John and Rachel


A log between myself and John the Otter (  We planned to do more, but sadly never got the chance.


John the Otter: It was a nice, almost picturesque evening on the beach, the bright orange sun stretching wide over the horizon and highlighting the sparkling waves crashing against the shore. Most had already packed up for the day, but two college-aged friends still remained for some hangout time. One of those was John - a skinny, nerdy, average looking guy, about 5' 10" with light brown hair cut short on his head. "Man... today's been so great..." he commented, digging his toes absentmindedly into the sand as he looked over at his companion. "I forgot how fun the beach could be!"

Rachel Allen: John's companion, Rachel, was a toned, busty blonde with shoulder-length hair. She was wearing a revealing bikini that did a poor job covering her large breasts, but she didn't seem to notice all the stares that got her from strangers, or from her friend. She picked herself up off the sand, dusting herself off. "Yeah, it's been great! I love the beach, it's so crisp and clean."

John the Otter: John nodded in agreement... when suddenly, his digging toes seemed to hit up against something hard, buried about 6 inches under the beach. At first he thought it was a rock... but the feeling against his toes was a lot smoother than a rock would be. "Huh?" Now getting onto his knees, John reached under the sand and truly dug for it, taking a few seconds to pull out a dusty, yet ornate old lamp, looking like it was straight out of Aladdin. "Woah... this is crazy!" John exclaimed, holding the antique up to Rachel. "Wonder if I'll get three wishes by rubbing it..." he joked, following up by stroking his hand across the side a couple of times...

Rachel Allen: Rachel looked down at her friend as he dug into the sand, wondering what he was doing. She watched as he pulled out an old lamp, and moved over next to him to examine it, kneeling in the sand next to him. She laughed at his joke. "Wishes, huh? You read too much fiction, John. It's probably just some old antique some one dropped here by accident. It might even be worth something."

Rachel Allen: Suddenly, red smoke started to pour from the lamp, engulfing the two friends in acrid, sulfuric fumes. They could just see a figure rising from the lamp, growing larger and larger until it reached the size of a normal man, hovering a few feet above the ground. The smoke began to clear and the two got a look at the mysterious being. He had the shape of a man in exceptional shape, with muscular arms and shoulders, but his skin was red. Clothed only in a thin piece of cloth that was split down the middle so it didn't even cover his entire chest, he stared down at the two. His eyes were like fiery orbs, heat emanating from them visibly. His features were stern, a prominent beard covering his chin. The entire lower half of his body was nothing but smoke and fire, creating a vortex as he hovered over the ground. In a booming voice, he spoke to the two. "Who summons me?"

John the Otter: John was about to respond to Rachel's sarcastic claim when he could feel the lamp vibrating. He was too stunned to even drop it, simply staring wide-mouthed as the being formed in front of him. His mind immediately went to the most obvious explanation... but that was impossible... there was no way... "I... um... me?" John offered up hesitantly, gulping as he viewed the creature's intimidating form. He just had to ask. "Are... are you a genie?" he managed to get out with a quick, shocked glance over to Rachel.

Rachel Allen: Rachel gasped as she watched the figure emerge from the lamp, instinctively backing away. The genie gazed down at John. His speech was a bit odd, with an accent that was difficult to place, and he spoke in a very deliberate, clipped manner. "I am no genie. I am Djinn, the noble race." He folded his arms. "You have summoned me, and so by the ancient pacts, you are granted one wish. Choose quickly, for I despise the time I am forced to spend in your realm."

John the Otter: John had thought about the question of what he'd wish for from a genie a few times throughout his life, and he'd always thought he'd spend a lot of time deliberating over it, carefully wording his options. But now, faced with the reality of the situation... the words tugged at him from within, from his very soul... like it was something he was born to do. He HAD to wish for this, fulfill his destiny. Before the Djinn had even finished, John whipped his head up and stared the creature dead in the eyes.

"... I wish that I was the most powerful being in existence."

Rachel Allen: Rachel's jaw dropped. "Wh-what kind of a wish is that...?" The djinn's expression shifted. Although it was difficult to say with his features, he seemed surprised. "That is a most unusual wish, human. Very well, I will grant you what you request." He reached out with one arm and touched John on the forehead, sending a wave of energy rippling through him. "Your wish is granted, and the contract is fulfilled. Farewell." With that, the djinn's entire body turned to smoke, and before you could blink it was sucked back into the lamp. The silence that followed was deafening.

John the Otter: John turned to Rachel... and smiled. He looked the same on the outside, but internally, he felt immeasurably changed. Like there was so much inside of him, just waiting to be released. "Rachel... I think it worked," he stated, his smile growing even wider. "It'll take some time to fully set in, but... I think my wish was granted."

Rachel Allen: Rachel stood up off the ground, her expression a mixture of shock and fear. "John, what the hell...? What just happened? Why are you smiling like that!?"

John the Otter: "Watch."

With a knowing smile, John lifted his hand up and snapped his fingers. Instantly, a wave of light erupted his fingers, spreading out from his center as the man in front of Rachel's eyes started to morph. His muscles suddenly leaped forward and bulked to prominence, turning the formerly slim college student into a hardened athlete. His face smoothed and chiseled, making John immediately more attractive. And interestingly enough, his clothes seemed to change along with his physique, enlarging perfectly to fit across his ripped body...

Rachel Allen: Rachel gaped at the sudden transformation, unable to believe her eyes. She slowly walked over to John, staring at his newly enlarged form. "But...that's impossible!" She tentatively reached out and touched one of John's arms, blushing. She had never really considered him more than a friend, but he was really handsome now...

John the Otter: John smiled warmly down at her. He had even gained an inch or two in height. His arm was as hard as stone! "Nothing's impossible with me around," he cooed softly at her. "Everything's different now - we're the only two who know how I looked before. Everyone now knows me as John, all-star swimmer, hunkiest man on campus... and your long-time boyfriend."

Rachel Allen: Still blushing, Rachel shied away from her musclebound friend, finding this all too overwhelming. " You just...made me your girlfriend? And gave yourself that body?"

John the Otter: "Of course. Most powerful being in existence, remember?" he chuckled. Feeling more and more confident, he took the step towards Rachel to close the gap. "And that..." He gestured over to a beach-side condo next to them, which looked quite homely with the sunset over it... despite the fact that Rachel didn't remember it being there before. "... That's my place."

Rachel Allen: Rachel felt like she was going crazy as she stared at the condo that she could swear wasn't there before. Looking it over, she noticed a bright red jaguar in the driveway. "I-Is that your car, too?" Out of the corner of her eye she spotted a billboard with John's face prominently displayed, a sports drink in his hand. The reality of the situation slowly started to sink in. "This can't be real...! You can do anything?"

John the Otter: "One of my four, but yes," John smiled as he pulled Rachel in close to his rock hard body, starting to walk over toward the condo. "And yes... I can do anything. The full extent of my power has yet to set in... but let me tell you, this is only the beginning. I DO only have an IQ of 145 right now, after all..." he chuckled to himself as he swung the door open to let them into the condo.

Rachel Allen: Rachel looked around the room as John guided her inside. The contents of the entryway backed up John's assertions. A dozen trophies for four different sports sat in a gilded case next to a series of five diplomas, ending in a doctorate that Rachel couldn't make out the details of. There was a table full of pictures of her and John spending time together, John playing sports, John posing for was overwhelming. She swooned, leaning on him for support, his hard muscles making her blush again.

John the Otter: John just pulled her in closer, leading her down the hallway. He was an all-around threat pushed to the extreme, and he was really starting to feel how much he LOVED this power. The opening hallway soon led out into a wide, expansive living room, huge plasma TV (at least 60") put into the wall, a series of fine leather couches, and the walls lined with shelves covered in movies, books, and video games of all kinds. John clearly made a lot of use of his wealth...

Rachel Allen: Rachel looked around at the stocked living room. "This is amazing,'re so rich, and so strong...why did you make me your girlfriend?"

John the Otter: "Because I love you, Rachel," he smiled, suddenly leaning in and planting a series of kisses down her ear and her neck. "I love you more than any other woman on the planet... and I know you'll stick around to inflate my ego even more..." he quickly smirked.

Rachel Allen: Rachel blushed, gasping as he kissed her. She looked him deep in the eyes, her face crimson, and suddenly she wrapped her arms around him, kissing him full on the lips.

John the Otter: John quickly pulled her down onto the couch next to them, moaning loudly as he kissed her full on the lips right back. It was oh so sensual, sending shivers right down Rachel's spine... but the minute she closed her eyes, she felt a different wave of energy... one coming from John. As her hands rubbed over his body, it got even BIGGER and HARDER, more than she had ever felt before. Even the couch under her felt like it got softer...

Rachel Allen: Rachel moaned and ran her hands up and down John's now-enlarged body, feeling his swollen muscles and the power they contained. She opened her eyes to the sight of an even more handsome John, his gaze turning her on even more. Breaking the kiss, she looked away, and noticed how much the room around her had changed. It was easily twice as big, the TV replaced with a home theater system with cinema sound. The couch was much larger now, probably to accommodate John's bulk. She looked back at him. "Oh John, you're incredible...!"

John the Otter: John just grinned, raising himself off of her now much smaller body to loom over her... only to flash a big white smile as he raised his arms, flexing melon-like biceps so hard that his entire shirt ripped completely in half, falling to the floor to reveal his tanned, brilliantly sculpted torso. "It's nothing, really. I'm just your average mega superstar billionaire is all," he winked.[1:11]Rachel Allen: Rachel reached up and ran her hands over John's huge pecs and abs. Pushing as hard as she could, she found she couldn't make the smallest dent in his muscles. "You're so're a billionaire now? Is that why the room is so much bigger? What else changed?"

John the Otter: John beamed, holding his flex like a champ as Rachel explored his body. "Yup. Net worth of $1,890,873,900, IQ of 188, 10 bachelor's degrees, 3 PhDs, 2 Master's degrees, world champion in swimming, weightlifting, soccer, football, tennis, you name it... and the world record bench press of 8,900 lbs. Mostly because I didn't want people to be too intimidated by my TRUE strength."

Rachel Allen: Rachel gaped, astounded by the figures he gave her, going over them one at a time in your mind. "...W-wow, John...I don't know what to say..." She kept running her hands over his chest, bringing them lower now, towards his pants, her body flush with excitement. "...How strong are you, really?"

John the Otter: "And that's far from all, just the basic rundown... oh yeah, I'm World Chess Master, I spent so little time picking it up I keep forgetting about it," he chuckled at himself. "Oh, right. I'm basically a superhero come to life... I can lift over 100 tons above my head without sweating. Useful for certain things..." he casually mentioned... as he reached one immensely beefy arm down, scooping Rachel up and holding her at shoulder level on his bicep like it was nothing!

Rachel Allen: "Oh my God, John...! You're just so....overwhelming!" She wrapped her arms around his neck, leaning in to kiss him again.

John the Otter: John eagerly kissed her right back, the simple smooch sending waves of ecstasy down her body like nothing ever before. "So I've been told," he replied with a vain laugh, flexing his biceps even harder and bouncing his pecs a little harder. "Just think... I could pretty much rule society if I wanted to... and I'm not even done growing in power yet..."

Rachel Allen: Rachel's eyes widened in surprise at that thought, but if anything it just made her kiss even more passionate. Finally, she broke it, panting softly. Her whole body was hot, her cheeks flush. Just being in John's presence was turning her on more than she'd ever been turned on before. "...I...I love you too, John."

John the Otter: John used some of his thick fingers to slip under her sequin gown, fondling her rear graciously as they embraced... wait... since when had she been wearing a sequin gown? "I know... you've loved me ever since you saw me," he smiled warmly, bright blue eyes piercing right through her. "We met when I was getting my business degree... you were instantly smitten with me, fingering yourself at the thought of me every night... thought you didn't stand a chance. Lucky you, huh?" he chuckled.

Rachel Allen: Rachel blinked as conflicting memories filled her head. She could remember her life before all of this, but John's words filled her with visions of meeting him in college, being too shy to approach him, fingering herself while thinking about him every night...When he asked her out out of the blue one day she thought she'd pass out. She settled into his embrace, wiggling her butt to entice him to play with her more. "Yeah...I couldn't help myself. I guess I am lucky."

John the Otter: John caught onto her vibes and smiled, sliding his fingers into more and more intrusive places. He was molding her to his whim... and he LOVED it. "Luckiest girl in the world, I'd say. And so loyal you are... once I finished my degree spree, you dropped out of college just to spend every waking moment at my side. I could support you, after all, so I'd say it was worth it," he smiled.

Rachel Allen: She nodded, moaning softly from his touch. "Y-yes, John. I'd do anything for you. You know that."[1:50]John the Otter: John raised an eyebrow, giving her a knowing smirk. "Really now? So you'd... strip down for me right now?"[1:53]Rachel Allen: Rachel nodded enthusiastically. "If that's what you want...!"

John the Otter: John nodded, setting her down. Rachel instantly felt notably less... secure without her touching him. "Of course it is. If you could stroke my ego while you do it, I might give you a little bonus prize..."

Rachel Allen: Rachel looked up at John's titanic form with wide eyes, taking in his full glory. She gulped, and started to unzip her dress, turning so he could see her exposed back. "Oh, baby, you're so strong..." She reached up and slid the dress down her shoulders, removing her arms. "You're the strongest man in the world, and probably the're so rich you can buy whatever you want..." She turned back around facing him as she slid her dress off the rest of the way, exposing her sizable breasts and toned stomach. "I love you so much. You make me feel safe just being around you, like nothing can hurt're right that you could rule the world if you wanted to, baby. Nobody would even try to stop you." She finished removing her dress, kicking it to the side, standing naked except for her white bra and panties.

John the Otter: John grinned, eying his girlfriend up hungrily... especially when those big, expansive breasts came flopping out. His pants were notably straining... "All true, all true... except for calling me 'probably' the smartest," he smirked. "There's no contest. I beat the 10 next best Chess players in speed chess... all at once... while solving Rubix cubes with my free hand. I won $24 million on Jeopardy before deciding to bow out and let others have a chance. The money I have in the stock market multiplies by 10 every single day. There's no contest," he winked, taking a proud and confident stance, like a leader standing before his people.

Rachel Allen: "Of course, babe, you're right. You're the smartest person who's ever lived. And the strongest." Rachel stared in awe at her boyfriend, quickly removing her bra and panties, then looked down at the monster bulging in his pants. Even though she thought she should remember seeing it lots of times, for some reason she couldn't think of exactly what it looked like...she moved closer to him and tentatively placed her hands on his legs, looking up at him for direction.

John the Otter: John grinned at her. "Of course, I should give you your prize now..."

It all happened in an instant. His pants EXPLODED off of his form, utterly destroyed by an incredibly thick and hard, 2 foot long hard cock with a raging erection. As if on cue, a literal wave of cum blasted out and struck Rachel right in her center, coating her from head to toe... wait... this wasn't cum... this was PRE! And John didn't even look tired or all that impressed... "How's that for you?"

Rachel Allen: Rachel came the second the precum hit her, covering her from head to toe in his juices. She convulsed, barely able to keep standing from the strength of her orgasm. John's precum was so potent that it drove her wild, bringing her arousal back up seconds after she came. She stared at his massive package. "I-it's....incredible...!"

John the Otter: John just shrugged. "I don't have a multi-million dollar porn empire for nothing. Thanks for your help in those films, by the way," he winked with a chuckle. "Man, orgasming so quickly? You women are so loose with that..." he chuckled.

Rachel Allen: "I-I'm sorry, John, I just couldn't help it...your cock is amazing...!" She reached out with her hands and touched it, slowly running them up and down the entire length, getting a feel for just how truly massive the organ was.

John the Otter: It twitched with her every touch, almost like it was its own independent being... even touching it was a truly erotic experience. "I suppose so," he grinned cockily, patting her on the head. "Maybe one day you'll reach even a fraction of my greatness..."

Rachel Allen: "I could never be as great as you, John...not in a million years." She leaned in and sniffed his cock, the scent alone nearly driving her over the edge again. Opening her mouth, she kissed the head, working her way down, kissing as much of his cock as she could reach before moving down to give his balls some attention as well.

John the Otter: His balls were like big, bulging watermelons, practically churning with his cum, how numerous it was. "Now you're getting it," John replied, winking at her. His ego was just growing bigger and bigger by the second... "Please, please, continue. This is a privilege most would give their lives for..."

Rachel Allen: "I'm so happy I get to service your cock, John. It's so magnificent...!" She moved back up to the head and wrapped her lips around it, lowering her head down onto his cock. She teased his slit with her tongue, then focused on trying to fit as much of the massive member in her mouth as she could. She could only get a fraction of the shaft in her mouth, though.

John the Otter: John didn't seem to mind though. He just smiled softly... and on command, blasted another hard shot of pre right into her open, gaping mouth. "Someone is quite eager..." he chuckled, puffing out his chest even more.

Rachel Allen: Rachel continued to worship his cock, slurping up the offered precum greedily. It tasted divine. She released his cock from her mouth again, and ran her tongue up and down the enormous shaft, licking up all the precum that had leaked out of her mouth. Swallowing the last of it, she looked up at him worshipfully. "I...I can't help it..."

John the Otter: John grinned. "You think you can't help it now..."

Suddenly, another explosion of light, this time so intense that Rachel was blinded for a good moment. When she came to, though... things were clearly very different. The living room had been impressive, but now it looked like she was in more of a mansion, artistic marble tiles stretching across a floor as big as a football field. There were dozens of velvet staircases scattered throughout, leading up and away to various mysterious hallways. At the end of the hall there was a massive waterfall flowing down into a sparkling pool... but blocking her view of that was a 7' tall, 600 lb. walking hulk with the face of a supermodel that still bore a strong resemblance to the John she knew. His uber body, absolutely brimming with power, was barely covered up by an XXXXXXXL magenta silk robe lined with various emeralds that sparkled like the sun.

Rachel Allen: Rachel felt to her back, her knees giving out from the sudden shock of reality shifting, and then the further sight of her boyfriend getting even more powerful. "Oh God, John...! Y-you're...!" She was completely overwhelmed, his mere presence reducing her to speechlessness.

John the Otter: John puffed out his chest once more, and Rachel could swear she felt a literal wave of power come off of him at the simple flex. He chuckled. "I'm aware we're on rather intimate terms, but that's *King* John, for your information," he grinned, reaching a large, strong hand down to help her up.

Rachel Allen accepted the offered hand, causing her whole body to spasm in pleasure just from his touch. "J-John...King John...what's different now? Y-you're so much bigger..."

Rachel Allen blushed. "Tell me how powerful you are...!"

John the Otter: John grinned, pulling her up to standing position once again and letting her see the glory before her... both him and his residence, of course. "Oh... so much is different. The country decided it was best to make me a king instead of a president... as two terms of leadership would not do me justice. Plus, any children I produce would obviously be quite powerful and of good standing," he smiled, adjusting his silk robes. "I pretty much get whatever I want by asking, but my net worth is $465 trillion dollars, as you can see by my luxurious mansion... which is one of 15 around the world. My intelligence is astronomically high, and my mental powers extend to telepathy and telekinesis. My list of accolades is a mile long..."

John grinned even wider. "And my record bench press is 100 million tons."

Rachel Allen: Rachel spasmed as another orgasm ripped through her, his presence and the knowledge of what he was driving her over the edge. "Oh GODDDDD!" She clung to him for support, although just being near him made her lighthearted. "K-King John...and I'm your...queen? Do we have any children...?"

John the Otter: John nodded, stroking Rachel as she clung to him, looking oh so protective... "Yup, that's you - Queen Rachel. We don't have any children yet... but that can easily be changed," the huge man chuckled. Rachel could easily feel the heat radiating from his cock as it pulsed under his robes...

Rachel Allen looked up at him, basking in his presence. She slowly reached a hand up and put it on the hem of his robe, finding the material to be almost impossibly soft. "You're so powerful..." She snuggled her head against his swollen arm, feeling utterly at ease. "I'm so happy you chose me to be your partner, John..." Her expression fell. "O-oh...please, can I call you that? I should have asked first..."

John the Otter: John chuckled, his eyes dazzling as he looked down at her. "Hmmm... I suppose so," he teased, patting her on the head. "You are my equal in love, if nothing else... as long as you continue to sing my praises," he smiled warmly. "I picked you for a reason, of course."

Rachel Allen: Rachel stared at John with adoration in her eyes. Love failed to describe the emotion she felt toward him. Worship wasn't strong enough. She was utter, totally his in every way. And deep down, it occurred to her that he could get even more powerful any time he wanted, and that turned her on more than anything. "O-of course I will. H-how could I not...? You're perfect."

John the Otter: "Eh... we've still got a ways to go," John winked at her forebodingly... just his gaze said so much about what he was planning to do, how he was feeling... but he was keeping himself composed at the same time. "You already know how amazing I am, and you haven't even seen me in action yet..."

Rachel Allen: Rachel nodded. "O-of course...please, show me what you can do...I love seeing how powerful you are!"

John the Otter: John chuckled. "Alright, I suppose I can think of something..."

Suddenly, a ringtone cut through the conversation, coming right from a pocket on John's luscious robes. He dug right into the right pocket, picking out the sleekest and most advanced looking phone Rachel had ever seen. "Hello? What is it? ... Building collapsing downtown? No problem, I'll be right there." John quickly hung up the phone and turned back to Rachel, looking as calm as ever. "Shall we?" Without even waiting for a response, he scooped the smaller woman into his huge, masculine arms, holding her close as he dashed out the door... at incredible speeds!

Rachel Allen: Rachel held onto John as tightly as she could, a little afraid despite the knowledge that he'd never drop her if he didn't want to. She watched as the landscape blurred around her as John ran faster than any vehicle she'd ever traveled in. "How fast are we going...?" She was able to pick out a few pieces of scenery as they practically flew through the city, spotting marble statues lined with diamonds depicting John's glory in a city that looked like a utopia. She wondered at the knowledge that he had probably built all of this.

John the Otter: "182 MPH," John replied factually as he dashed through the city. The man didn't even look winded! And he was expertly dodging everything that could have impeded his forward movement, too... "We should be reaching the problem area right about... now," John called out, stopping on a dime. Surprisingly, even Rachel felt fine after that sudden stop, no nausea at all.

There was a crowd of people loosely crowded around a tall skyscraper, at least 50 stories tall, whose foundation was clearly about to give way. Everyone looked quite nervous and frightened... that is, until John and Rachel showed up, at which point they all burst into applause. Some even fainted. John smiled brilliantly at the crows as he put Rachel down. "I'll just be a moment."

It happened to be the moment John got right up to the building that the major CRACK from the steel was heard, a bottom portion crumbling and giving way for the building to start falling right towards John. The huge man just smiled... and put one arm out. The falling building collided with him... and stayed still, relinquishing to the superior force. Everyone cheered as John simply pushed the enormous skyscraper back into position, hiding the crack amazingly well... and all in his pristine silk robes.

Rachel Allen watched the display of power in awe. Everything about him was so magnificent, from his supreme confidence to his huge muscles to his insane strength...and she realized he was only using a fraction of his full power. Looking around, she noticed that some of the people in the crowd were cheering for her too, and she smiled softly and waved, feeling insecure without her John nearby.

John the Otter: Luckily for her, John came right back to Rachel, holding her tightly at his side as he too waved to the happy people. "See, the people love you. You ARE considered the Sexiest Woman in the World for a reason, after all," he chuckled, suddenly giving her tits a nice groping.

Rachel Allen: She hugged him, missing being near him even for only a few moments. "But John...I-I'm really happy you think I'm beautiful, but...I know I'm not the sexiest woman in the world."

John the Otter: John raised an eyebrow, looking partially confused and partially concerned as he glanced down at her. "What do you mean, honey?"

Rachel Allen: Rachel looked up at him, a sense of fear and doubt filling her from the mere act of disagreeing with John. "I-It's just...I know I'm attractive, but there are plenty of women who look better than me...women with better figures, bigger breasts, more beautiful faces..."

Rachel Allen: "There were women at our college who were prettier than I am. Remember Sarah?"

John the Otter: "Mhm..." John didn't even bother giving a full response... but what he DID so was reach up and snap his fingers. Another wave of light came out and struck Rachel... but this time, she felt a lot of energy building up in her body. This time, she was able to see the changes as they occurred to her. Her breasts, already enormous in their own right, inflated outwards even further, big, round spheres of womanly flesh that seemed to defy gravity in every way. To support those, her whole muscle structure tightened up and expanded wonderfully, giving her the extremely cut look of a hardcore fitness model. Her waist shrunk, giving her the dream hourglass proportions as her rear and hips expanded with newfound mass and purpose. Finally, her face smoothed out and changed to be even more perfectly symmetrical, looking like an angel's.

"I won't have any woman of mine talking like that about herself, OK?"

Rachel Allen: Rachel slowly reached up and felt her face, then her arms, then her breasts. Tears filled her eyes as she processed what had happened, and she squeezed John that much harder with her newfound strength. "Oh, thank you, John...! Thank you for this wonderful gift!"

John the Otter: John just grinned, patting her on the head as he smiled warmly. "It's no problem, really. Now you are CLEARLY the sexiest woman... especially now that you can bench 10 tons," he chuckled, squeezing her firm bicep slightly. "Figured I'd give you a bonus for being such a loving wife..."

Rachel Allen flexed her arm a little. "I'm that strong...?" Separating herself from him, she moved over to a nearby car and put her hands underneath it, tensing as she lifted with all her might. She almost fell backward when she found it was nearly effortless for her. Carefully she put the vehicle back down and moved back over to John. "Wow...I guess this makes me the strongest woman on Earth." She kissed his arm softly. "I love you."

John grinned, running his fingers through her hair as he looked down at her. "I love you too..." He then leaned down, planting a kiss on her lips that was so casually sensual it was almost violent as the crowd around them erupted, some even coming to orgasm from the simple action of love. One might notice that some of the ornate statues of John that were standing around here and there now had Rachel with him, either flexing on her own or hugging him close. "You tell me, Ms. Olympia," John chuckled in response.

Rachel Allen: Rachel grinned at the crowd's reaction. Her newly enhanced body was better prepared for John's magnificent touch. It made her weak in the knees, but she wouldn't cum from just kissing him, now. "You're so amazing, John." She blushed, running a hand down his expansive chest. "Hey, why don't we head back home...? Maybe you can give me a better display of power in private..."

John the Otter: John grinned. "Sounds like my idea of a date night..." With a wave back at the crowd, he picked Rachel up once more and sped off back towards his private mansion. Now that they were on the outside of it, Rachel could see just how truly MASSIVE the place was... it was 10 stories high, and stretched further than the eye could see in either direction! They soon entered the house, John putting his Queen down on the floor gently. "Well, here we are. Private," he chuckled.

Rachel Allen: Rachel's face burned as she reached up, putting her hands on the hem of John's robe. "I want to see what you're hiding under there, baby." She tugged at the robe gently.

John the Otter: John grinned, looking down at her... and with a sudden RIIIIIIP, the man flexed his torso, the entirety of the robe snapping apart in an instant, falling to the ground in shreds. Now, in the privacy of their own home, John was able to show off his fully nude body - a rippling, impossible defined, hulking tanned body with a three foot cock standing at attention like the world's most sensual tree trunk. Only he could even support walking around with that thing...

Rachel Allen: Rachel felt her arousal build again, his naked form too much even for her enhanced body to look upon without effect. His cock was so powerful that she could actually feel it throbbing from a few feet away, now that it was free of its prison. She stepped forward and gently ran a hand up its length, the very act of touching it sending pleasure shuddering down to her core. "Incredible..."

John the Otter: Once she touched it, that cock roared to life and sprayed out a load of pre... one that many would assume was a full orgasm by itself, considering how it coated half the expansive hall in the sticky fluid. And yet John didn't even move a muscle. "I'm glad you enjoy it. Not many get to see this up close and in person..."

Rachel Allen: She moaned as the precum hit her full force, the scent filling her mind with an overwhelming lust, a need to be near him. Her open mouth had been blasted as well, filling her tongue with the most delicious, divine substance she had ever tasted. It was all she could do not to collapse right there in front of him. Swaying a bit, she steadied herself on his cock, causing another firehose-like blast of pre. She licked some of the thick, delicious substance off her hand, then ran a finger down John's magnificent abs, smiling up at him. "I hope no one else gets to see it this close. I am your wife, after all..."

John the Otter: John chuckled, his cock seeming to calm down just as quickly as it had started up... perfect muscle control. "Don't worry... you're the only one. If anyone else has seen it, it's in the porn videos I make where I jack myself off and sell them at auctions for millions of dollars. All for charity, of course..."

Rachel Allen: Rachel gave him a wicked look. "I'd love to star in one of those videos with you..." Rachel spotted a towel rack nearby and moved to clean herself off as best she could, finding the towels to be not only incredibly soft but also incredibly absorbent, only needing two to wipe down her entire body. Letting the precum-soaked rags fall to the floor, she stepped back over to him, running her hands up and down his muscled chest, feeling his swollen pecs and abs. "So, my King...what should we do next...?"

John the Otter: John grinned, feeling like a true king with his queen right there at his sides. "Well... as I'm sure you'd like to see... there are many more ways that I can show off to you," he smiled, pumping his chest up just a little bit, sending a wave of heat through the air from the simple gesture. "Physically, mentally... you name it. Or just rattling off my achievements, if that's what you'd like," he smiled.

Rachel Allen: Rachel sighed. "Mmm, John, show me how smart you are."

John the Otter: "Ooh, a challenge... I like it." Before she knew it, Rachel was being whisked away by John, heading down corridor after corridor to some destination she didn't know. Lining the walls were vases and other antiques that looked extraordinarily expensive... as well as portraits. Mostly of John. Meeting with other world leaders, participating in bodybuilding exhibitions, or even just carrying huge things... Eventually, John pulled his Queen into a room that seemed rather dark, yet expansive. "Well, let's start out with some easy stuff... just give me some math equations off the top of your head. Make the numbers as stupidly big as you want."

Rachel Allen: "What's the 17th root of 288,435,210.4358? What's 124,259,277,343 divided by 23,889?"

John the Otter: "3.1452118158935988 for the first one, 5,201,526.9514420863158776 for the second one," John rattled off so casually it was almost as if he had barely been listening. Sitting down at a table, he flipped her an advanced looking calculator in case she wanted to check. "Simple stuff, really. I could also show you my 28 bachelor's degrees and 16 advanced degrees if you'd like."

Rachel Allen: Rachel didn't bother to check his math, she knew he would be right. "That's so incredible, John...I can't even imagine how being that intelligent would feel...everything must seem so easy for you...!" Once again she found herself getting turned on by how utterly and completely powerful her husband was, as well as the knowledge that he could become even greater if he wished it...

John the Otter: "It's like... it's hard to put into words you'd understand... but you know the phrase 'as easy as taking a breath'? That's me doing everything. Complex math equations, writing a novel, conducting an orchestra, engineering a rocket... everything's almost subconscious at this point. And yet... still so exciting."

Rachel Allen: "Oh John, is there anything you can't do...?"

John the Otter: "Hm... well..."


This explosion of light was even more powerful than the last - despite the incredible increase in Rachel's durability, she found herself being slammed harshly to the ground, almost to the point of being knocked out. At the same time, she felt her own body transforming once again... a lot like when John morphed her, just a little bit more everywhere... bigger boobs and hips, harder and bigger muscles, the works. She couldn't have been in more than a bikini... and all this was becoming more clear as she stood back up, finding herself... in a chamber made almost completely out of solid gold and jewels, John standing before her - 7' 6", 800 pounds of muscles, and clad in an XXXXXXXXXXL platinum thong that still strained against what was held within. His power was so radiant is was almost overwhelming.

Rachel Allen: Rachel stared, lightheaded from the sudden shift, as well as John's ever-increasing majesty. She could see her reflection in a polished gold mirror nearby, and saw how much she had changed, her form taking on an almost unearthly quality, while John had...she nearly collapsed just looking at him. "Oh my God..."

John the Otter: "Basically," John replied matter-of-factly. "Some people debate whether or not I'm an ACTUAL god, but must would say I am, and either way I'm Supreme King of the Galaxy, so..." He shrugged his massive shoulders, the mere force from that seeming to heat up the air around them tenfold.

Rachel Allen: "John..." She was almost afraid to ask. "...How powerful are you, now?"

John the Otter: "Oh, almost immeasurably show. IQ tests are useless on me, since I've never been known to get anything wrong... I'm galactic champion of every physical activity there is... I can run at Mach 10 speeds, fly through space, go without breathing for 72 hours... and, of course, lift 800 quintillion tons."

Rachel Allen: Rachel approached him slowly, overawed by his presence. "A-and you're king of the galaxy...? And I'm you're queen?" She glanced at the room around her, taking in the opulence of the massive room, barely able to grasp a fraction of what he had become. "Are you still want me as your queen?"

John the Otter: John nodded, able to see her perfectly over his massive barrel pecs. "Of course I do. Much has changed, but my love hasn't," he smiled. "Like the room, by the way? It actually costs more than the next richest person will make in their entire lives..."

Rachel Allen: "I thought you were powerful before, John, but this..." She swallowed. "You're like a God!" She looked around the room. " have several more rooms just like it?"

John the Otter: John chuckled. "Yeah... this one's actually not that impressive, really. I've got rooms that are much bigger and better furnished. One's decorated with the entirety of the galaxy's supply of a jewel that can only be found deep in the crust of Venus. But that's not important," he smiled, sliding closer to Rachel. "It's really just about how happy you are." There was a large window in the room, giving both of them an immaculate view of the clear, serene night sky, full moon glowing largely in the distance...

Rachel Allen: Rachel's whole body heated up as John moved closer to her, and she stepped closer to him, as well, making her even hotter. "John...I can't describe to you how happy you've made me. Just being near you would be enough to make me the happiest woman in the universe, and knowing you love me makes me far happier than that." She wrapped her arms around one of his, barely able to get both her arms around the huge limb. As she squeezed she thought she could feel more power coursing through her arms than when she'd lifted the car, but she wasn't sure how much. "You've made me queen of the galaxy, and probably the strongest and most beautiful woman as well. How could I not be happy?" She stared out at the night sky, clinging to her lover.

John the Otter: John sighed contentedly, standing stalwart as he looked out at the dazzling sky with her. "I'm glad that you are... and you are definitely the strongest and most beautiful woman, no doubt about it... you're always at 1/10,000,000 of my strength, but that still means you're comfortable with lifting 80 trillion tons," he commented casually, seeing her squeeze against his arm. "And hell, that's why you're even able to be around me... When I go out in public, I have to wear protective clothing so that people don't orgasm themselves into a coma at the sight of me," he chuckled.

Rachel Allen: Rachel could understand that...his presence was nearly overwhelming, even for her. She looked down at her arms. She was built like a bodybuilder, but could she really lift 80 trillion tons...? Experimentally, she tried squeezing his arm with all her might, testing how much force she could apply. It didn't even budge a millimeter. "John, honey...thank you for sharing your power with me, but...I can't even imagine what that much weight would look like."

John the Otter: "Who needs to imagine? Follow me." With her still at his side, John let her out of the hall, down some stairs and through some of the new... well, palace. Every room seemed to be COVERED in expensive metals and jewels to an excessive amount, as well as a level of technology that seemed straight out of a sci-fi movie. Rached even spied a full aerospace engineering workshop! Eventually, though, John pushed his way through an ornate set of oak doors into a gym... and what a gym it was. Stretching the length and width of 20 football fields, there were weights and machines as far as the eye could see... and up. In a sight that was almost ludicrous to behold, Rachel saw that some of the weights stretched halfway to the large roof, unspeakable amounts of metal attached to bars that seemed to quiver themselves!

Rachel Allen: Rachel's awe continued to increase as she wandered through the halls of their palace, everything from the beauty to the size to the level of technology unimaginable for her old life, and she had John to thank for all of it. When they arrived in the gym, she looked around, finding a dumbbell rack that seemed to have modest sized weights on it. She picked up one that was labeled 10 tons, and found it to be completely trivial to lift, as though it weight nothing at all. Surprised, she tried heavier weights, going up to 20, 50, 100, and then 1000 tons, each time finding them so insignificant that they didn't even cause her to strain. "I'm so strong...!" She looked around for the larger machines so she could really test her strength.

John the Otter: "Like I said... strongest woman in the galaxy. Second strongest BEING in general next to me, actually," John chuckled as he watched her test herself out. He took the 1000 ton weight when she finally put it down... casually crumpling it down into a ball 3 cm thick before tossing it away. "Come on, you're selling yourself short. Those are the decorative weights I keep out for when politicians from other planets visit. You deserve a lot more..." John led her over to a lat pull-down machine with a digital readout, allowing one to artificially change the amount of weight it held. It appeared to go up to 999 trillion tons.

Rachel Allen: Rachel followed him to the machine, staring in wonder at the display. She set the machine for 40 trillion tons and grabbed the bar, pulling it as hard as she could. This time there was some resistance, and she felt her muscles swell with size and power as they flexed outward, but she could still lift the weight easily. Putting the weight back down, she looked over at John in awe. "I just lifted 40 trillion tons like it was nothing...! That's..." She thought about it for a moment, an answer coming to her. "That's enough strength to easily lift a mountain!"

John the Otter: John chuckled, looming over her with his huge body... and simply gesturing his impossibly beefy arm behind her. Following his direction, she could see that outside the window of the gym, there was an ACTUAL full mountain, all pristine-looking as it towered over even his immense palace. "I would say so..."

Rachel Allen: Rachel moved back to John's side, resting an arm on his chest. "And you're 10,000,000 times stronger than me..." She brushed her face against his chest, making her legs nearly give out from the jolt of pleasure. "You just keep getting more and more wonderful, John."

John the Otter: John chuckled, shrugging his massive shoulders a little bit. "Eh... when you get this powerful, a couple of zeroes don't mean much anyways," he teased, pulling her in tight. "Anything we should do today? I could make a decree that everyone has to jerk themselves off to you or something fun like that..." John smirked.

Rachel Allen: She smiled. "Are you sure that wouldn't make you jealous, husband?" She blinked. "When you say everyone, many people do we rule over, exactly?"

John the Otter: John grinned. "I'm not jealous at all... because I know better than I know anything else that I could have the ten hottest men in the galaxy worshiping the ground you walk on... and at the snap of my fingers you'd come running back to me," he smiled. "Oh, right, turns out the galaxy's way more expansive than humans thought back before this all started... it's about 534 trillion people in total."

Rachel Allen: "Mmmm." She smiled. It was beginning to sink in just how powerful she was becoming, at least compared to everyone else in existence but John. "I bet I could make them all cum just by giving them a sexy enough look. The men and the women. Does that sound fun?"

John the Otter: "Oooooooh, I don't think you can," John teased, giving her a winking smile. "Want to bet a billion dollars on it?" He paused with a smirk. "I'm being serious about that, by the way. That's pocket change for us."

Rachel Allen: Rachel considered that for a moment. "Sweetie, I don't think betting against you would be a smart decision."

John the Otter: "Have you considered that maybe I just want to give my loving Queen some gift money?" he replied with a chuckle. "But fine, it doesn't matter." John went over to the gym's wall, pressing a large red button on a panel. "Setting up a galactic broadcast in five minutes time."

Rachel Allen: Rachel grinned at him. "Are you really going to order everyone in the galaxy to stare at my pretty face so I can make them cum?" She started practicing, trying to look as sexy as she possibly could.

John the Otter: John gave a warm smile over to her, but otherwise was an expert in keeping control of himself. "Of course. And it's not like anyone doesn't want to - we have a 100% approval rating after all," he smirked.

Rachel Allen: Rachel thought about all the people who were about to be brought to orgasm just by her beauty...the sheer size and scope of what was about to happen. Like everything else with John, it was nearly beyond comprehension. Finding a mirror, she did some quick poses, finally finding one that even turned her on. "Alright, I'm ready for my close up, Mr. Galactic King."

John the Otter: "Alright then..." John hit another button on the panel, and suddenly a little drone with a camera on it popped out of a hole in the wall. It immediately flew towards Rachel, getting perfect framing of her as she stood there in the gym. "And... go." A little red light blinked on top of the drone, indicating that it was live.

Rachel Allen: Rachel smiled and waved. "Hello, everyone. This is your queen with a little gift for you. I hope you all enjoy~" With that, she struck a pose, making herself as seductive as she could, perfectly highlighting her beauty. She held it for a minute, then relaxed. "There you go! Hope you had fun." She nodded to John.

John the Otter: John nodded, and the light immediately switched off, the drone flying back into the wall. "I know your senses aren't as good as mine, but hopefully you picked up on at least a *little* of the very loud orgasming," he chuckled. "Should have taken my bet!"

Rachel Allen: Rachel shook her head. "No, I didn't. But I'll take your word for it, sweetie. You're right, I should have taken your bet." She jumped over to him, wrapping her arms around him in a hug that could crush boulders, a mini-orgasm surging through her as she touched him. "Oh, John, this is so wonderful! I love you so much..."

John the Otter: John hugged her back, making sure to be as delicate as he would be with anything else as he embraced her. "I love you too, honey... glad to have you along for the ride," he chuckled. "Anything you want to add to intergalactic politics while we're here?" he smiled, looking her right in the gorgeous eyes.

Rachel Allen: Rachel looked up at him, her blue eyes completely lost in his. "Oh, John, I'm sure whatever system you have set up is already completely perfect..."

John the Otter: John grinned. "Oh, well, there's always stuff we can add for fun... but I have already made a whole lot of improvements. My personal wealth is so immense that I basically gave out money for free and eradicated poverty, hunger, crime... all that stuff. Solved all the galaxy's problems, happiness went way up, health improved greatly... paradise everywhere you look."

Rachel Allen: Rachel smiled. "The whole galaxy is lucky to have someone as magnificent as you to watch over it."

John the Otter: John smiled right back. "Thank you... and they love me for it." The man then looked out over the great, wide expanse of the night sky... and thought. "You know... I almost feel like I could create some conflict... just to make something happen, y'know? Nothing too serious, just a way to show off," he grinned, looking back at Rachel.

Rachel Allen: Rachel nodded. "If it's what you want, sweetie, then you should do it of course."

John the Otter: John nodded. "Alright..."

Instantly, an alarm blared throughout the palace, a mechanical voice following right after it. "ALERT: TERRORIST ATTACK ON TRADE VESSEL IN SECTOR Z-970. ALERT: TERRORIST ATTACK ON TRADE VESSEL IN SECTOR Z-970..." And on and on.

John glanced over at Rachel and smirked. "Let's see where this goes." He went over and hit another button on the wall.... and instantly a white and gold spandex suit formed around his body, looking straight out of a superhero movie. "There's a faster-than-light travel pod in the next room over if you want to come and watch."

With that, John flexed his legs and JUMPED... sending out a sonic boom that threw even Rachel to the ground as he blasted through the glass window, flying up into the night sky at phenomenal speeds!

Rachel Allen: Rachel hurried to the pod John had indicated, her mind somehow understanding how to operate it without having seen it before, although that hardly surprised her at this point. She set the controls to follow John, then sat back and watched as it followed, streaking across the cosmos.

John the Otter: John made it out the correct sector with relative ease, and in fact, stopped right in front of the vessel that was the center of all this trouble. It was an incredibly large vessel that shined like silver, hovering lazily over the vast expanse of Jupiter, as it had been stopped by a large gang of pirates. There were at least 30 of them in total, all aliens, with the leader being a humanoid, relatively muscular red alien with sharp teeth and pointed ears. Most of the flunkies were unloading what looked like bright minerals onto their own ship. "Hurry it up, boys! We're gonna get paid huge for this!" the leader cackled out loudly.

Rachel Allen: Rachel followed John in her pod, it barely able to keep up with him, arriving several seconds after he did. She looked around at all the ships, amazed by their size and number, and stared as John stood their in the vacuum of space as if it was nothing.

John the Otter: John simply smiled, not seeming worried in the slightest as he floated on over towards the pirates. Of course, being the big man he was, he wasn't too hard to spot.

"Hey, isn't that-"

The short, weird-looking alien flunkie was cut off abruptly as John simply flexed up two immense, engorged biceps that only got more wildly beefy with his simple flex. A deafening, rumbling sonic boom emanated from the point of explosion, sending most of the pirates flying backwards at mach speeds off into the distance. Only the highly durable leader was able to stay on site, and even he was thrown back a good 1000 feet.


Rachel Allen: Rachel stared in amazement as John's flex was enough to defeat most of the pirates by itself. She moved her ship back a ways, discovering her vision was good enough that she could still see him quite well even from a considerable distance. "Oh, John, be careful..."

John the Otter: The lead pirate looked more enraged now than anything. He charged up to John recklessly, throwing a punch with incredibly swift speed... only for John to dodge out of the way so quickly even Rachel's enhanced vision didn't see it happen. John responded by bringing his own arm up... and placing his bicep under the pirate's chin.

He flexed.

The crack of the alien's jaw could be heard even from inside the pod, and for miles over as the pirate screamed out in pain, curling up rather feebly. John, still looking relatively nonplussed, grabbed onto his collar and lifted the helpless man up.

"As Supreme King of the Galaxy, I hereby charge you with piracy and grand theft. Have fun with that."

John then proceeded to unceremoniously flick his wrist... sending the pirate launching at intense speeds out into a particular direction of space, exiting even Rachel's vision in under 8 milliseconds.

Rachel Allen: Rachel watched with awe, feeling her whole body heat up again. She whispered, knowing he'd probably hear her even through the vacuum of space with his awesome power. "Sweetie, you're so amazing...but I miss being near you." She guessed the aliens would probably survive. If John had wanted them dead they would be.

John the Otter: Indeed, he did hear her, as the literal second she finished her sentence, he zipped right over to her, squeezing his way into the pod. She could feel the warmth from his body ripple throughout the space. "I'm back! Guess that could have been more exciting... but oh well," he shrugged.

Rachel Allen: Rachel leaned up against him, happy to be in his overwhelming presence. She giggled. "Oh, John, you're so powerful. I don't think anything could be exciting compared to you."

John the Otter: John grinned. "You always know how to woo me... so, shall I take my lovely lady back home, see what else she might want," he chuckled down at her her with a little wink thrown in for good measure.

Rachel Allen: Rachel snuggled up against John's hard muscles. "Oh, baby...I don't care where we go as long as I'm with you. But if it's what you want, I'd be happy to..." She blushed.

John the Otter: "We'll see what happens..."

Suddenly, to Rachel's surprise, John disappeared from her sight in the blink of an eye... but then, she felt the pod start to move, despite her not touching the controls. With a look out the window, she could see that John was pushing the pod as he flew along... and that it was going faster than it normally would because of it! They were re-entering the atmosphere in no time, and Rachel was able to finally get a real good look at Earth. A few reality shifts ago, it looked like a utopia to her - now, it looked like heaven, everything gleaming and shining white, statues and posters of John (and sometimes her) on every street corner, everyone beautiful and happy as they went about their days. The capital city was ENORMOUS, easily 10 times the size of New York City!

Rachel Allen: Rachel gasped. "Wow, John...this is amazing! Is the whole planet like this?" She looked, her enhanced senses able to make out more detail than she would have before, and saw that the technology level was far beyond that of her old world, with flying cars and giant computers and endless sources of energy. She was even able to make out pictures of her and John, together or apart. It seemed she was revered almost as much as he was.

John the Otter: "Yup. I erased poverty, after all, so even sub-Sarahan Africa is full of sprawling metropolises. Only took a few months for me to invent and engineer the technology to make it all possible." In fact, most of the things people were watching on their phones or computers were of her or John, like his wildly popular speeches or her photo shoots... or even his masturbation sessions!

Rachel Allen: "Oh, John, you're so wonderful! You have all this power and you use it to help make everyone's lives better." If anything, she loved him even more now than before. She smiled. "And to think, all of this from that lamp you found..."

John the Otter: John grinned as he flew the pod back towards their palace. "It's crazy, huh? I'm already more powerful physically and mentally than the genie was... and there's still so much yet to go..."

Rachel Allen: "You mean...there's more? This isn''re going to get even more powerful...?" Her whole body heated up at the thought that John could be any more perfect than he already was. "That's...How much more powerful will you become...?"

John the Otter: John finally flew her back down into palace, opening the door of the pod once it was secured in. "Oh, this is just a tiny drop in the ocean of possibilities... take your concept of infinity and multiply it by a billion... then you might be getting close."

Rachel Allen: Rachel tried to think about what that would look like...she had no idea. She stepped out of the pod and resumed her place by John's side. "That's almost too incredible to think about...and you're going to keep me by your side...?"

John the Otter: John grinned. "Of course! What reason have I to replace you? You're just going to keep getting better and better, after all..." he chuckled. "You're already so physically and mentally brilliant."

Rachel Allen: Rachel shook her head. "Oh, no, John, I'm nothing compared to you."

John the Otter: "If you're comparing yourself to me, that's always a losing battle," he chuckled. "Think of yourself as the most amazing woman to have ever graced the galaxy..." John smiled, bringing her in for a warm, loving embrace.

Rachel Allen: Rachel returned the hug, wrapping her arms around his chiseled body. Being this close to him, held in his embrace, made her shudder. His body was so majestic, so strong, that she was getting more turned on with each passing second, her body heating up against him. "I'm so lucky you chose me,'re so wonderful."

John the Otter: "Mhm..."


The heat, arousal, and passion only grew exponentially as reality shifted once more, feeling even more powerful than the last time. Rachel's vision only became more and more filled with tanned human flesh of the super strong variety... both hers and John's. While his record-shattering chest prevented her from seeing a lot of him, she was able to feel her own changes inside of herself... power beyond belief, boobs big enough to be the world's best pillows, a super-bodybuilder body, looks better than any model... any IDEA of a model... a brain that was so supercharged she was calculating so much without even thinking about it... and a royal bikini that made her FEEL like a trillion dollars just by wearing it.

Rachel Allen: Rachel picked herself up, her super-powered brain effortlessly taking stock of herself and her surroundings while most of her attention was fixed on John. She knew she was far more beautiful, stronger, smarter, and all around better than she had been a moment before, although she wasn't sure by exactly how much, and she knew at the same time that John was at least that much more powerful than he had been. Just being near him threatened to overwhelm her, as though he was a hurricane packed down into a 10 foot form. It was only her super-enhanced body and mind the let her be near him. "J-John...what are you now...?"



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