The Demi-God's Husband.

A Foreword

this story stems from a reoccurring nightmare I had when I first started dating my partner. it really conflicted my brain, as it was very graphic in nature, hurtful to the soul, but also strangely arousing. I didn't know how to process it for the longest time, but I wrote it down, and today I can confidently say I still don't entirely know how to process it. I revisit it sometimes, clean it up a little bit here and there, as do I visit here too. I'm not really sure who this is for, but I do hope you get some semblance of entertainment out of it. 


The Demi-God's Husband

By E. Grau


I awoke in a cold sweat.

I could feel her absence in the room. I wanted to pretend I didn't hear her moans. I wanted to pretend I didn't feel her get up and leave all those hours ago.

I rose from the crusted bed, sore and bruised. The mattress was in tatters, its contents strewn across the floor. Swelled and bloated, the contents looked more like porridge than bed material. The rest of the room wasn’t fairing much better, Bodily fluids and broken furniture surrounded me as I got up and walked to the ensuite.  The door was knocked off its tracks, lying against the wall. The mirror was blurry and caked in streaks of cum, the tile floor slippery and hard to stand on. I could see my tired, defeated face in the reflection, and a hint of fear as I heard her moans shake the building once again. I looked like hell, but I quickly washed my face and chest, trying to clean the remains from the night before, to varying success, and putting on something presentable. The grunting squelching continued unabated, the lump in my throat growing with each punctuated thrust.

I feared what I might see past the bedroom door, my hands shook as I held onto the knob tightly. She had changed a lot in these last few weeks, Her dominating side coming out like never before. This had to be the accident. She had grown and grown, soon taller than me, soon stronger than me. Her appetite for sex grew exponentially. I could do it no more last night, as I passed out from exhaustion. By the sounds of it, her appetite outgrew me.

With a deep breath, I squeezed the handle and pushed myself out into the hallway. The moans of an angel echoed off the walls, the smell was overpowering, the air thick and musty, nearly forcing me backward. I felt my sore erection rise against my wishes. The very air was beckoning me to drop my pants, whispering sweet nothings in my ear, promises of unforgettable pleasure, promises of endless bliss. It took more willpower than I'd like to admit not to drop and masturbate right there in that corridor. 

The hallway floor shimmered in liquids clear and white as I stepped forward, careful not to slip into it. The fluids grew deeper the further I went down the hall, its depth reaching my ankles as I calmed myself before turning the corner, listening to her coos of incomprehensible pleasure I nearly lost my composure. 

I haven't even laid eyes on her yet, I thought, taking deep breaths to calm my nerves. I had to meet whatever my wife had become in the night. My hands were shaking as I braced against the wall.

The Mephitis in the living room was overpowering, you could taste the sex as it burned into your soul. Bodies riddled the floor, men and women alike. Bodybuilders, Models, Olympic Athletes, Porn Stars, The apex of human physicality the lot of them. All were left in various states of consciousness by the entity that had ensnared them, their poles and nips still standing at attention for the budding goddess they worshipped. They all laid in a pool of seminal fluid thigh deep and growing by the second as the semi-solid potpourri crawled and expanded, spreading across the apartment floor, the radiant heat steaming up the windows obscuring the cityscape and shrouding this scene of absolute debauchery from the outside world. Our couches had been thrown around and abused, coated in a sheen that dripped over into the expanding pool of bodily fluids. A throne to hedonism and excess, upon which lay the entity that was my wife. She was awesome in size, 10ft tall judging by her easily taking up the entire couch, her back arched to the heavens and eyes rolled into their sockets as she cooed to the sky. Her skin was a porcelain white, her face so perfectly proportioned it was masochistic to behold. Her Ivory hair flowed like a river of white fire behind her head, moving and waving in an unseen wind. Her muscles bunched and bulged at the smallest movement she made, biceps as big as watermelons flexing hands big enough to curl around my head. Upon her stomach sat 10 perfectly chiseled squares as big as dinner plates bunched and flexed in her constant bliss provided by the last man standing ramming his soul into her perfect honeypot, the bodybuilder grunting in unison with my wife with a mix of painful bliss. 

Sitting atop her form lay a crowd of moaning supermodels, three were licking and caressing her beach ball sized breasts, two more jamming their faces onto a pole like a 2L bottle of cola as long as my arm. Other women lay around her in various states of consciousness, many with bloated leaking bellies, all caressing my wife's Adonis muscles.  The ones devoted to her member were rewarded periodically with an arc of white like a water jet, overflowing their mouths and shooting against the ceiling to drip back down onto the orgy for the models to lick up and rub into their diety's perfect skin. I knew how good her cum tasted the night before, I could only imagine now as I was tempted to taste the divine nectar.

Her pleasure came in waves as each set of equipment hit their respective orgasms at different intervals. Between each, a trough of calm formed, but that trough was shrinking like entropy in a wave function until they seemed to collide together into a rogue wave of hermaphroditic ejaculate. It sent shockwaves of bliss through the universe as all who bore witness seemed to orgasm in unison with the growing deity, my own body wracked with a wave of pleasure I collapsed from. The universe seemed to respond to her convulsions of complete elation. It called back, vibrating the building, and I watched her form expand before my very eyes, her perfect skin seemed to somehow become more, her muscles gained an even more perfect feminine definition, her immense cock surging further into the sky, ropes of the most potent baby batter on the planet growing thicker, longer, and no doubt more virl. Size and length packed onto her in feet per second as her expanding existence bent the couch, her throne no longer able to contain the force of nature sitting upon it. Somehow she became more perfect in every way as her massive orgasm chained on for minutes. My own barely lasted a fraction of that time. The strongest orgasm I had felt in my life was minuscule compared to my partner's growing appetite. Yet as I came down, my cock remained hard, calling out for this divine being to give me more despite my reservations. It took all my willpower not to bow down and worship her right there, to rip into my pants and jack off to my wife's perfection. But I resisted, I am not a slave to my baser instincts, even if she was my living breathing wet dream. I rose from the lake of white, using the wall as support, and waited for her cycle of pleasure to taper out.

Her bliss was powerful, but as the trough grew between the two, and her senses returned, her gleaming golden Irises opened,  her supreme senses immediately aware of all the souls in the room, her focus locked onto mine.  

Her eyes were the sun, beautiful to behold like the rest of her, Irises shining with the heat of lust within, swirling like molten gold in a kiln. Yet inside of all that gold and desire, the cloudy delirium parted and I saw the eyes of my wife return to me and we lost ourselves for a moment. Her face was more expressive than any poem, her cheeks could write novels in your mind.

The groaning models stopped on her wordless orders as she rose to sit, her member still twitching and leaking into the off-white lake below her. I felt her overwhelming presence Pierce my soul, her form beckoning me to her even as she tried to suppress it. I saw something I hadn't expected from a goddess, I saw shame. I felt it, as did all in her presence, her power manifesting beyond the woes of flesh. We both knew at that moment the truth of what she was becoming. I could go back to my room, let her return to her divine orgy, jacking off to the sounds, but it would never compare to her old touch. I could drop my pants and join her, but I doubted I could raise a finger to the models around her, they were struggling too judging by the bodies. No, truly and I had no place here, not with her, not as I am. I nodded, I felt her apologies in my soul, I could hear her calling out to me in my mind as I turned to leave. She was my everything, she is my everything. But I am a drop in a bucket of infinity.

More than a small part of me hoped against hope that she would change her mind, that she would come back to me, that we could run away finally. But I don't think she wants to go back, I know I wouldn't. All of that power, all of that pleasure, it's the most intoxicating drug on the planet, maybe the universe. Hearing her cries echo off the slick hallways as I called the elevator told me she had made her choice.

I stepped inside as the agony of this finally took hold. The journey to the ground felt like an eternity. I stumbled through the hole in the doors, past the destroyed lobby, tripping over myself as I tried to look calm walking to my car, ignoring the raging erection in my pants having yet to abate.

Against my better judgment, I looked back, up at our apartment windows. Steam obscured what I knew was hiding behind those floor-to-ceiling windows, the world would know sooner or later. The breasts of one of the models tore away the steamy curtain as I saw her whole form mash up against the window, a bulge pushing out of her stomach as I saw two golden eyes hidden in the shadow above her, two massive hands wrapped around her thighs, using her like a human fleshlight as my wife, the cloudy delirium returned to her eyes, fucked the women faster than I could follow. The woman looked more fulfilled than when she won the gold medal at the last Olympics as my wife pulled out and sandwiched her massive babymaker between the women and the glass cumming buckets and buckets, raining and trailing down the window as it covered the women and returned a milky shroud over the window. I panicked, rushing into the driver’s seat as I came again, driving over the curb and speeding away down the street. 

Away at last.


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