Regina's World


Backstory: Regina lives in a world of superpowered people. She has many, many powers, but the most prominent one is her ability to create sentient minions using her own cum. She's sort of a cum-o-mancer. Her cum constructs are more powerful the more pleasure that she had while cumming, and she can absorb cum minions to make herself more powerful. She rules most of the American East Coast, and her palace is located in Miami, Florida. Today is just another ordinary day of making minions, when suddenly a dimensional interloper decides to make her way into Regina's world. Enjoy!


Regina's moans thundered throughout her palatial mansion as she drilled a superpowered young woman with her (currently) 5 foot cock. Countless gallons of pre leaked from the girl's abused hole, giving birth to one new minion after another. These weaker servants remained very cum-like and had to combine with each other several times before they were powerful enough to serve their goddess. The secretary minion waited patiently (going on hours now) as Regina bounced her worshiper up and down her behemoth.

The skewered girl had control over the weather, which shifted rapidly as she moaned, gasped, cooed and screamed.

Naturally, Regina had to make her cock much less girthy than she preferred as she assaulted this mere mortal, but the activity was incredible nonetheless.

There was a sound like paper tearing and then an utterly stunning woman, dressed in a pair of elegant black heels and a seamless latex dress appeared above Regina's head. She stood 5'8, with a pair of breasts that were larger than her head and an impossibly thin waist. Her shoulder-length curly raven hair floated gently around her. Her thin lips were painted with black lipstick.


"Hi, I'm Em!" The woman said, with a wide smile on her face. A guard minion, a hulking cum colossus towering at 9 feet tall, immediately threw a titanic spear at the stranger. It passed through the woman harmlessly and embedded itself into the side of the marble-domed ceiling.

"Well, that wasn't nice!" exclaimed Em. She snapped her fingers and the cum colossus exploded into a thousand pieces, splattering the throne room in even more cum. The poor mortal girl's face was so covered that she could barely breathe. Em, however, was unscathed. The cum had passed through her just like the massive metal spear.


Regina raised an eyebrow, but didn't stop her pumps. "Jizzy, did I have another visitor scheduled?" she asked casually as the cum guardian reformed and attempted to tackle the floating latex-clad woman. "No, my goddess," the secretary answered. "Hmm..." the hulking girl began. "Em, was it? Are you here for a fucking?" she smiled.

Em giggled. "If that's what you want! I'm here to have fun of any kind. Things are so boring back where I'm from." She gestured with her finger and the unfortunate cum guardian disappeared into a black hole. She levitated down to Regina's face and pulled her in for a sloppy French kiss. Regina could feel Em's tongue slithering down her throat, far longer than any human's could be. Em's face was so soft and warm that Regina immeidately knew that whatever Em was, she had to be something more than human...

Regina moaned into the kiss as a pair of cum minions flanked her on either side. They lunged at Regina's sides with a loud splat. The goddess of Earth quickly assimilated the spunk and sprouted an additional pair of huge, muscular arms. She wrapped them around the strange, obviously powerful newcomer. The speed of her cock-bobbing increased. Not paying attention, it turned out to be more than the poor mortal woman could handle. She climaxed fiercely despite it though.

The mortal woman fell over and laid comatose on the floor. The sound of torrential rain echoed from the top of the domed ceiling. Clearly, the weather was now as wet as the weather girl. Regina's cock, now freed from the girl, expanded exponentially to a staggering 8 feet tall and nearly as thick as a watermelon. Em broke the kiss and floated down, sitting on Regina's massive member.

"Well, it's such a shame that humans are so weak," she said, gesturing to the poor sleeping girl. Em rubbed her rubbery fingers across Regina's massive muscles. "I want to see what these can do. Let's go out and play!"

A cum minion carried the woman off to the recovery room.

"Play outside?" The Earth goddess repeated with a smirk. "That actually sounds fun. Haven't stretched my powers in quite some time."

She turned to her main minion. "Jizzy, where's the closest, biggest pocket of resistance?"

The minion sighed as she fingered through the information on her tablet. "Texas, but calling it a 'pocket' would be an understatement. It's a huge staging area for the Human-Empowered Alliance Against Tyranny..."

"Sounds like fun!" The hulking girl grinned. "Good luck then," Jizzy called out as she pressed a button that retracted the roof. Regina smirked as she rose into the air. "We won't need it."

Em flew up along with her. As they ascended to the sky, the full glory of Regina's Miami laid before them. From up here, the nightclubs and bars of the cityscape below merged together like a maze of neon lights. Gorgeous people in expensive cars raced through the wide roads below. However, the most visible feature of the city was Regina's palace. The white marble, golden statues, and legions of cum guardians made everything around it seem small and grubby.

As they, flew, Em laughed as the wind blew over her body. She accelerated to mach two, letting out a burst of air that would have killed a human. Not to be outdone, Regina accelerated after her, first at mach 2, then at mach 4, and then at mach 10. When they reached their destination in less than a minute, they crashed into the ground with such force that it sent a shockwave through the lone Texas sands off into the horizon

Ahead of them, Fort Dallas, a colossal steel tower stretching up towards the clouds, cast a shadow that cut through the landscape.

"So, who are we up against?" asked Em. As if to answer her, a bolt of lightning shot through the noon sky, incinerating everything around the two indestructible women.

"Well, they'll be guns, rocket launchers, and tanks. Really just annoying. The railguns and empowered might tickle a little though." Regina explained as the dust settled.

"Let's go knock on the door!" Em said as the two began to walk towards the tower. Ahead of them, hundreds of soldiers rushed towards fortified encampments, bunkers, and barricades. A couple tanks in the distance began to turn their cannons towards the pair.

20 feet ahead of them, a soldier with a megaphone yelled, "Leave now or face the full power of the Human-Empowered Alliance Against Tyranny! This is your last warning!" In response, Regina put her massive hands on her even-more-massive cock and rubbed it with incredible force. She gasped, and a stream of cum squirted onto the soldier with the megaphone, knocking him far away into the sand.

The cum around the man formed into a gooey, low-quality minion who then began attacking the militia. The soldiers opened fire as the empowered charged toward the hulking, 10 foot tall goddess. Bullets and rockets pinged off her indestructible skin with equal ease. (All of the attackers were wearing gas masks to avoid the affects of Regina's powerful pheromones). The Earth goddess leaped forward, grabbing an empowered girl with one of her mighty hands. She then forced the girl onto her cock, tearing right through her jeans. "Keep firing!" Someone shouted. "She's trying to make more minions!" Mercifully, Regina removed the girl's mask, which caused her to immediately give in to the massive invader in her pussy.

With glee, Regina realized the girl on her cock had a high degree of damage resistance. That means she could pump her faster and faster and faster and faster, jackhammering her up and down too fast for the human eye to follow. "Gah!" Regina growled as a bolt of lightning hit her. With a determined frown, the goddess rocketed into the air, using her huge bulk as a battering ram. She hit the girl who had zapped her hard, causing the sound of broken bones to ring out. Regina caught the girl with her free hand as she spawned another cock. She skewered the injured girl, immediately flooding her with enough cum to heal her broken bones... and become another pleasure toy.

Meanwhile, her first cock was nearing the quick orgasm she was aiming for. The cum would still be relatively low-quality, but much more powerful than her pre. She pulled the girl off her cock as she aimed down at the soldiers. The goddess' cocks merged into one cock four times its initial size, becoming a colossal 20-foot howitzer. Countless gallons of cum shot from the sky down at the attackers, immobilizing them in incredibly thick, sticky goo. The cum then transformed into dozens of minions, this time powerful enough to maintain human form. With their random powers, they quickly began to subdue the army in the least lethal way possible. As always, Regina wanted to keep casualties to a minimum. As she came and came and came, the earth goddess looked for her new friend.

To another side, the men in the tank fired a blast at Em. The shell directly hit Em, blowing her perfect body into thousands of globs of inklike black sludge.

"Done already?" Regina asked as she orgasmed again, bloating the girl's stomach to the size of an exercise ball. As she watched, the blobs began to squirm, stretch, and expand until they each reached the full size of a human. With a squishing sound, each blob reshaped itself into a perfect replica of Em, who was smirking at the pathetic mortals who had thought something like a tank shell could hurt her. Now, thousands of Ems stood haughtily in the Texas battlefield. In an instant, the forces of Fort Dallas were outnumbered. "Show-off," Regina muttered.

The army of Ems floated up into the sky. Feeling outmatched, the soldiers went into retreat. 100 yards ahead of them, a soldier behind a set of sandbags shouted into the radio, "Retreat! Put up the shield and call Strike Force Epsilon! We need-" His sentence was interrupted as one of the Ems moved towards him fast enough to let out a sonic boom.

"Thinking about me?" the Em taunted. She took her hand and efffortlessly pushed her hand straight through his chest, kevlar body armor and all.

Regina's minions easily caught up with the retreating soldiers. They quickly disarmed and bound each of them. "Impressive." She smiled as she landed next to one of the Ems. "Soo... who and what are you?" Regina inquired.

A sound like a bell echoed through the air, and a bubble of radiant white fire expanded around the steel fortress ahead of them. The heat of the fire immediately incinerated soldier and cum minion alike. The Ems closest to the shield of flames instantly disintegrated into clouds of black vapor. Regina scoffed and tossed the lightning girl off into the distance where the heat wouldn't harm her.

The black gas reconstituted into another Em next to Regina. "I'm a bit of an outsider to everywhere, if I'm being honest," she explained. "Where I'm from, I came into existence before the universe did. Think of me as... an interdimensional space octopus. That's a fairly close metaphor." She stuck out her tongue, which extended just a bit farther than a human's would have.

"Really?" Regina asked, eyebrow raised as she was clearly impressed. "Well, I always figured I'd eventually attract some 'outside' attention. And it looks like I hit the jackpot right off the bat!"

"Well, let me asks some questions about you, then." Em continued. "These humans are so rude! Why haven't you taken control of all of them yet?"

"Hmm..." Regina thought for a moment. "I guess all-out control really isn't my style. I control just enough to satisfy my growing needs and let the rest live out their lives in peace. I used to be a human like them, after all. Though I suppose my 'needs' will eventually require the resources of the entire planet, but that's centuries down the line. And what about you? Sounds like you'd rather wander about than settle down and enslave a planet, right?"

"I see..." Em replied. "I can't imagine not having control over everything. I sort of created the universe, so I feel responsible for it! Besides, humans would be so much happier if they just let me control everything!"

Em turned towards the fortress and pointed out, "We should deal with that fortress soon. All that radiation might give me a tan! That would ruin my look." Regina and the dozens of Ems that were left lifted into the air and accelerated towards the fortress. Closer to the shield, the heat was enough to melt the sand into glass.

"Hmm... I could use these materials to expand my palace... I've got a feeling my 'needs' are about to get a major boost," she smirked, looking at Em. "Ya see, I grow my power by assimilating cum minions, and the more pleasure I experience, the more powerful they are... And... well, I've never fucked an interdimensional goddess before..." Regina winked .

"Why don't I show you the best time you've ever had after this, then?" Em replied back.

As they flew, the Ems combined back into a single Em. Soon, they were floating right outside the sun-like shield. In any other world, the matter of their bodies would be melted or vaporized by the heat. These girls, of course, didn't have to respect the laws of physics. "Would you do the honors?" asked Em.

"Sure!" But just as Regina was about to blast through the shield, an earsplitting moan rang out from the tower. The irradiated scrap began to twist and shrink, congealing into something.... human-shaped. The energy of the shield was absorbed into it as well.

"Well now..." Regina began. "I always suspected they were trying to create a superbeing to face me, but never thought they had the tech. I think we just accidently completed the process...

The naked, metal-infused futa rose up to her full titanic height. "SOOOO MUUUUUCHHH POOOOOOWEEEERRRRR!!!" She screamed as the earth shook and the sky lit up with lightning.

"YOU!" The towering woman said, pointing her glowing, white-hot finger at the two. "SUBMIT TO YOUR NEW GODDESS OR FACE THE CONSEQUENCES." Regina laughed. "Or what?" In a movement faster than even Regina could see, the supergoddess grabbed onto Regina and forced that colossal metal cock into her pussy. With a gasp, Regina tried to break out, but found that the supergoddesses' strength outmatched even her own.

Regina moaned as the goddess rammed her cock up her faster and faster and faster. Despite the fact that the supergoddess’ cock was made of red-hot metal, she realized she was enjoying it, and in fact enjoying it more than any mortal lover she had ever had.

Em frowned and asked Regina, "Should I help you there?"

Regina felt her body forcefully grow to 30 feet in height to accommodate the monster insertion. "Yeah!" Regina called out between moans. "Suck my cock! This feels incredible!" She began using her flight power to bob up and down on the cock in time with the larger giantess' thrusts. Pussy juice rained down like a monsoon. A normal humans' fluids would have instantly evaporated, but Regina's were different.

Confused, the Supergoddess responded, "YOU ARE NOT MEANT TO ENJOY THIS." Before she could stop, Regina gasped and cummed such a massive load that it doused the flaming fortress below them. When she finished, the crater left behind by the Goddess' creation was now an ocean of gleaming white cum. "Yes! More!" Regina screamed as the cum rose up into the air and combined with her body.

Regina used the quality cum to grow a mass of long, thick tentacles out of her back. She commanded them to seek out the giantess' holes and stimulate her in the hopes her fucking would increase in intensity, A tentacle also grabbed Em, dragging her towards Regina. "Seriously, girl, you wanna get in on this?"

Em, not to be outdone, expanded until she was as tall as the supergoddess. "Hello? I'm here, too!" She flicked the supergoddess with a rubbery latex finger, knocking her back. The supergoddess, enraged, screamed and grew another set of muscular arms to smash the latex colossus.

To her surprise, however, when her glowing red hands punched through Em's body, it sunk inside as if she had pushed her hands into crude oil. She tried to pull her massive arms out, but she found they were utterly stuck inside Em's chest. "Surprise!" exclaimed Em. Her arms liquified and turned into a seemingly infinite stream of inky black tendrils, which wrapped around the supergoddess' arms, legs, and face as they pushed deep into the supergoddess' mouth, ass, and pussy. The goddess, now a prisoner instead of a master, moaned in pleasure.

As Regina's tentacles were dwarfed by Em's, they pulled out of the supergoddess and turned toward Em instead. They shoved themselves into her ass, mouth, and pussy and immediately began shooting lava-hot cum into the interdimensional goddess. But Regina still had tentacles left. She used them to pull on Em's torso until a mass of her split off in inky blackness. It quickly reformed into another, smaller Em. The perfect size for Regina's cock! The tentacles guided the black goddess into place. "Mmmm!! Oh yes!!" Regina screamed as she thrust into Em.

Regina cummed into the smaller Em on her cock, forcing a stream of cum into her body that would have exploded any other woman. When the sea-like tide of cum burst into Em, however, she moaned and expanded like a balloon until she was like a miniature moon. She disconnected from the Earth goddess and floated off into the sky. Looking up to the larger, colossal Em, Regina noticed that when the smaller Em moaned, the larger Em moaned and vice versa. She realized that the Ems shared a hivemind, and pleasure from one was shared by all of them.

Regina used her tentacles to grab more and more chunks from the colossal Em. Each inky blob stretched and deformed into a new Em, each of them just as perfect as the last. Regina used her tentacles to pleasure a dozen Ems at once, and they came in a symphony of simultaneous pleasure, an orgasm that lasted minutes, not seconds. The colossal Em screamed, letting out a sound so loud that it blasted the sand around them away to the bedrock. She fell to one knee and withdrew her tentacles from the supergoddess, who was nearly comatose from the pleasure. Dizzy, the supergoddess finally cummed, releasing her own white-hot cum into the landscape. Everywhere the cum fell, it melted the bedrock and formed warped steel sculptures.

The supergoddess, now finished, toppled over into the blasted landscape and fell asleep. Her glowing skin began to cool, leaving behind a shiny chromed surface. Regina scoffed. "I guess those foolish humans didn't think to give her unlimited sexual stamina. And they thought she could defeat me? pathetic."

Regina absorbed the last bit of cum, her skin emiting a lovely purple aura. "So much power..." she marveled as she caressed herself. "I don't think even my palace can handle it...."

The Ems recombined back into the largest Em. Each time an Em fused with the larger Em, the larger Em let out a squeal of pleasure. After they were all together, the single Em shrunk somewhat to be the same size as Regina. Rubbing her breasts with satisfaction, Em looked around with a frown and stated, "Wow. We made a mess of your newly conquered kingdom. Would you like me to fix it?"

"Hmm... now there's an idea. Having the creator of the universe build me a huge indestructible palace on the site of my enemy's grand tower." She smiled. "Hmm... can you add size-shifting rooms?"

"If you insist!" Em replied. She deformed from a beautiful woman into a sphere of oily black liquid about as wide as a swimming pool. The sphere fell from the air and then collided with the ground, spreading a layer of inky blackness into the ruined desert. The sea of black expanded in every direction until Regina could see nothing but black in every direction. From the glossy surface, the outlines of a truly spectacular palace began to rise up from the depths.

The black fluid squirmed and stretched, casting domes, columns, facades, and towers in every direction. Even the outlines of trees were generated. Once they had taken a more solid form, the fluid began to change in color until the palace, a monument of white marble, black basalt, and bright gold was completed. A forested paradise extended in every direction around it. From the sky, the palace looked like a painting of Regina's flawless, muscled body. Em appeared out of nowhere behind Regina.

"I kind of cheated. None of that is real marble, real gold, or real trees. It's better." She pointed her finger at the fortress and said, "Pow!" The entire structure exploded into shards of stone, raining from the sky in an apocalyptic storm. Once the dust settled, each stone deformed and melted back into the black goop, which reformed into a new palace, even bigger than the last.

Em smiled and said, "You now control it. Just think of what you want and my creation will change to suit your needs. You can even cover the universe with it, if you want."

"Well, given my imortality, I'm sure things will eventually come to that." Regina mused as she gazed upon her new digs. "It's gonna be fun creating the gals to defend and maintain this place." She turned to Em. "Care to help out with that? I mean, I know I can simply think it perfect, but having hundreds of servants is so much more fun!"

Regina flew down to the palace grounds, which adjusted as she grew to 50 feet in height. "The more you stimulate me, the more powerful I'll become. Think you can keep focused on that?"

"Absolutely!" Em split into four women, each 30 feet tall, and went to work. One Em floated down to Regina's cock, which was now nearly larger than she was, and started to suck on it. Despite the seeming impossibility, her mouth stretched to fit the monster cock, and she sucked on it so hard that Regina could feel the cum being sucked out of her. Regina pumped deep into her mouth, but no matter how hard she pumped or how vast she expanded her cock, the elegant latex mistress seemed to be able to take it.

A second Em, this one with tits almost as large as her body, joined the first Em on Regina's shaft. She nestled Regina's cock between her tits, and started to float up and down to stimulate Regina's massive cock. her breasts were so soft and warm that Regina felt like she was being massaged by an angel.

A third Em rotated in air so that she was lying down in midair. She floated between Regina's colossal thighs and began to lick Regina's pussy. Her tongue, far more flexible than anything Regina had experienced before, seemed to be everywhere at once, reaching places that Regina didn't even know about. Em's tongue split into dozens of smaller tongues that probed Regina's pussy, sweet juices dribbling down Em's face and into the palace below, which sucked it up as if it too were enjoying Regina's fluids.

A fourth Em, this one with an army of tendrils instead of hands, nestled up to Regina's massive tits and started to rub her nipples. This was the breaking point.


Regina moaned in ecstasy as her body was pleasured beyond belief. She even had to use some pre to upgrade her brain to be able to handle it all!

The Earth goddess concentrated on not cumming, letting the pleasure build as the quality of the cum churning in her massive balls skyrocketed. She reached out to run her hands over the huge-titted Em, reveling in the goddess' soft skin.

Regina used some of the massive amounts of pre leaking from Em's mouth to regrow her tentacles. Like before, they sought out the holes of each Em, adding to the pleasure of both goddesses. Some extra tentacles wrapped themselves around the base of Regina's cock, ensuring she couldn't cum.

"Mmmm...." Regina moaned. "This batch is gonna be epic! Hundreds of time better than anything I've ever shot before!! I can't even imagine how my power will grow once I absorb it!! You're so fucking amazing, Em! What took you so long to find me?"

Regina pleasured each Em in a rhythm, pumping one Em and then the other in a pattern that gave Em's hivemind maximum pleasure. Eager to make Regina cum despite the massive tentacles wrapping themselves around Regina's cock, the Em pleasuring her cock divided again into four new Ems, each of which pulled on her skin, filling Regina with pleasure so intense her brain had to constantly upgrade just to keep herself from cumming. Her balls expanded until they were the size of Olympic swimming pools each.

The Em pleasuring Regina's nipples responded, "I came exactly when I wanted to. I can see the future, remember? Today is the best day in all of time for me to pleasure you. Once I do, you'll grow to be an empress of the cosmos and spread happiness to the entire universe!"

"Mmph!!" Regina shout-moaned, closing her eyes and gritting her teeth as she held back the tide of cum.

The Ems simultaneously cummed buckets, which dripped from their pussies onto Regina's chest and cock. Regina rubbed her fingers in Em's juices and tasted it. A shockwave of joy echoed through her brain, like the taste of Em's cum was pleasure itself. It was too much. The tentacles wrapping her cock struggled against the torrent of cum, but it was no use. The tentacles collapsed and the release of cum began.

A stream of cum, wider than a firehose and faster than sound, streamed from Regina's cock. The pressure was so much that it cut straight through the Earth.

The Em sucking Regina's cock was blown apart by the blast.

After flooding the Earth's core, Regina's spunk rose back up to the surface, creating massive cum volcanoes all across the globe. Every living thing her cum touched became a demigod or demigoddess, forever changing the future of Earth as the entire planet flooded. Regina howled in unspeakable ecstasy, enough pleasure running through her mind to melt the brains of everyone on Earth. 30 minutes later, her orgasm finally ended, and the time of ascension was at hand.

Regina commanded a planet's worth of godcum to rush into her. A crack formed in spacetime itself, which was quickly filled by Regina as she became one with the universe's future. The goddess' body shined brighter than a star as countless new abilities manifested in her already immensely powerful form. And then... she began to split in two.

Regina One grabbed the nearest Em she could find and began ripping the goddess to inky shreds. Her mighty hands were a blur as she did this over and over again, creating dozens of Ems. Meanwhile, Regina Two sprouted countless tentacles (she no longer needed cum to transform) and shoved them into the Ems. Regina One did the same, stimulating a total of over 200 Ems! "FUUUUCK YESSS!!! I WANT TO CUM AGAIN!!!!!!!"

Em squealed in delight. An telepathic wave of ecstasy expanded out into the universe, giving every being except for Em and Regina an instant orgasm. Lifeless planets, rocky and still, suddenly burst into volcanic fire. Dead stars ignited back to life. Flowers bloomed. With a thought, Em slowed down time so that every pump of the two Regina's tentacles, moving faster than light, lasted for aeons and aeons. She exploded and reformed again and again, each time wrapping herself more completely around Regina's cock, still 50 feet high.

Em was so overcome with pleasure that she was starting to melt. Yet, her power was not at all diminished. Suddenly, Regina felt a pleasure that she couldn't have even imagined before this. Dust, air, rock, and even light started to bend into new Ems that quickly surrounded Regina's cosmic cock. At Em's command, the fabric of space itself wrapped around her cock and began to stroke it. Her cock was no longer just the building-sized piece of flesh emerging from her crotch. It was infinite - a fractal dimension of cock that touched every atom of the universe at once. She felt stimulated by every sensation at once - the coldness of space, the heat of a star, the roughness of rock, and the softness of Em's sweet latex skin.

But Regina was not yet ready to cum. She no longer needed tentacles to restrain herself. With her new power, her will alone was enough to prolong the moment. She would cum when she wanted to. No earlier, no later.

"The next time I cum..." Regina began calmly, her immensely powerful twin brains able to handle the pleasure. "Earth will be destroyed. In fact, the whole milky way will flood with cum... then I'll absorb it." She continued as she fucked the fractal. "Naturally, I will protect every living thing. In fact, they will grow even more powerful. The universe will be brimming with superpowered life, all ready to pleasure me!"

Em giggled, "Just as I envisioned! This whole universe will be a universe of pure happiness and you will be its goddess for all eternity, past and present! Now, let's make you cum!"

Regina closed her eyes and smiled. "TO A NEW BEGINNING!!" With that, her twin cocks erupted and the world became hot and white. As promised, everything in the galaxy was drowned in cum during Regina's hours-long climaxes. (Her palace was the only non-living thing to survive). And then she began to absorb it all, creating more and more clones to speed up the process. Regina's power grew beyond human imagination long before her transcendence was complete.

Epilogue: Em and Regina sat next to each in the newly reformed universe. Regina had commanded her palace, which now surrounded all of the solar system, to make two colossal thrones for them. Regina's cock, glowing with power, reached nearly up to the dome of the tower, some 500 meters up in the air. Around them, a city stretched in every direction

"Are you sure I can't come with you, darling?" Regina asked as she leaned in to kiss Em. Em returned the kiss in a long, graceful embrace that left them both tingling with delight.

"No. I'm sorry. Even with your power, it would be too dangerous! There are lots of universes where the laws of logic just don't apply. Even you would cease to exist there."

Regina sighed but remained calm. "I understand. You have plenty of other universes you need to bring joy to, and we've been together for a billion years, now."

She looked up through the transparent dome of the roof at the galaxies above. Thanks to her, a trillion worlds were now filled with immortal, nigh-ominpotent women and futas pleasuring each other. As Em had predicted, the universe was now a universe of infinite sexual pleasure.

"Will you be leaving soon?" Regina asked.

Em thought for a second and replied, "I think I should leave now. You've grown so much in so little time, and I think you can handle all that this universe has to offer. Your powers are growing, even now!" She pulled at Regina's glowing muscles with the force of a black hole. They didn't budge.

Em lifted up into the air and tore a hole in reality. Regina looked inside expectantly but even looking at it hurt her mind, as infinite as her mind now was. "I'll be sorry to see you go, Em." Regina murmured.

Em waved goodbye and stepped through the portal, which closed behind her. Regina looked at the now empty space for moments and pondered the world around her. "Jizzy?"

"Yes, my Giga Goddess?" The immensly powerful cum minion replied.

"Is it possible to expand the universe?"

"With your power, of course it is!"

"Good. I think it's time for some new additions to my empire!" Regina smirked as she began stroking her cock.

"Hmm... you move with purpose, my Giga Goddess. Do you have something in mind?"

"I certainly do. I'm gonna make a galaxy-sized research division."

"To what end?"

"Well, those other dimensions Em mentioned... I want to figure out how to explore them safely."


"Yeah. So let's get started!"

Suddenly, a new portal manifested above Regina's head. A 30-foot Em appeared, this time wearing a straw hat and a red latex catsuit. "I didn't say I'd be gone for long!" Em exclaimed as she floated down to right in front of Regina's cock.

Regina smiled...