Hell of Lust - Male route

Male route

((I challenge you to jerk off while reading this through. As punishment, you can't cum for the number of days correspendent to the floor you failed at. Good luck ;) ))


Matt was standing next to his brother in front of the leaders’ throne. One of them would be given the gift of Dick, the signature penis of the Longinus line. That was at least according to Father. Emil was sweating slightly and Matt had his chin raised high. He was sure it would be given to him.

After a long wait father and mother stood up as all the villagers were sitting. “This is the day I declare my follower out of these two and who shall receive Dick!” He announced and the audience clapped.

Emil was a handsome 20 years old 3 meters tall guy with brown hair, chocolate brown eyes and a 20 inch penis when erect. He was good at almost everything. He was the fastest fisher and many of the guys admired him. He was nervous with girls though and without a doubt a bad leader type.

Matt on the other hand looked exactly like his brother, but was 5 inches shorter in both height and penis length. He was also not very famous among other villagers. He was arrogant, bossy and would grab the nearest girl to try and fuck. Unfortunately for him, nonconsensual sex was strictly forbidden and every girl knew him well enough to not fuck him. He was credited as a good leader though.

After the talking quieted down, mother smiled at them as father looked at both of them and stepped down to face both boys, towering over them. “The new leader after me shall be Emil!”

Everyone except Matt cheered him on and chanted Emil’s name. “Congratulations” was all he said in a slightly sarcastic tone. Emil nodded. “Thank you brother.”

Father stepped down to Emil holding a bottle of orange liquid in his hand. He poured all of it to the base of Dick. It immediately redacted to its foreskin, shrank in size and fell flaccid. Then it fell into his hand.

People gasped and started protesting loudly. "What kind of scam is this?" "Where is that monster that fell Agatha?!" As if in response father immediately grew a new, hard, three-meter penis.

Father did not respond to the comments. "Now, hold it at the base of your own and press it to your own lightly." Emil nodded shyly and pressed flaccid Dick against his own hard member. The two worlds merged together.

After a minute of waiting Emil groaned as his penis and balls swelled. It expanded to 3 meters, thickened into a tree's girth and balls became watermelon-sized. "So... heavy!" Emil almost fell forward because of the weight.

"You'll get used to it surely" mother smiled at him and other people except Matt cchanted Emil's name into the night sky.

Matt forced a smile on his face, but in reality he was furious. Of course father would choose the bigger brother! *I will kill you in your sleep one day. That’s a promise...* He glared at Emil when he turned away.

When night fell, Matt could barely get sleep. He was too angry to be patient. When he finally fell asleep, he woke up again in a hot, red place. The red was hot solid rock, lava was falling on the walls further down into a bottomless pit, there were naked people walking in the distance, moaning and mourning something unintelligible.

Matt was confused. *Where the hell am I? Did I die and end up in Hell somehow?* His thoughts cut off as a giant, 10 meters tall, naked, womanly figure appeared in front of him. This woman wasn’t a normal human, however: her skin was scarlet red, hair reached down to her ass, four long arms and her eyes were black with no pupils whatsoever. But those were only minor abnormalities: she had four gigantic tits attached to her chest, all of them possibly Z-cups and her body had what first seemed to be wounds but on a closer look Matt realized they were pussies. Three on her crotch and over 10 around her stomach. This didn’t scare him however. He found this creature… hot.

“Hello there, Matt the wanderer,” the woman says. Her voice is soft, sexy and seductive, nothing like what Matt expected. “I’m Declarisse, Queen of Hell and master of lust.” Her body radiates heat, making him sweat a lot. Without him noticing his penis is rock hard. “I know you are a desperate virgin eager to fuck as many pussies as possible.”

“What the… How do you know my name? What is this place? And how the fuck do you know what I am after!?” Matt looks around confused and then back to Declarisse.

“All in due time, darling” she blows a kiss to him. “As for the questions, I know everything about everyone’s lust. I’ve been following you for a while now and you desire power and a bigger dick than your brother.”

Matt is even more mindblown now. Is this girl a stalker? But then again, if this is Hell and everyone is dead, of course they would know everything that happens on Earth. “Right… So what is this place anyway?”

Declarisse smiles seductively. “This is Hell of Lust, a place of afterlife where all the sex addicts go to suffer sexual torture or enjoy the ultimate pleasure. As for me, I’m more of a female Satan than God because of my nature.” Her gaze drops down to his crotch. “Ooh~ I see I have an admirer. So you think I’m hot?”

Matt can’t help but nod as the Hell Queen squeezes her tits together. “You are the hottest woman I’ve ever met. Literally. Even hotter than those girls who refuse to fuck me!” The demon has opened her tits and reveals two pussies between them. “Oh I wish you were real so you could fuck me...”

Declarisse slaps his cheek with her tail. Matt notices that instead of the typical pointy one it’s a penis. “Well, I can guarantee you that I am real. And if you want to fuck me, you have to earn me first!” Her voice is much sharper now.

Matt covers his cheek with his hand, which now has a burn mark on it. “But how do I do that? How do I get to you?” His voice is desperate. He really wants to lose his virginity.

The Queen smiles. “Well, I’ll tell you. First, you need to wake up from this dream. Next, you need to prepare for a guide I will send your way. She’ll give you instructions on how you get to the Hell Gate. Then, after you enter, you need to face No-Cum trial in this place. There are ten levels and I’m at the lowest. Make it all through and you’ll receive a reward. Fail and you’re stuck in the floor you failed for the rest of your life.”

Matt shivered a little and gulped after she said the last sentence. He then shook his head and took a more determined face. “Alright! I’ll conquer this trial easily. It’s No Nut November after all so this will be a piece of cake!”

Declarisse laughs. “I like your determination! Well then, I’ll be seeing you” she kisses him on the lips and dick and starts fading away. Matt has no choice but to wake up now.

After he wakes up he immediately checks on Emil. Still sleeping. *Now where could that guide be...* He walks outside their house. Despite their differences, they still live under the same roof. It’s still night, but morning is not far. *Matt Longinus...* A sudden voice makes him jump.

“Who’s there? Show yourself!” Matt puts his fits up in the air. His fight or flight mode has been activated.

*Calm down… I’m your guide to Hell Gate...* the voice says calmly. *You can’t see me as I’m unable to come to your world… but can talk to you in mind… only you can hear me...* The voice is soothing and Matt calms down.

“Ok, what do I do? How do I get there?” Matt walks around in a circle impatiently. He already wants to meet this mysterious demon girl.

*Have you eaten anything yet…?* As if to respond Matt grabs a banana from a nearby store basket. *No one will notice*, he thought to himself.

*Ok… next… walk into the woods and search for a lake...* Matt walks into the woods and after a ten minute search comes to a fairly large puddle of water. “I’m here.”

*Get into the lake and swim to the middle...* The water is neither cold nor warm. The further Matt swims, the deeper it gets. At the center his legs can’t reach the bottom anymore.

*Now… Jerk off while queen in mind… and release your load into the water… You can still cum in the overworld… but once you’re in… the trial begins...*

Matt nods, closes his eyes and starts rubbing his cock. His thoughts wander from all the island’s girls into Declarisse eventually. “My queen, I’m comming for you!” He grunts and shoots his load into the lake. The sperm floats on it for a minute and then turns into a colorful whirlpool that swallows him.

Matt can’t even take a breath as it drags him underwater. The whirl travel goes on for maybe a minute but it feels like an hour to him. Eventually the whirlpool smacks him into a rock wall and Matt trembles as his cock gets hit first. “Ow, that hurt...” he rubs his head and looks at his dick. It’s slightly longer, maybe two inches added. Then he looks to his right.

Close to him is a golden door with both tits, dicks and pussies decorating it. Trying to push it open heats it up and Matt blows on it. He then notices a dick-shaped door handle that looks almost exactly like his. “Well, I’ve come this far. No turning back now...” He takes a deep breath and pushes the door open.


Part 1

Immediately after stepping in Hell, Matt recognizes the place: it’s the same one he saw in his dream. When he steps further, the gate closes with a loud *CLANG* and disappears. There’s no return anymore. He looks around and notices a beautiful naked brunette with green eyes and huge O cup tits. “Hello” he greets her carefully.

The girl smiles. “Ah, you are Matt Longinus I keep hearing about.” Her voice sounds exactly like that of the guide’s. “Glad my voice was enough to guide you here or we would’ve been in big trouble!” She laughs.

Matt laughs with her nervously and looks at his crotch. His dick is immediately hard. “So… who are you?” He is not surprised by the girl knowing his but having to call her “guide” all the time would feel weird.

The girl nods. “Indeed, you know nothing about me” she wraps her arms around him and kisses him on the lips. They feel soft and hot, just like Declarisse’s. “I’m Valeria and I’ll be your guide through this trial. I’m also your first challenge.” She pushes him to the ground, turns to face his dick and takes it into her mouth. Her pussy is wet and gushing, but Matt hesitates. This is his first time with a girl.

Valeria turns her head with a questioning face. “What are you waiting for? Lick me!” She presses her ass on his face so that his tongue sinks deep into the hole.

Matt has no choice but to lick this nympho’s pussy. He does his best at licking it as a beginner. To his amusement Valeria moans. “Mm… keep going! You’re… Ah! doing good.”

Matt gets a lot more confident and starts making all kinds of shapes in her hole. He only manages to make a dick before Valeria shouts “Cumming!” and squirts on his face. His dick isn’t even close to releasing as Valeria takes it out of her mouth. Matt moans as he feels his member swell a couple inches, now at 18 inches and from filling balls with a tad bit of cum they swell from orange sized 5 inches to grapefruit sized 7.

“For a first-timer, you did pretty good! Use these tactics when going through the trial!” She stands up with shaking legs. “But don’t even think this is going to get easy. Quite the contrary.”

Matt laughs. “Wouldn’t expect anything easy from Hell’s trial! I’m already stoked and hyped for the next phase!” He grabs Valeria’s hand and they walk into a rusty looking elevator that does not look functional...


Part 2

Stepping into the elevator Valeria pressed the DOWN button. “This elevator is over a thousand years old so it’s going to take a while before we reach the next floor. Do you like history?”

Matt shrugged. “I’m not a big fan but don’t hate it either, I guess” his dick pulsated as he stared into the nympho’s tits. The woman clearly was turned on by this as she started twirling them.

Valeria shook her head. “Very well. Declarisse was a normal human girl who lived in a catholic household in the early 1000’s United Kingdom. She was a nymphomaniac from a very early age of 10, right as she hit puberty. Her parents tried all sorts of exorcists but none of them could “cure” her. And she didn’t want to be cured.”

Matt’s eyes widened. Nymphomaniac at only 10 years old! But then again, he was also a child of naked colony where everyone fucks everyone.

“After maybe 20 or so exorcists she fled from home into a far away land by a large battleship. There she fucked everyone she came across, not caring about their age as long as she got fucked.”

*How in the fuck did those sailors not get accused of pedophilia?* Matt rolled her eyes, but maybe it was different at that time.

“She later set foot on an unknown land that she was not sure what it was herself.”

“Did she meet you there?” Matt asked curiously. He suddenly wanted to know everything about the queen and this realm.

“All in due time, honey. We’ve arrived to the next phase” Valeria smiled as the door opened to the next floor and stepping out Matt saw a pink-skinned fairy with light blue wings, dark blue hair and Q cup tits. Her eyes were closed, but as Matt got closer to her, she opened them, revealing amber yellow eyes.

“Ah, a new challenger!” The fairy talks with an annoying nasal voice and runs towards him to kiss him on the lips. “I’m Selma the Sex fairy and I’m your next opponent. Your challenge is to simply fuck my correct pussy!”

Looking down at her crotch she has two pussies. “Sounds simple enough” Matt smirks and pushes into the left one immediately.

Without him knowing though, both of the pussies are fake. Selma tries to fake moan to sound convincing as he looks at the fairy suspiciously and pulls out. He raises an eyebrow as his dick is halfway to erupt. “Hmm. You’re terrible at faking. Let’s try the other one.”

He pushes in and thrusts, followed by yet another obvious fake moan. Pulling out Matt is 99% ready. “What the fuck are you playing? Both of them are fake!”

Selma smiles mischievously and laughs. “Oh, now you noticed? Oh my, so bad. Guess you’ll have to cum and admit your defeat!” Her laugh starts to get on Matt’s nerves.

“I’m going for the Queen so I’m not falling on a bitch like you!” Matt growls, walks behind her and pushes deep into her ass.

Selma screams sharply and tears roll down her cheeks. *Bullseye!*  Matt grins and starts thrusting.

“Fuck you! Pull it out immediately! It hurts!” Selma screams and tries pushing him off, but is too weak. Those words only encourage Matt to go harder and barely managing to hold on, not long after the fairy screams “AHHH!!! FUCK YOU! CUMMIINNGG!!!” and squirts, falling off the dick and collapsing.

“That’s what you get, bitch!” Matt glares at her and walks back to Valeria, built up cum sinking down. *Huh, so it was some sort of an illusion...* he thinks to himself as they continue to the elevator and his guide presses DOWN again.


Part 3

As the elevator goes down, Valeria continues the tale. “By the way, I forgot to tell you that you’re still a virgin in our world.”

Matt glares at his guide. “What do you mean!? I destroyed that bitch’s ass and it was deep inside her!”

Valeria smiles. “Not in our case. Only if you cum inside the Queen, you are no longer a virgin. Declarisse made this rule herself.”

Matt is not happy with her answer but doesn’t say anything. *Then I shall have even more determination to conquer this place!*

Valeria sucks her nipples. “On with the story. Queen looked the exact opposite than she looks now, even at adult age. Only 1.5 meters tall, no chest or ass.”

Matt’s eyes bulge out. “Ok, I get that at early puberty she wouldn’t be the busty slut but if she was still puny as an adult, then...” Valeria wiggles her finger to quiet him.

“Anyway, the first person she met at this unknown land was Selma in her human form. She was a girl born without a pussy.”

*Makes sense why she hates anal* Matt thinks to himself. *Wanting to be fucked like others but no hole for it.*

“Selma was desperate for sex but she could only offer oral. Guys accepted that but of course there were some who wouldn’t listen to her and pounded her poor ass. She still holds a grudge against them even after 1000 years has passed.”

Matt nodded. “It’s Hell after all. Makes sense.” He imagines a girl with monster tits, no wings and no pussy, craving for sex.

“Selma had already met the other trial girls prior to Declarisse’s arrival. Apparently they called themselves “the slut squad”. Young queen didn’t know what the word meant but being horny was their special attribute so she assumed it was craving sex all the time.”

Matt sighs. *Corrupted at such a young age...* he shakes his head. This was a preteen permanently horny girl. Why would he assume she was pure? “Do you know what is up next?” Matt is impatient. He wanted to destroy every pussy in this place and wanted to take advantage of everything.

His guide giggles. “Well, I’m not allowed to directly tell you anything, but I can give you a little indication on what comes up.” She pauses for a moment. “For the next floor, you better have good breathing skills.”

Matt laughs pontifically. “Bitch please! You ask that from someone who has lived near water for all his life? You’re hilarious.”

“Well, then they will be put to good use,” Valeria giggles as the elevator opens to the next floor. Nothing but a large pond is seen in the middle of it until a girl with red hair and R cup tits rises to the surface. The girl shakes her head and water droplets splash on Matt’s dick.

“Hi there. I’m Ariel the mermaid. I am the Disney princess’ soul ripped from heaven and sent here!” She laughs playfully, jumps up and splashes back into water, now fully moistening Matt.

The water is surprisingly cold. *Do I have to go in there!?* Matt stares at the redhead in disbelief. “Ok… What’s the challenge here?”

“I’m glad you asked!” The mermaid spreads her tits and a pussy is revealed. “You have to eat me out underwater while I stroke you and make you cum!”

*So I do have to go there. Lovely...* Matt takes a deep breath and dives into the pond, pushing his head into the cleavage. *And the fact that I have to hold my breath or I’m dead...* He writes his name with his tongue on the labia.

As he feels the mermaid stroking him he isn’t sure but it’s as if he could hear Ariel say “Hahahaa! He’s mine now! Fuck you Declarisse!”

*She dares to diss the queen? Unforgivable!* He speeds up his tongue work but is slowly running out of breath as Ariel’s tits squeeze around his head tighter.

Ariel goes as fast she can underwater but it’s clear Matt is winning as she quickly starts swimming to the surface. Her loud scream and jet squirt send Matt flying next to the elevator where Valeria stands.

“This is awful! Not only did she almost drown you, she dissed Queen! I will report this immediately!” Valeria gasps and helps Matt into the elevator.



Part 4

Entering the elevator and going down Matt coughs and stands against the wall. Valeria pushes him to sit on the floor and starts massaging his shoulders. “Ohh, someone’s been to the gym I see!” she laughs.

Matt grins. “At the island I come from we pretty much have to stay in shape in order to last long while fucking. And also surviving but that’s much less important.” He rolls his shoulders and Valeria stops for a moment. “Thanks, that helped a lot!”

“Oh no, don’t think I would stop at your command!” the guide giggles and pushes her tits on Matt’s back. “The fun is only getting started!” She reaches down to his big balls and massages them.

“Of course!” Matt laughs and feels Valeria’s breath in his ear. He closes his eyes.

“Ariel is not the Disney princess’ other half forsaken from heaven” Valeria continues with the story and tightens her grip. “She suffers from “minor” brain damage, which is why she almost drowns everyone who makes it this far. In fact, you could see the punishment side where everyone drowned in their own cum, correct?”

Matt isn’t sure. His attention was always grabbed by the challenger and he didn’t really have time to look around. “No, I didn’t.”

Valeria moans as her nipples rubbed in the rhythm. “No worries. I could see your attention being elsewhere. My floor is being on the constant edge with one touch launching a painful orgasm. Selma’s is being kicked in the balls all the time by invisible demons.”

Matt squints his eyes. He couldn’t even imagine the pain they felt. “When are you going to tell your story? Did you meet the Queen when she was alive?”

Valeria shook his head. “I died of cervix cancer 500 years after her. I can still feel my boyfriend’s sorrow.”

Matt gasped. “Oh, I didn’t mean to...”

Valeria stops massaging as the elevator is slowing down. “You couldn’t know. On with the present day.” She pushes Matt into the open area and he bumps into something soft. Looking up he sees a big dripping pussy and yellow hair reaching down to the butt. The giantess is tall, but doesn’t seem as tall as Declarisse, maybe around 8 meters. Matt backs down.

The girl looks down curiously. “Oh, hi there! Didn’t see you! I’m Gina the Giantess!”

Matt nods. “And I am Matt Longinus. I’m here to clear this trial and finally lose my virginity! I’m ready for you, bitch!” His penis throbbed in excitement but he gulped a little. What if she were to crush him under her feet?

Gina laughs. “Oh don’t worry, I’m not THAT evil! Your challenge is simple: make me come to the floor so you can fuck me!”

Matt smirks and shakes his hips, making his penis swing left and right. “Why wouldn’t you come down? I’ve got a nice 20 plus inch penis that can fill you!” Matt points to his crotch with open hands.

Gina yawns and gropes her tits, making them bounce. “Sorry honey, but words are not going to affect me. You’ll have to try something else.”

*Dammit! It’s just like every girl I’ve tried to fuck!* Matt grumbles. “Ok, then how about this!” He grabs onto the smooth leg and starts climbing up.

Gina starts laughing. “Ahaha! Stop it! That tickles!” Her body starts shaking and Matt holds on to his life. Then Gina falls on her back, still shaking with laughter.

*Now is my chance...* Matt smiles evilly and jogs towards the pussy. It’s quite a lot larger than he expected so his penis is indeed too small for this hole. With his full height though, he manages to reach the girl’s clitoris and starts rubbing it. He isn’t sure but it’s almost like he could hear screams coming from inside the girl.

The giantess’ laughter turns into moans and her legs bend upwards. Matt grabs onto the clit as her lower body rises up. *Well, I can rub it easier from the inside!* Matt swings on the clit and lands near the edge of the entrance. He reaches his hand out and starts rubbing the clit more vigorously.

“AHH FUCK! DON’T YOU DARE STOP!” Gina screams and her hips buck forward, making Matt almost fall out, but he manages to stay inside and rubs even more roughly until the giantess screams and squirts, making Matt fall for real now.

He manages to fall on his feet from what would seem two meter fall. Gina’s cum soaks him and he’s dripping wet. Dick pulsates as it reaches a new length of 23 inches from the pent-up cum.

“That was easy! Where’s the real challenge!?” Matt says with a big laughter and walks to Valeria, who waits in the elevator.



Part 5

As the elevator goes down Matt hugs Valeria. “Sorry about earlier. How can I make it up to you?”

Valeria smiles and shakes her head. “You don’t need to apologize for something you didn’t know. But since Gina didn’t really stroke you, I’ll take round 2!” She climbs on top of Matt’s shaft and slides in, cumming immediately and letting out a loud moan.

“Ooh you’re tight!” Matt laughs and starts thrusting. “By the way, what was the punishment for that floor?”

Valeria pants as she cums with every thrust. “They… have to… travel through the inside of her body... without stopping...”

Matt now understands what the screams he heard from the inside of the giantess were. She squints her eyes as she cums one more time before pulling out. “That should be enough.”

Matt is near the edge and he squints his eyes and groans. “Is your pussy enhanced by magic or something? I was not this close when I faced Ariel!”

Valeria smiles playfully. “Maybe, maybe not. What I can say, that I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my boyfriend going through No-Cum Trial 500 years ago.”

Matt’s eyes widen. “How did he survive!? Declarisse is the queen and everyone gets tougher the lower you go!”

Valeria smiles. “That’s Jeremy for you. He’s so far the only one to make it out of Hell of Lust alive. He didn’t make Declarisse cum, but he’s come the closest so Declarisse decided he was worth living if he converted as many people into satanism, or rather, Declarism.”

Matt was guessing this was the Hell of Lust satanism equivalent. “So were you two dating before or after this trial?”

“Before. He told me before he entered the gate that he’s going on an adventure. He made it all the way to Declarisse and barely held on, but Declarisse decided it was a tie.”

“Is that even possible?” Matt raises his eyebrow.

“This has been the only instance. He managed to make all Queen’s pussies close to the edge, but they all had to be stimulated at the same time so that she would cum. And that was where it ended. He didn’t get a reward, but he was let go in the promise of spreading the word about HoL.”

Matt nods. “I’m guessing you were the first one to be converted,” he smirks.

Valeria nods and the elevator opens to the next floor. In the middle of the floor stands a cyclops with a yellow eye, no pussy and U cup tits.

*Interesting, she actually shows she doesn’t have one unlike Selma earlier...* Matt thinks to himself as the cyclops nods to him.

“Hi there. I’m Cecil the Cyclops and you can see that my challenge is quite different from others. You have to figure out...”

Matt isn’t listening and attacks the one eyed girl straight from behind. But he then exclaims in disbelief “What the hell!? You don’t have an asshole either! How do you poop?”

Cecil rolls her eye. “Think back to what you said. Everyone here is dead. Do you think we need to do that?”

Matt facepalms. “Of course. So I have to figure out where it is...” Matt begins to touch the cyclops everywhere around her body while Cecil takes his penis in her hand.

“By the time you find it you’ll lose” she says snarkily. Matt is already close to the edge thanks to Valeria but now this monster’s touch is overwhelming him. *Think, Longinus, think! What is the region you haven’t checked…?*

Cecil gets an itch on her nose when Matt touches her face and sneezes, closing her eye for a split second. This reveals that her pussy is her eyelids.

*Gross...* Matt thinks in disgust. *But at least I found it finally!* Trying not to look too weirded out he makes Cecil fall and pushes his dick into the eye.

“Fuck! Why did my nose have to be itchy at the worst time!” Cecil curses between her moans as Matt penetrates her.

“I have a strict goal: beat my brother’s penis! That’s what I’m aiming for! And only Queen can make it happen! I’m not losing to you!” He yells as his penis extends to 30 inches inside and his balls swell to watermelons as Cecil cums and the juices soak Matt’s face.

“Whew. Glad that was over quickly!” Matt wipes his forehead and looks at the punishment side where men have to cum and cover their own faces in sperm as he steps into the elevator.

Meanwhile, all the way at the tenth floor, Declarisse is sitting in front of a large table as her male servants bring her bowls of their cum. “Your Nymphoness, your timely meal.”

Declarisse gulps them all down quickly and slaps everyone with her tail. “Way too dry and not enough salt! You were all masturbating again, weren’t you?”

“But Your Nymphoness, we were told by nine...” one of them tries explaining but gets slapped again.

“The only being to command you here is me! That nine really likes making these slaves suffer...” she says the last sentence more to herself. “How is the Trial-goer doing?”

“Just passed Five...” one of them says sheepishly.

“Good. I can sense his pent up pressure. I hope his cum is tasty…” Declarisse falls into her lusty thoughts. “I would love to have a King to rule this place with me...”


Part 6

As the elevator goes down Valeria rubs her pussy. "Cecil… Has always had… a thing… for weird things!" She moans. "She was born as normal… but wished Declarisse to turn… her into one you saw…" she cums and soaks the floor.

Matt nods in thoughts. "So how did No-Cum trial come to exist? They couldn't have just died and ended up here randomly…"

Valeria nods. "Indeed. The girls found an abandoned tower building near a relatively large town. They were constantly horngry so they searched for all possible fuckable objects and made orgies everyday. They then turned the tower into a challenge "dungeon" where the guide, who is now nine here, was at the bottom and Declarisse was at the top."

"What exactly made everyone choose Declarisse to become the top person?" Matt wonders how the nympho queen came to be.

"Because she was the sluttiest of them all by a long shot. When she wasn't having an orgy, she would go to town and fuck it's people."

Matt thinks of young queen going around the houses and having sex with everyone she met. *Wow… wish I could have lived during that time…* he leans against the wall and touches his ultra sensitive glans. He flinches as his gaze comes upon stone statues constantly spurting cum. *Am I challenging Medusa next!?*

Valeria watches his reaction. "Yeah, I think you can see what's up next. But that's not stopping you, is it?" She smiles mischievously.

Matt nods. "Of course not! Be it Medusa or not, I'm going to conquer this floor as well!" He says determinedly as the elevator stops and the door opens. Matt closes his eyes and steps out.

While he can't see, he hears footsteps coming his way and snakes hissing. "Hello, young man. I'm Medusa and you've come just in time. Start by opening your eyes~" her voice is rough on edges and not very soothing so Matt keeps his eyes closed.

"Come on, open them. You'll be seeing these marvelous tits if you do it." Matt can clearly hear the squeeze, but keeps closed.

"Okay, you're getting on my nerves right now. Open them! Look at how wet my pussy is!" She raises her voice slightly and Matt hears a finger entering a pussy.

Matt can sense her anger as she forcibly squeezes his balls. "Look at me giving you a blowjob! I'm the best at it!" She takes his hard member into her mouth and bites it.

The pain jolts through Matt's lower body but he manages to keep his eyes closed. Medusa is now furious. "Fuck you! Fuck you fuck you fuck you!" She screams as she pushes him to the floor and rides him fast and rough until she cums, collapses and turns into stone herself.

"You can open your eyes now! Danger is out!" Valeria shouts from the elevator, which makes Matt finally open his eyes and looks at Medusa. 6'6, snake hair, V cup tits. "My fuck she's ugly…" Matt shudders as he backs away from the body and steps back into the elevator.


Part 7

When the elevator goes down, Valeria sighs. “You said you want to know how Hell of Lust came into existence? Well, believe it or not, events leading up to it are not very positive...”

Matt raises his eyebrow. “Not positive. How so?” Matt starts imagining different scenarios: girls didn’t get many trial-goers, people were afraid of the nymphos, he had many theories.

A small tear rolls down Val’s cheek. “Declarisse committed suicide. Those in the tower who managed to make it to her made fun of her looks as they expected the boss to be a true busty bitch. 10 people made it, laughed at her, and she jumped off the roof.” her voice is shaking.

Matt gasps. This was not the answer he expected. Valeria breaks into tears and Matt hugs her. “That’s awful! No one deserves to be treated like that.”

Valeria sniffles. “The girls spent three days looking for her body. She somehow managed to fly off 100 meters away from the tower and when they found she wasn’t breathing, they jumped off as well.”

Matt squints his eyes after hearing the last bit. Mass suicide, the most devastating way of ending multiple lives together. “I can imagine the pain they felt.”

Valeria wipes her tears. “On the other end, right when Declarisse’s spirit left the Earth, God...” she suddenly lets out a sharp “OW!” and holds her head, then continues “immediately sent her to Hell.”

Matt looks at the guide in slight concern but then realizes this is Hell. *Of course The guy above would not be allowed to be said here.* Matt hugs Valeria, slowly grinding his cock against Val’s clitoris.

“In Hell she managed to wreak chaos. She tried to fuck every single doomed and demon, even Satan himself! She really is a true nympho, don’t you think?”

Matt nods. *Wow, even the king of hell himself! She truly is an outgoing slut.* “Did she get fucked by him?”

The guide shakes her head. “Satan became aware of the chaos before Queen managed to get to him and contacted… That Man” she points up with her finger and moans at the grinding. “They sent Declarisse back to judgment room and sent her to oblivion. Queen refused to be forgotten about and squirted her juices to create a platform. It was Hell, but modified it to become the first floor of this place.”

Matt smiles. Good thing that in the oblivion people can do anything to not be gone forever. “And the other girls?”

“As I said before...” She moans as she squirts “they died three days later. They immediately asked “where is the leader?” and both judges had no idea what they were talking about. Then when they said Declarisse, they were sent into oblivion as well, but landed safely on Declarisse’s platform.”

“So… a happy ending?” Matt said unsurely, as he wasn’t sure if things would go good or bad from there.

“Indeed. Declarisse created the remaining platforms and transformed her followers into what they are now. She also made herself bigger, but that wasn’t enough; she wanted to be the biggest and sexiest. So the girls combined their cum and that’s how Demon Queen Declarisse was reborn.”

“Who was the guide if you weren’t there?” Matt raises his eyebrow. “Was it still this nine?”

Valeria shakes her head. “It was first, but later on they agreed to bring girls into HoL as well. They changed by every round until I came. They thought I was perfect and here we are.”

Matt claps. “Awesome story. Long, but interesting!” He says happily as the elevator stops and opens to a dimly lit room. In the middle is a pentagram, a pussy painting and a witch with closed eyes. 6’0, black hair, W cup tits and purple sparkles flying from her hands. “Hello, Matt. I knew you were coming. I’m Winona the Witch. Would you like to see a magic trick?”

Matt was excited. Everything about this mystery realm excited him and magic was one of them. “Absolutely!”

Winona smiled. “Very well. Duplicare Sui!” she chanted and soon a perfect clone of herself appeared next to the witch. “Your challenge is to fuck both of me, at the same time, with a dick. Think you can take me.”

Matt looks at her angrily. “How is this fair! I don’t own multiple penises!” He growls angrily but then feels pressure in his crotch. “Urgh… what the hell...” he grunts as another 25 inch penis appears on top of the almost full one.

Winona’s eyes widen but then she claps. “Congrats, you got the 1% chance with me. That percentage is for a spark of my magic hitting your penis and voila.” Both of her smiles and they lie on the floor.

“Neat! Here I come!” Without hesitation Matt immediately dives into the witches pussy and rapidly thrusts into them.

“Oho, you’re a quick one!” the left Winona laughs. “Be careful or you might cum too soon.” The right one doesn’t say anything, just moans loudly.

“Oh I can hold well! I’m the son of the Longinus line!” Matt says without worrying about cumming and soon realizes his top one is about to burst, which forces him to slow down.

Winonas smile. "What did I say?" Matt grits his teeth as he desperately tries to hold in and thrusts slowly not to pop off. Lucky for him Winona doesn't do anything to make him cum faster, which he thinks is because she's deep in lust. *Fuck she's tight!* Matt is almost at the point of giving up until the Winonas yell in unison and cum, pushing the dicks out. From the holding Matt's cocks expand it the length of 28 inches and balls become as big as watermelons. Winonas fuse back into one.

"Whew, that's the closest one so far…" Matt is about to walk into the elevator but Winona grabs onto his cocks and mumbles something he's unable to hear well and releases.

"I wonder what she did… at least she was helpful!" Matt says cheerfully and walks back into the elevator.



Part 8

Matt sighs in relief as the elevator goes down. “My God...” he gets a sudden headache as he says it “I mean my Satan that was hard!” he rubs his head.

“And it only gets harder... ” Valeria says ominously. “But to celebrate a brand new power...” she takes the lower cock into her mouth “we can’t let this bad boy slack behind!” she muffles through the bulge in her throat.

Matt moans. Not only is it long and hard, it’s also very sensitive. Val grabs the upper cock to measure the cum amount but doesn’t stroke it. The touch does make Matt jump as it feels just as sensitive.

“My my, seems like the new body part has made you twice more sensitive!” Valeria giggles and stops. Thanks to the break Matt is 75% there. “You were down to luck there. Winona is impossible to defeat without that one percent. People can request to get rid of the extra one after, but it seems you would rather keep it.”

Matt laughs. “I’ve seen Declarisse with multiple pussies. Multi genitalia doesn’t weird me out at all!” He thrusts his hips forward as if he was inside someone.

“Nice to hear that. I have a feeling you have potential to become our long awaited King, partner to the Queen.” Valeria smiles as the elevator gives the view to the next floor’s punishment side.

Matt turns to look and sees every man either trying to carry their extra large package in their hands, clearly way too heavy for them, or drags them along the floor. Both ways only seem to make those dicks bigger and he notices their sexually frustrated faces. It’s clear they can’t cum while doing their work.

“Yikes… I wouldn’t want to be in their position!” Matt shudders as the elevator door opens to the next room. In a dark corner... sits? Stands…? Is a fairly long snake woman with black hair, extremely long snake tail and X cup tits. Matt gulps as it slithers towards him.

“Whatsss up, ssstranger?” The naga hisses, extending the s like Matt would imagine the snakes do if they could talk. “I’m Sssally the sssnake and I’m your nexsst challenge!” Her voice is low for a woman, but still feminine.

Matt takes a deep breath. “I’m not scared of you, Sally! I’m ready to defeat you so I can get to Queen!” he declares determinedly.

“Not afraid, huh?” Sally tilts her head. “You cccertainly shshshould be when your challenge isss to fuck both of my pusssssiesss!” One pussy is right under her belly and she brings the end of her tail closer to show another one at the end of it.

Matt huffs. “That’s a challenge? Then it’s going to be easy peasy!” He holds the tail in his hands and tackles Sally to the ground and inserts his other dick into the one under belly.

Sally laughs menacingly and takes her tail off the dick. “You fool!” she wraps herself around baffled Matt and starts strangling him. “Did you really think I would be that easssy!” Her tail is as far away from his crotch as possible.

Matt starts running out of air. *Oh no… how do I escape from this situation?* He tries struggling, but Sally keeps him in a tight hold. The squeeze seems to also affect his dicks as the pressure on his balls pushes the cum closer to his release.

“Ssstruggling won’t help you! If you’re lucky, you might sssurvive, cum and be put in there” she points at the punishment side Matt saw earlier “or you die from my sssqueezing!” She laughs menacingly and only tightens her squeeze.

Matt is on the edge of giving up. *I… can’t… get her… off me!* His thoughts start going blank. *I wish… my cocks… were bigger… so I could… defeat this… bitch…! *

As his eyes close, his bulging dicks stretch outwards and grow multiple times longer than their original size. One reaches Sally’s belly without much struggle, the other one searches for the end of the tail, located all the way at the naga’s starting corner. As they have found their spots, they push in.

Sally yelps as dicks elongate all the way through her tail and stomach, making a noticeable bulge. “What… the fuck?” She gasps as the bellyfucking one reaches out of her mouth. Sally’s squeeze loosens and Matt is able to breathe again.

Immediately after coming to his senses he pants for air. “What…?” He looks at his new lengths in disbelief. *I’ll take it. I wish my cocks were thicker, though...* he thinks to himself and the lengthy monsters swell an entire inch inside the snake girl.

“Let… me… go…!” she muffles when the cock isn’t reaching out of her mouth. “It… hurts...” she doesn’t even get to stretch her s properly.

“Then cum for me or fucking die!” Matt growls from behind his teeth and makes his dicks thick as light posts. A single tear rolls down the snake’s cheek as she squirts, pushing the monsters out of her, and collapses.

*Wow… and there’s supposed to be one even harder than her left...* Matt still pants as he walks to the elevator but is interrupted by a familiar voice shouting “Hey, wait!”

Matt turns around and Winona appears from a spark cloud. She grabs his 50 inch penises and chants “Coles Multiplico”. Then she disappears just as quickly.

Matt raises his eyebrow at Valeria, who looks just as confused and continues on towards the last challenge of this cursed trial...



Part 9

The elevator is about to go down again, but Matt can’t fit his dicks into the elevator as they block the door. “I would advise you to shrink them...” Valeria starts but Matt pushes her against the wall.

“I’ve always dreamed of having bigger dick than my stupid, incapable brother! I’m not shrinking these! I will jump down from the edge to the next floor if I have to but these stay this long!” Matt says angrily and strongly chokes his guide.

“And die because the fall is 100 meters! I wouldn’t do that if I were you...” Valeria ´says with a weak voice. “The elevator is the only way down during the trial. You get to keep them that big when you defeat Declarisse!” Those words make Matt release her from his forceful grasp.

*Fuck… I still have to wait!* Matt curses in his mind. *I guess I wish my dicks were short enough not to block the elevator...* He backs away to the wall opposite to the door and his dicks shrink to 30 inches in length. *I’m coming for you Declarisse! I will become your King! I will rule this hell! I will fuck you for all eternity!* He repeats these words for a while as the elevator goes down.

“I think Winona meant to multiply something in you as she did say “multiplico”. But what does coles mean, I have no idea.” Valeria shakes her head.

“I will say that Nine will definitely be the hardest if Declarisse is counted out.” Valeria sighs and looks at the punishment side of the ninth floor. Matt turns around to see multiple guys in chastity cages groaning as their dicks are forced to bend in erection and by the look of their shaking legs something seems to be forcing them into orgasm, except nothing comes out.

“They have maximum powered vibrator dildos in their ass. The punishment side is cursed with lust magic, which blocks their ability to release cum unless they can break the cage. They’re on a constant edge, and no one has managed to accomplish the ultimate goal.” Valeria explains to Matt who has a horrified look on his face.

*What kind of monster am I going up against if they can make the sufferers look like that!?* Matt couldn’t believe his eyes. They were all “dead” and this is what they have to go through. And he too if he doesn’t win.

Val hugs him. “Don’t worry. You’ve made it this far with immense skill” she looks at his double package “and a bit of luck too. You haven’t lost your ambition yet!”

Matt smiles shortly as the guide’s hug is warm and comforting. “Thanks. I’ll do my best...” he takes a deep breath as the elevator opens to the second-to-last floor. At first Matt doesn’t see anyone but after a minute of looking around he notices a large cliff, on top of which a dark blue skinned fairy with inverted rainbow colored hair, dark purple wings, red eyes and Y cup tits stands on.

“Welcome, Matt Longinus!” The fairy greets her with open arms and flies down to kiss him deeply. After breaking the kiss she introduces herself: “I’m the last challenge before the Hell Queen herself. My name is Elizabeth Margaret Ulrika Nebula, but everyone calls me Liz the Lust Fairy.”

*Another fairy, huh? So does she have her own twisted magic like Selma from the second floor? Could those two be related somehow…?* Matt wonders in his mind as he looks at the fairy making flips and spirals in the air.

As Liz finally comes down she looks at Matt with a wide smile on her face. “I know what you’re thinking: yes, Selma and I are related. We were, and still are, sisters. But unlike her my pussy is real and I’m not afraid of anal!”

Matt looks at the punishment side behind her. “So I heard you were the hardest one even when you were alive because you were the guide. Mind if I ask why?”

The lust fairy smiles mischievously. “Because the dicks were so good! I sucked them as a “reward” to those who made it past the floors. And I guess protected human form Queen too from being made fun of, but some last longer.” She shrugs and looks at the punishment side. “Yes, those poor souls include the guys I made cum alive and here, though the alive count is much higher...”

Matt nods. He now understands almost everything he wants to know about this beauty. Except one thing. “What is the challenge here?”

As a response Liz turns to him with the most evil smile Matt has ever seen in his life. “I asked Queen to make me the last one before her as I was the hardest one of us alive. And I got my wish. The reason why many fall before me is THIS!” She grabs his cocks suddenly and squeezes them tight. They glow purple for a second and soon after Matt is already about to burst.

Matt groans and clenches his pelvis. This is even closer than with Winona or Selma before the illusion. *I wish my dicks were bigger!* The dicks grow to 50 inches again and the burst settles down a little. Liz however hops onto them.

“Try elongating them all you want! My magic doesn’t wear off before you cum! You’re never becoming the King!” she laughs and jerks the cocks off vigorously.

*What did Winona want to multiply? I wish there were multiple versions of me?* Matt tries to think while desperately holding back. Nothing happens. *I wish I had multiple arms so I could lift this bitch off?* Nothing happens. *I wish I had multiple penises to use against her?*

Five same sized penises as the original ones sprout from his crotch and wrap around Liz’s body. “What the…?” she yelps as a gargantuan dick forces its way into her mouth and rest of them tie her down to the ground. The built up cum splits evenly into the cocks, calming the situation down slightly.

“You can thank Winona for this!” It is Matt’s turn to laugh as he forces the original twin cocks into the fairy’s pussy. Liz’s eyes roll to the back of her head as her holes are being torn apart and she lets out muffled moans.

But this wasn’t enough for Matt. He wanted this fairy to suffer. “Taste this!” He adds another five dicks to the mix, two entering the already full crotch holes and three into her mouth, making her cheeks bulge.

Liz screams in pain. This is clearly way too much for her as tears roll down her cheeks. But Matt doesn’t care. This bitch deserves to be treated like a bitch. “Cum and this torture shall end!” Matt groans angrily at the fairy.

Liz can’t respond with her mouth full of cocks, only muffles painfully. “What did you say?” Matt asks angrily and slaps her face hard multiple times. Liz’s eyes are filled with blood vessels as she has cried so much. After seeing this Matt finally takes to mouth cocks off.

“Please! No more! I can’t do this anymore!” she screams, tears drying off as they won’t come out anymore. “Fine! You win! Go on and end this torture! CUMMING!” she screams and squirts, pushing the cocks out of her. Matt unties her as she keeps cumming for a good five minutes, her holes gaping wide, only separated by a shred of skin. When she finally stops, her body goes limp.

“That’s what you get, bitch!” Matt pants angrily and walks into the elevator, Valeria looking at him with a scared face as she presses DOWN one last time.


Part 10

Matt has shrunken his twelve dicks to manageable 33 inches and presses Valeria against the opposite wall with them. “This is it! I’m on my final stretch to become the King!” Matt can’t hold his excitement of getting to finally meet the queen for real.

Val has calmed down from the shock of seeing Liz’s rough treatment. “The only tip I can give to you about Queen is that she’s 20 times harder than Liz, and she doesn’t even use magic. And her cum doesn’t count in fuckfights, obviously.”

Matt nods and smirks. “Before we get to her...” he wraps four dicks around the guide’s limbs and pushes three dicks into her holes. Remaining five he uses as whips to slap Val all over. The guide moans and cums quickly, but her cumshot is not strong enough to push Matt’s dicks out of her so he keeps going and makes the girl squirt even more. He keeps going for five minutes until the elevator stops and he takes the dicks out.

“Well, this is it. I’m off to challenge Declarisse. If I don’t make it...” Matt says as he’s about to step out but Valeria pulls him back for a deep kiss. Not a wet, nasty one like in sex, but a loving, warm romance one. Matt’s eyes widen as the guide pulls back. 

“My boyfriend has never fucked me like you, and not just because he doesn’t have multiple penises… I truly hope you make it.” Valeria whispers. Matt holds a hand in front of his mouth as the guide steps back into the elevator and presses the button that now says UP. “I LOVE YOU MATT! PLEASE COME BACK TO ME!” Valeria shouts as the doors close and it starts going back to the first floor.

“Valeria...” is the only thing Matt could get out of his mouth before the elevator goes completely out of sight. *I love you too. I promise you’re the first one I’ll fuck after Declarisse!* He says determinedly in his mind and turns to look ahead. Walking further he sees a grandiose golden palace, and it’s gigantic. *As expected from the giantess demon queen!* Matt chuckles, retracts his dicks to just one 15 inch monster like in the beginning and walks closer.

In front of the door stands two naked female guards with blonde hair and fairly large J cup tits, that stand next to nothing compared to the trial girls. “To get to the palace you need to pay by cum!” They say in unison and block the way, not even flinching when Matt tries to push them.

“Are you out of your minds!? That would make me lose before I even reach the queen!” Matt asks in disbelief and tries pushing past them without success.

“No cum, no entry!” the guards say sharply. The door opens behind them and from further behind a loud scream can be heard: “That rule only applies to the trial girls, you idiots! How many times do I have to tell it to you!” The voice makes the guards immediately move. *Whew, Queen saved my skin!* Matt sends a silent thank you to her and walks through the doors.

The hallway walls are gold as well, but the floor is made of shining platinum. The light almost dazzles Matt but he manages forward. As he walks along the way, he looks at the walls filled with paintings of the trial girls in their human forms. All of them tower over human form Declarisse. In the last one however, it is the painting of their Hell forms and The Queen towers over even Gina. Right before the next door is a statue depicting Declarisse’s two forms: an unhappy tiny human and a widely smiling busty demon one.

*If I don’t make it, at least I have things to fantasize about...* Matt smiles widely and shakes his head. *No, I will make it! I will be bigger than Emil! I will be the biggest in the whole world!* He pushes the big double doors open and walks into a stair hall. *She’s the boss, so she must be at the top!*

Walking up the stairs he looks to the side halls: the first floor has a dining room with a large marble table. The second one has a small garden with dick bushes and pussy ponds. Third floor is has a party room filled with sex toys. Fourth one has a tv room, where an episode of hentai is playing. Fifth has torture devices, being a sex dungeon. Sixth has a library, most likely filled with erotic books from all over the world. Seventh has the bathroom, and the bathtub is filled with cum. Eighth has the living room, most likely to relax the muscles it takes to climb all the way up here. *A massage chair?!* Matt sits on it for a couple minutes to relax his sore legs and continues. Ninth floor has the bedroom, and like everything else, the bed is gigantic as well. Then comes the tenth floor, the final floor, the top floor.

There is only one room in the entire floor, and the door to it is right in front of Matt. Next to it is a sign that says with all capital red letters: “If you open this door, there’s no turning back anymore. You will be escorted out of Hell with no rewards given in return and everything you’ve gained will be lost if you decline. If you lose, you’re stuck as Queen’s slave for the rest of eternity. Will you proceed?”

Matt taps on the sign to see if anything happens, but there are no "yes" or "no" options. He takes a deep breath. *My dreams are either about to come true or flop completely. I’ve made it this far, so why should I turn back now?* Matt psyches himself up by shaking all of his limbs. Then he finally declares: “I’m ready! I will proceed to face Queen Declarisse! Open the door!”

The door creaks and opens slowly. *Here we go… no turning back now...* Matt takes one last deep breath. “I’m cuming for you, Queen!” He steps into the darkness and the door closes behind him.



Matt is surrounded by darkness and can’t see anything. He starts wondering if this was a trap and he’s now stuck in this place forever. “Hello? Is anyone here?” He asks into the darkness and his voice echoes. No response.

“It says in the sign that I can’t turn back anymore. Show yourself, Declarisse!” Matt shouts and runs forward without knowing where he’s going. He soon crashes into something that he first thinks is a wall, but it talks. “Watch where you’re rushing, youngling. I’m right here” says a familiar voice. Lights turn on and Matt is greeted with red skin and three gushing pussies smiling at him. The room around him looks like a battle arena, the ones seen in the Colosseum and at the back wall is a gigantic throne.

“Declarisse! I’m so glad to finally see you!” Matt says cheerfully and hugs the abnormal giantess’ leg. “I’m here to become the King!”

The Hell Queen smiles at him. “Me too. We finally get to have the time of our lives!” She gets down to the floor and spreads her legs to a perfect split. “Show me what you’re made of, trial conqueror! Show me your desire of being my co-leader!”

Matt grins evilly and sprouts 20 cocks to his crotch. “I will gladly fuck your brains out, Your Nymphoness!” He laughs and sends the dicks to the pussies.

Queen laughs. “Ohoho! I see you’ve gotten some luck along the way! I’m impressed! But don’t think for a second I would go easy on you!” Matt jumps in surprise as he feels his dicks being licked. Declarisse has tongues in her pussy!?

Declarisse smiles evilly at his reaction. This is not the only trick I have up in my pussy!” Her penis tail creeps towards Matt and pushes into his ass.

*Guhhh! I forgot she has it!* Matt is almost immediately ready to erupt but he manages to hold himself. “Hey! I wasn’t ready!” He hisses in fake frustration. He doubles the amount of cocks and pushes them into the pussies. Declarisse doesn’t seem to react so he makes them thick as a tree, but still gets no reaction.

“I may have not been fucked when people got to me in the Trial Tower, but I trained myself to be ready to take absolutely any size!” She smirks. “That includes inserting absurd objects into my pussy!”

Matt grits his teeth as he realizes he can’t tear the Queen apart, no matter how big he swells. “Ok… Then how about this!” He brings four cocks into the Queens unfilled holes, two in ass, two in mouth. Thanks to being fucked at the same time he’s close to the edge and he has no idea where Declarisse’s cum is flowing.

“You’re wasting your time! You should know how to make me cum by now!” Declarisse speaks clearly, even with her mouth full of impossible dicks. Matt squints his eyes as the orgasm creeps closer and closer. What has he not covered on Queen’s body?

*Come on, I can’t lose now! But the pent up cum and Kinball balls make it impossible to think!* Matt opens his eyes a tiny bit to notice Her tits bouncing on the chest, divided by the cleavage pussies fucking penises.

*Of course! She needs all intimates stimulated to cum, including tits!* Matt brings out yet another four impossible dicks and wraps them around Her tits.

Declarisse arches her back as pleasure takes over her and lets out a huge moan. “Well done, you discovered my weakness: being fucked everywhere! But can you outlast me?” Her tail fucks him faster now and Matt really has to hold in tight to survive. 

“I… will… do… it…!” he grunts and speeds up his own pleasuring of The Queen. He’s so close, his determination burns inside him. Declarisse moans, Matt moans, the Royal slaves have come to watch and moan as they jerk off their minimalistic cocks.

Half an hour of desperate holding, 48 cock insertions and multiple loud moans later, Declarisse spits the cocks out of her mouth. “HELL YES! I AM FINALLY CUMMING!” Queen’s scream echoes through the walls. “CUMMING CUMMING CUMMING!” Matt takes the cocks out of Her and gets ready to receive his present, deciding to hold in still. “HERE IT COMES!”

All 20 of Declarisse’s pussies erupt in cum and the squirt shower hits him, soaking him completely.

A moment passes before Matt starts glowing red and growing. He grows to 15 meters in height, skin turns crimson red and he gains two 20 inch horns on his head, gains two extra arms, gets a lot more buffed body with muscles upon muscles and a 10-pack, his hair turns black, eyes turn red, ass gets more toned, but the most exciting change to him is his crotch: 48 five meters long whale girth cocks and beyond measurable testicles appear burning red in his crotch. He clenches his body and roars as he spreads his body when transformation is finally complete.

“Ahh! I feel more alive than ever!” Matt says and puts his upper right hand on his throat. His voice is now much lower, even a little quaking. His impossible rods throb in pent up pleasure and pressure. “And now, I will take care of you!” He marches towards his new partner, love of his life, the reason he is here… and rams all of them into her.

Declarisse lets out a surprised moan. “I-I thought you released with me! You didn’t cum right after me?” She gasps as her holes are filled up completely with the cum-swollen cocks.

“I will now! Bare my children, you filthy slut!” He roars as he releases his massive load he had saved up all this time, quickly filling Declarisse’s holes completely. The load is so big her endless pussies overflow, cum leaking out. When he finally finishes, he pulls out and covers Her with remaining cum. Declarisse is completely out with a lusty face so she clearly enjoyed it.

The lights get slightly darker but his vision is clear as if it was still the bright lighting. Behind the throne reads “Clarissa Moondance.” *I thought the name Declarisse was unusual… I should get a new name too!* “From this day forward I shall be known with this name!” He takes one of his dicks, jerks off a little and sprays a new name on the wall behind the throne. Declarisse raises her four thumbs for approval and stands up. “What would you say about having your own no-cum trial?”

The king smiles evilly. “That would be awesome! I would get to corrupt all the girls by myself! Shall we gather strong candidates?”

Declarisse shakes her head. “It’s better that I do it. I wouldn’t want your lover to wait too long.” She gives him a wink and walks out of the door, King following soon after.

The new king pushes the doors of no return open. They cooperate, but instead of going back to the staircase, he steps outside the palace. *Well, at least I don’t have to walk those hell stairs...* He thinks to himself and walks to the elevator, only to realize it’s not there. *Oh yeah, Val used it to go back up.* He gets an idea, but isn’t sure if it’ll work. He closes his eyes and starts jerking all the cocks off with his large palms. *Take me to floor one!* The cum flows under his feet and he falls into a white portal. It only takes five seconds before he’s back where he started.

The first woman of hell he ever met waits for him near the wall where the Hell Gate appeared and disappeared. She smiles at the approaching demon. “Ah, you did it! Congratulations!” Valeria claps and smiles warmly. “I’m guessing you are here to make me your personal slut.”

King nods. “That, and...” he turns back to human form Matt, having two 50 inch cocks like right before Liz. “Valeria, I love you too! From the moment I laid my eyes upon you, I was head over heels!” Matt approaches closer to his lover.

Valeria’s eyes shine and they kiss deeply. “Give me your seed… Make me pregnant… I want to bear your child!” She whispers.

“With pleasure, darling.” Matt pulls Val in for a deep kiss while inserting his dicks inside her dripping pussy. Val moans quietly and starts moving. This time however, she doesn’t cum with every thrust. “The trial is over, so my pussy is back to “normal”.” She explains.

“All the better” Matt smiles and speeds up a little. “Fuck! Your pussy is the best!” he exclaims out loud and precum drips into her.

“What about Queen?” the busty girl raises her eyebrows, making Matt blush, to which Val laughs. “I’m just teasing! She is fine with everyone being called the best...” she moans as the penises thicken from building cum. “Your cocks are undefeatable, Your Horniness!”

Matt smiles warmly. “I’m glad to hear...” He moans as he inches closer to orgasm and goes faster.

They keep having sex and having romantic talks until Matt is full and ready to impregnate his partner. Valeria moans loudly and nods to give permission for cumming inside, which Matt does. The amount of cum is big thanks to his ballsize and it overflows from her.

“Thank you, darling...” Val moans cutely and goes back into the shadows. Matt smiles and turns back into his demon form, sprouting back the 50 dicks he had from the beginning. *Is Queen finished with trial challenges, I wonder...* He teleports back into the palace.

Entering through the front door King sees a lineup of nine guys, all having completely different looks. Declarisse is right behind them, with a big smile on her face.

“These are the strongest men I found from each floor. They are all ready to serve under you.” She laughs heartily and the boys bow to him. Queen then steps forward with a slightly swollen stomach.

“I’m pregnant” she says lovingly and rubs her belly. “I don’t know how many, but I would love to have 20, one for each pussy of mine.” She kisses the new king. “I’m glad you defeated me, Livettam!”

Male Route End



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