exchange I’ll keep them in line.”


“Is that all?” He said before noticing something on the corner of the page. It was her phone number with X’s and O’s.


He looked up and she winked at him before leaving the room, hips swaying. “She’s quite the “asset” He said smiling.


Monica arrived at the studio early for her appearance. She was wearing a tight dark dress that fully showed off her figure and ample amount of cleavage. This was going to be the world's first real experience with Monica Thomas personally and she was going to leave a lasting impression.


The studio had kept it’s end of the deal and pushed her quite heavily, though much to Monica’s amusement much of the focus of the average person was on her body, rather than the music. This of course did as much of the pushing as the studio. She was still far from a household name and most of the talk was horny men talking about how hot she was, but that was fine by her.


“Hey if it isn’t the studio’s latest thrump” A female voice called out.


Monica turned and faced the woman, and due to Jess’s knowledge knew who she was instantly. Her name was Cecelia, a pop artist and supermodel that the press loved talking about. She wasn’t any of the people inside her’s cup of tea, but the 5’11 bombshell of a woman was not un-talented and always stayed in the top 20 sexiest women for the last 6 years. So she ignored the comment at first. The talk stayed cordial enough until Cecelia and her were left alone in the dressing room.


“Uh, finally alone. Listen, let me give you some free advice.” She said her voice became one of disgust. “They talk all big about you saying you're the next big talent, but they said that about the last few people before cashing out. Talent has little to do with being famous, and I’ll tell you right now your 15 minutes will be up soon.”


Monica sat down on the couch and put her bag she’d brought with her by her feet. “You know what you’re right.”


“That’s right I am. Listen I’m the headline interview tonight, they're going to show my performance, and you’re just the opening interview almost no one will remember in a couple years.”


Monica just sat there and took it, putting on a kind expression. “You’re right. I’m honestly just hoping I get lucky and get enough money to live the rest of my life in comfort.”


“Exactly” She said with a clap. “You understand the game. You take your check, you ride the wave of popularity, and then you accept it’s over. A rising star that falls from grace and the winners are the studio and mainstays like me ”


Monica almost laughed. First remembering what Marcus said to her last time they talked; and two Cecilia was the daughter of a Hollywood producer so was kept in the limelight for that reason. She grabbed a book out of her bag and pointed toward Cecelia. “Honestly I’ve never done an interview so I’m expecting to look pretty bad out there. If it’s not too much trouble, could you read these lyrics from my new song? It’s probably gonna just be a one hit wonder if I’m lucky, but you might want to do a cover yourself.”


5 minutes later


“Cecelia, it's time for your… Oh I’m so sorry I..”


“Oh good timing. Something came up and Cecelia had to cancel? Could you help me find some clothing, I seem to have accidentally ripped mine.” Monica said standing there naked as the day she was born with 2 sets of clothing around her.


The next month the celebrity press was focused on two big stories. The first was Cecelia’s sudden disappearance and the second was Monica’s explosive emergence on the scene. Many of Cecelia’s fans instantly suddenly became this nobodies fans. “They are mine now right” Monica laughed as she watched the numbers on her social media accounts rise.


Cecelia’s experience in interviews came in handy, but the real kicker was what came after. Performing Cecelia’s most popular song flawlessly. Though without using audio edits to make her sound appealing. Beyond the music however, she also looked so good that people accused the video editors in the last appearance she made of trying to make her look bad. It was understandable, she had added a world class model's beauty to her own. Now standing 6’5 bearing I-cup breasts, which defied physics, and an ass that put all others to shame would have been bad enough. But she was now being called a modern Helen of Troy as men and women alike bought her first concert tickets so fast they expanded the numbers by moving the venue twice and she still sold out online in ten minutes.


Monica got questioned about Cecelia of course, being one of if not the last person to see her as far as the world was concerned, but it’s not like anyone could jump to anything crazy. “She was in good health and high spirits when I saw her!” Monica said with a smile.

Being so high profile though Monica didn’t use any funds from Cecelia as it would have left a trail straight to her. It was a waste to leave millions of dollars in the bank, but Monica wasn’t exactly starved for funds.


Without Cecelia and with all the newfound celebrity the studio had to go all in on Monica and the girls. Beth started to keep her mouth shut as billboards started showing up, though you could tell the band’s name change bothered her. Tina was excited, not about the band, but because Tyler and her were now engaged. Finally Marcus’s status was greatly raised as the sales started to come in from their album hitting the market. The ground was now firmly laid for their first tour and the future was looking bright.


All of this said the one most happy was Monica. Not about the material wealth, though she enjoyed knowing she had a big budget for clothing now that she was going to be needing custom clothing. Not because she was having a rise to stardom that would make her a match for anyone in Hollywood. Not what made her the most happy was her request had been granted, and none too soon as the first sold out concert was just a couple days away.


Monica had been busy doing everything the studio had wanted her to do. Weeks of no control over her life. The studio’s demands were clearly out of desperation, and she had no one to blame but herself for it. “Fame has its price.” Monica whispered to herself as her limo driver stopped in front of her home.


“We’re home Miss Thomas!” the man announced.


“Thank you so much.” Monica replied, stepping out of the car and walking to the front to talk with the driver. “You’ll be the one picking me up tomorrow right?”


“Of course Miss Thomas I’ll be picking you up for your private venue at 12pm tomorrow.”


“Awesome” Monica smiled before walking into her home. She closed the door behind her and walked over to her phone and made a bunch of calls. “I need to look my best for tomorrow.”


Monica looked at the clock seeing she had a bit less than 24 hours. “I hope I didn’t order too many of them.”


She sat on her bed and waited a bit before her first guest arrived. Monica could have gone through this like her past plans, but then she’d have to carefully plan how to keep the illusion of the person still being alive and functioning. Cecelia she knew had just been good fortune that there were no cameras and she was dumb enough to humor her. No, why trick someone when they will happily do it for her. “You’re Miss Thomas” A voice at the door said as Monica answered being taken aback by her size and beauty.


“Yes I am.” Monica announced. The woman was attractive, as were all the ones Monica had called, but then again that’s why they were chosen. “Prostitutes are simple, you just throw money at them and they do what they are told. And the best part is no one will care that they are gone.” Monica thought as she handed the woman the book. It was a morbid thought to be sure, but the pleasure of another willing pawn becoming part of her made her forget all about that.


Monica came down from the high thinking maybe she hadn’t ordered enough as she looked at the clock and saw there was going to be another 20 minutes till the next arrived. “Oh well” she thought as she checked her closet in the meantime. She pulled out a dress that was not for the fine material that could be mistaken for a blanket. “I just have to make sure I fill this out by showtime.”


Just then there was a knock on the door. Monica licked her lips and prepared for another round of ecstasy. “I have nothing to feel bad about, once they see how good being me is, they all fade away.”


As she kept going, Monica thought she might have not ordered enough. Each sinful act left her hornier and hornier. After each session she turned to using her rarely used stash of sex toys. Guests arrived to find a door unlocked and distant moans. Occasionally she had one get her off, but each guest ended up a part of Monica all the same.


When her phone went off signaling her ride had arrived, she had barely recognized time had passed. She had felt as awake and lively as when she started, if not more so.


“Miss Thomas, your limousine has ar.. Fuck me!”


“Maybe later, I have a party to attend.” Monica said, wearing a shirt and pants combo that threatened to pop at any moment. Standing seven and a half feet tall the massive beauty walked out the door to her ride. Her breasts were now K-cups so massive that she couldn’t see anything other than cleavage should she look down. So big that when she walked past him they were visible from behind. However her hourglass figure was more defined as her lower body had similar results. As she took her seat with difficulty the whole car sank a little. She then gave a soul shattering smile that hit him more than even her insane body was “Could you close the door so that we can be off?” Remembering his job, he did as instructed, but upon getting into the drivers seat realized he’d came involuntarily. Monica had been on the peak of feminine beauty for humans before, now he questioned whether she was simply just that.


The drive was only about twenty minutes but the driver had felt like it had been an eternity. He had closed the sliding door between the two of them trying to focus, but Monica opened it flooding the car with her scent. The driver had nearly crashed a couple times as she let out small moans to tease him. As they arrived at the destination to his shame he hesitated to get up from his seat to open the door. Monica told him it was fine, pleased to see her toying around with him alone had caused him to stain his pants again.


Monica walked into the building and saw that her request was delivered in full. She had requested an old camp ground she’d attended years ago to be used for a private party. She had hated camp, but she knew no better place to invite her guests than the main building they were all standing in.


“Congrats Monica” A banner said hanging in the main hallway. The guests, many of whom knew each other had been making small talk all fell silent as Monica entered the room. Monica’s form drew all eyes. Men and women alike suddenly were gripped by a shared sense of lust, and words became difficult for many, until finally one managed to speak out.


“Monica is that you?” He asked his mouth a gape.


Monica chuckled her sensual voice echoing throughout the hall. “Yes it’s me.”


The crowd of several dozen was at a loss for words. They had all been in high school with her, everyone had remembered the most popular girl in school being attractive, but what they were viewing now was otherworldly. It was hard to believe they were one in the same, but they took her words at face value, they couldn’t imagine someone so beautiful lying to them. So enthralled were they that when Monica picked up a steel beam and bent it with her bare hands to block the door some just cheered the feat.


Monica walked to the center of the room and began to speak. “You all are probably wondering why I’ve asked you to be here.” She smiled. “And why I’ve just sealed off the only exit in the building.”


It was true, and why she’d chosen the venue. The door was the only way out and all the windows were out of reach. However all but the few remaining sane guests just stood and hung on her words.


“I wanted to be famous.” Monica started. “No, I wanted to be respected by everyone, and everyone of you thought I was delusional.” She smashed a table like it was nothing and threw a chair through a window.


Calls rang out. “That’s not true.” some said. “I didn’t mean it like that.” others said. “We’re sorry” called out a few more.


“Everyone here has wronged me. Everyone here is guilty of doubting me, of thinking I’m merely just a girl that had ambition too big for her ability. Well no one’s doubting anymore.” Monica chuckled as cries for forgiveness rang out.


“Forgiveness will be granted. All you must do is repeat after me and you will be forgiven.”


Monica began saying the words out loud. Most at first didn’t speak them, but as she reached the end of the first recitation the desired effect began to take hold. One by one each guest began to glow, their very essence pulled from their bodies as they became swayed by her form becoming more beautiful and powerful with each passing utterance of the spell. Each sought to please this angel of beauty before them and to write their wrongs. Monica’s clothes were torn into pieces three utterances in. Her muscles tightened with new strength, her breasts ballooned, the pleasing scent exuding from her body grew stronger. But most importantly her voice became more pleasant, more controlling, more dominating, piercing deep into the minds of all who heard it. The few sane minds at the start had been desperately pushing at the door as people began to disappear but the struggles began to stop. Each one welcomed their fate without anguish. Monica appeared before the final one that had plugged her ears and which refused to look with her tear filled eyes. Monica placed one hand gently on her shoulder. It contained more strength than she could muster up with her whole body and she fell to her knees, bowing before the glowing demigod before her. “Join me” Monica whispered as the woman read her lips and without hesitation began saying the words to the spell in between moans caused by the mere thought she was going to be allowed to join the ocean known as Monica.


When the lights of the crowd were gone Monica rubbed her hands across her body. Every independent thought of her victims were drowned in the sea of bliss that was the nine foot tall amazon. Desire coursed through her body stronger than she’d ever dreamed possible. Every thought turned to ones that fed her ego. How amazing she looked, how powerful she was, and how unbelievable it felt to be her.


“Oh god!” Monica screamed as she came on the spot, her toes clenching denting the floors beneath her feet. “So.. good..” She moaned.


Suddenly she heard the sound from behind her. From her memory she could tell it was the shutter of a camera, a tell tale sign that someone was still alive. It wasn’t hard to find the source hidden behind a closet door, which Monica ripped off its hinges as easy as ripping a page out of a book. It was a woman lustfully staring at the picture she’d just taken and pleasuring herself. Monica noticed a press badge around her neck and everything became clear. The woman cowered before Monica and she replied with a lustful grin. “I hate the paparazzi, but lucky for you I need a sex toy to take the edge off.”


Monica decided to bury all that she was on that day. She smashed the walls of the building before burning it to the ground. The book with the spell, the camera with pictures of her, and the other evidence of the massacre were among the ashes. Her sex toy had made a lovely snack, but she was still hungry for more.


Tina arrived at her fiancé's home distraught. He hadn’t said anything all day and out of the blue texted her on the day of the big show and said he wasn’t going to be marrying her. so she rushed over to get some answers. Seeing a limo without a roof in front of his home made the emotionally damaged girl confused and she raced inside to get to the bottom of everything.


As she opened the door her mind became clouded, as the most pleasant smell she’d ever experienced assaulted her senses. “Honey are you there I…” Tina said as she tracked the source of the smell to his bedroom.


“Tina, how’s the preparations for the concert going?” A woman’s voice asked.


“M… Monica?” Tina asked in a daze.


“Yes, it’s me.” Monica said.


“What are you doing in Tyler’s house?” Tina asked arousal clearly in her voice.


“Oh I was horny and you’re always on about how amazing at sex he was, so I thought I’d test that.”


“You… what?..” Tina’s face turned to one of rage, but one second after another weakened as she looked at Monica’s immaculate form.


Monica stood and walked over to Tina, her imposing figure causing Tina’s knees to get weak. “You know Tina, I was always jealous of you.”


“What… really?” Tina asked her mouth a gape.


“To live in ignorance and be satisfied with mediocrity, despite having a body that made mine look plain.”


Tina gasped. “What are you saying?”


Monica put her hand behind Tina’s head and forcefully kissed her. “I’m saying I’m your fiancé now Tina.”


“Monica,” Tina said in shock. “You want to marry me?” The thought caused her to nearly climax on the spot.


“No more than that. We can be more than that, repeat after me and we’ll be joined together as one. That is unless that’s not what you want.”


Tina’s heart nearly exploded at such a pleasant thought. One she all too happily accepted, in fact the only one that was more happy was Monica.


The concert was merely minutes from taking place and everyone was late. Beth looked out at the crowd and nearly puked at the thought of this going to shit. Monica had pulled all sorts of shit and Beth got past it because she was able to pull rabbits out of her hat time and again. “First Mikky, now Tina, hell I can’t even get a hold of Marcus anymore.” Beth said. “I think it’s time I cut my losses” Beth thought as she prepared to leave, finally giving up hope.


Just then she heard a male grunt. She stepped back from the curtain and walked down the hall and saw Marcus on his hands and knees bowing before an impossibly large and beautiful woman. Monica wore the dress from her apartment, though despite her over nine foot tall body and frame that would be insane on a cartoon character was slightly loose. A near impossible feat given her M-cup breasts and ass that could easily crush a man, and yet Monica had plans to fill it before she went on. Monica smiled as Beth stared at her like a deer caught in headlights. She motioned her over and Beth felt compelled to respond despite her every instinct to flee.


“Now slave say the words I taught you!” Monica ordered as Beth stepped into the room.


In an instant Marcus’s body vanished in an aura of light one that Monica greedily drank in without a second thought. Beth watched on in horror before finally getting the nerve to run and make a break for it. However there was no place to go as Monica trapped her against the wall at speeds she couldn’t believe.


“Going somewhere, old friend.” Monica said.


Beth was silent.


“At a loss for words, that’s a first.” Monica teased pressing her breast against the wall trapping Beth’s head in between them


“What are you, what’s going on?” Beth managed to shout her fear momentarily put aside.


“How rude?” Monica said. “You don’t recognize Monica, we used to be best friends.”


“That was a long time ago.” Beth said. “What did you do to Marcus?”


“I made myself better.” Monica said. “See I found a spell and let others find out what being me is like and everyone agrees it’s the best, don’t you want to join me Beth?” Monica teased with a sing-song voice and seductive eyes staring deeply into Beth’s soul.


In an act of sheer defiance Beth managed to pull herself out of it. “No.. No.. I want to leave, we made a deal remember! I get to leave whenever I want and that’s that.”


Monica stepped back a moment and laughed. “Oh that’s right we did make an agreement.” She thought for a second and spoke. “Tell you what, since I always honor my agreements. I’ll let you go on one condition.”


Beth listened intently.


“I’ll let you go if when I tell you the spell you can resist saying it aloud. However, think carefully, because if you should say it, you will be in the band forever as a part of me.”


Beth realized this is what had happened to the others as Monica began to speak the words. “Everyone is gone, a part of Monica. She’s a monster, an egotistical psychopath, a beauty with lovely eyes. Her bosom was so soft and inviting, and her smell intoxicating. And the sound of her voice is to die for, so beautiful so…”


Monica relished every second. Beth was the only one that tried to avoid Monica’s games, that tried to have her own will separate from her’s. However as in death as in life, she was always going in the same direction that Monica had led her.


At that moment all ties to the past were gone. Everyone was now a part of Monica and only existed to fuel her ego and love of herself more. As Monica stepped onto the stage to the cheer and adulation of fans. Over 100,000 people in attendance all instantly enthralled by her every moment and every word. She bathed in the praise for quite some time before letting slip a moan. She composed herself, now was the time for eternity, the moment her admittingly meaningless quest for fame had led her.


“I want everyone to repeat after me.” Announced a voice that sounded like a literal angel.


In the moments that followed a golden ring enveloped the stadium and the roof was blown off the building. In that moment Monica took flight from the stage as the building crashed around a body that commanded the attention of all, one that incensed the world with its existence. In that moment she reached a climax that she’d never truly come down from, one that would shatter the minds of all that heard the audible moans from thousands of miles away should they have felt it. On that day the world saw the peak beyond mere fame, the ascension to greatness none could hope to match, the birth of a goddess made flesh. From that day forth the world would look up to see a shining golden star which shines brighter than the sun. She sings a song that the universe itself danced to the tune of, with humanity as her chorus. And so a star was born, one that will rise ever-higher without fading.



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