A Universe of Magic: Chapter 1

Trigger warning: allusion to rape


They're beginning to wonder.

"What's out there?"

"Is this all there is?"

"Is information being withheld from us?"

I've kept them at bay for millennia now. Dodged their questions.

They're my children. They were... mistakes, I admit, but they're still my children! They've never known what life is like outside the modest reserve I made for them. I've always treated them well, let them live comfortably... but there's only so much I can do for them. There's a whole universe out there that I'm sheltering them from. What gives me the right to do that?

Besides, I don't think I can keep them confined much longer, even if I wanted to. They may, at some point, become capable of overpowering even me.

I didn't want to let them roam free because they don't know right from wrong. I feared they'd wreak havoc on the universe's inhabitants...

Unless... I find people to help them! Guide them, teach them right from wrong. I think I'm onto something here. These people would need to be very good-hearted... and wield some tremendous power, just to keep up with them. Well, in this universe of magic, I'm sure I can turn something up.

I just hope they can understand where I'm coming from...


...and that they won't hate me for my poor judgement.




Where am I? Space?

There's a person before me.

Who is that? A woman?

Her hair looks like it's part of the starfield behind her. She's wearing space itself like a... like a robe. It's like the universe bends to her.

My god, the power she must have at her command... it just boggles my mind.

Who is she? A queen? An empress?

No. A goddess. No other word gets even close to describing a being so powerful, so omnipotent, so Junoesque, so...




Chateau Studio Toranomon, apartment 708
Toranomon 3-Chome, Minato, Tokyo, Japan
Monday, April 10, 2017
7:00 AM

Tsubasa Iwayama woke up to the sound of the alarm on her phone and immediately felt a familiar wetness in her panties. She sighed. This was starting to get annoying.

Of course, I'm soaked down there, she thought. I had that dream again.

After silencing the alarm and climbing out of bed, she removed her wet panties, tossed them into a hamper with just shy of a dozen that had met a similar fate, and put on clean ones.

Maybe I should buy some more underwear. The rate I'm going through them lately, I won't have any clean ones left soon. Having more would be easier than doing laundry more often. I can't blame myself, though. That was quite an arousing dream. Why wouldn't it be? I basically dreamed of having sex with the perfect woman. For all I know, I was masturbating in my sleep. Wouldn't be the first time.

She began her morning routine. The quiet in her apartment was all too familiar to her. Her parents had very busy, active jobs. They agreed it would be easier if she just lived on her own. They had deemed her plenty mature to handle that level of independence and she quickly proved them right. The only thing both she and her parents neglected to consider was how lonely living alone could get. Considering her parents were covering the entire rent themselves and the apartment was pretty nice, she felt bad about complaining about it, so she opted to just put up with it.

It was 7:27 AM. Her train to school was scheduled to arrive in fifteen minutes--plenty of time, given how close she lived to the station.

Glasses are straight, uniform is on, bag on shoulder, contents are present--train pass, phone, key, and wallet all in my bag and where they should be--pantyhose are straight, and shoes are on. All good--time to head out.

After a brief elevator ride down to the ground floor of her apartment building, she stepped outside to the wonderful April weather. The trees lining the road were filled with cherry blossom petals, fluttering down and accumulating on the ground. Tsubasa smiled, as she usually did coming outside at this time of year. She felt lucky to have even just a modicum of cherry trees right next to where she lived. They were no Ueno Park, but she loved them all the same.

It may be lonely at my apartment, living by myself and all, but dare I say this view alone makes it all worth it!

She had a bit of a walk to get to Onarimon Station, passing by the similarly named junior high and elementary school along the way. Once in the underground station, she navigated through the maze of concrete to find the northbound Mita Line train. This was her second year both living at her apartment and attending Shirayuki Girls' High School, so this was all routine to her by now.

As usual for this time of morning, the train was crammed with people--students and adults commuting to school and work. A fair portion of them was clad in the same white blazers of Shirayuki High that Tsubasa was wearing.

Tsubasa made momentary eye contact with a fellow Shirayuki High student, her crush: Nozomi Saotome. More like a lady than a girl, she practically defined the standards for beauty, intelligence, and kindness within Shirayuki High School. As a result, she was one of the most popular girls on campus.

As such, it went without saying that she was also completely out of Tsubasa's league. The only reason Tsubasa even maintained her crush was because Nozomi was openly gay. Tsubasa broke contact before Nozomi could do anything in response. She lowered her head in embarrassment.

I don't know why I bother. Everyone else loves her. Everyone else has the courage to confess their love to her. Everyone else has normal libidos they don't have to keep absolutely under control whenever they're in public. If I wasn't completely holding back right now, if my self-control wasn't as ironclad as it is, I'd push my way through the crowd to her like a badass and tell her just how much I love her. She'd reveal she's always felt the same about me, and we'd make love like sea otters right then and there until sunset. I bet she wears black underwear--like she's actually really sexually experienced and just hiding it under a veil of purity. Hey, it might even feel better with everyone watching us... who knows? The only way to find out is to try, right? It would probably be the best experience of my life, letting myself loose on a person as sexy as her...

...But I'd also be arrested in a heartbeat for indecency and spend the rest of my days incarcerated and... probably saturated with regret. I... hm. If I'm thrown in jail, them surely she would be, too-- No, no. Come on, Tsubasa. You know full well you don't have the guts to make love to anyone on a busy train, so stop thinking about it! Besides, I can only see a tiny bit of her pink hair from here. There's no way I could get to her, anyway.

At 7:59, the train arrived at the stop closest to Shirayuki High--right on schedule. She, Nozomi, and a handful of other girls clad in white blazers departed and gradually moved in the direction of the school. Tsubasa was in the minority of these students, in that she wasn't taking her time talking with friends. Socialization didn't come naturally to her as it did to her peers.

She wasted no time in entering the building. Given how early it was, the halls were remarkably quiet. After switching into her red-trimmed indoor shoes, Tsubasa stopped, held her breath, spun in a circle on her heel with her arms out, and let her breath out with a satisfied smile.

Today's gonna be a good day! I can feel it!

Her pleasure didn't last long, as she visibly flinched after hearing hushed whispering and giggling from two people behind her. Feeling her cheeks redden, she slowly turned around, only to find the source of the sound--two third-years thoroughly engrossed in their conversation--didn't seem aware of her presence. Tsubasa sighed and headed over to her classroom, Class 2-D.


After homeroom and four classes, lunch began. Tsubasa watched Nozomi take her bento and leave the classroom.

That's been a regular thing with her since last year. I wonder where she goes every day.... Maybe she has a friend in another class? I wish she'd stay here sometimes. I'd like to eat with her, talk with her, get to know her. Although, at the same time, if I were given that opportunity, I wouldn't know how to act and would end up wasting it and likely make a fool of myself along the way.

She sighed and got out her bento. Meanwhile, the trio from Class 2-E often affectionately dubbed ReiMiKo strolled into the room and moved to the desks surrounding Tsubasa's.

"Yo Tsubasa," Rei Mitsubachi, de facto leader of the trio, said with a jaunty salute.

"Hi Rei," Tsubasa replied.

"Tsu-chaaaaaaan!" a jovial voice rang out, originating from the substantial and robust Chieko Yamamoto. She crouched down next to Tsubasa's desk and gave her a truly immense hug. Tsubasa wasn't fast enough to avoid asphyxiation from Chieko's similarly immense bust. She attempted to utter a greeting to Chieko, but was fairly certain her voice was too muffled to be heard.

"Come on, Chi-chan," Rei pulled Chieko away. "I'm always telling you not to kill the poor girl."

Chieko giggled. "Sorry, Tsu-chan!"

She is so adorable... which is a strange sentiment for a girl who could probably kill someone by accident with those tight hugs and gigantic mammaries of hers.

"Huh?" Kami Kojima looked around the room, as if she had abruptly teleported there. "Wh-when did we get here?"

"About a minute ago!" Chieko happily chirped.

"Kami, pay attention," Rei scolded. "We only have so much time to eat lunch!"

"Uh, wait... Lunch?" Kami stammered. "Um-- I..."

"You forgot yours in the classroom?"

Kami nodded as her cheeks became increasingly red.

Rei sighed. "Go get it. But we're starting without you!"

Kami nodded again and hurried out the door.

"I swear," Rei muttered. "That girl wouldn't remember where she lives if it weren't for me!"

Tsubasa added a quiet "Thank you for the food", to avoid disrupting the conversation.

"Oh, you're just exaggerating, Rei-chan," Chieko said.

"I think it's kind of cute," Tsubasa commented timidly. "You know, like she's an absent-minded professor."

She was apparently too quiet, as the conversation had already moved on. Tsubasa sighed a little.

After making a noticeable dent in the fried rice compartment of her bento, she let her eyes wander across the room before finally settling on the abundantly Japanese Keiko Tanaka and her friend, the half-Japanese, half-American transfer student Chelsey Mizushima.

The two of them hit it off before the first day of school ended last year, if memory serves.

"Hey, Keiko-chan," Chelsey said. "I noticed this a while ago, but... you kinda look like a... well, a...."

Keiko looked up from her food at Chelsey. "Like a what?"

Chelsey giggled awkwardly. "Um... sorry, it's kinda silly. I was gonna say you look kinda... fox-faced."

All her usual calmness left Keiko's face in an instant, rendering her startlingly serious--offended even. Startled herself, Chelsey stammered, "Ah--please don't misunderstand, though! I meant that to be a compliment! You're very pretty!"


Very nervous, Chelsey hazarded a "Y-y-yes?"

"Are you saying I'm a... kitsune or something?"

Chelsey sputtered, "W-well, I suppose that's the traditional Japanese way of looking at it, but I wasn't trying to imply anything of the sort!"

Unfazed, she gestured for Chelsey to move closer. As Chelsey did so, Keiko continued the gesture, prompting Chelsey to continue. In no time, they were close enough to kiss. Keiko's gesturing moved to the side, so Chelsey turned her head away, letting Keiko whisper into her ear.

"You're right!"

There was no denying that Chelsey was shocked.

"WHAT?!" she exclaimed, instinctively bolting out of her seat. All the other conversations in the room paused for a moment--one that felt very long and awkward to her. She eventually sat back down and began furiously whispering.

"Th-th-that's so amazing! I don't think I've ever met someone like that before! I mean, at the very least they've never told me! Is the right term yōkai? A-are there others like you? D-do you have a tail?"

She peered under her desk to look underneath Keiko's skirt.

Is... is she opening her legs for me? I... oh, man alive, I don't think I've ever appreciated pantyhose more than I do right now.... Wait! Stay focused, Chelsey! Tails! You're looking for fox tails... and there aren't any, so.

Chelsey came back up, not noticing the sly smirk on Keiko's lips.

"Hm... what about ears?" Chelsey continued. "I think I would've noticed if you had fox ears! Can you make them appear and disappear at will?"

She gasped.

"Is it the same thing with your tail?"

She gasped again.

"Oh my god, you'd look so cute with fox ears and a tail!" She squealed a little. "Is it-- is it true that fox ears are more sensitive? Is it exciting you, me whispering like this? Like ASMR?"

Keiko, who had remained unfazed throughout Chelsey's ramblings, finally spoke up. "Not particularly. But then..."

She moved in towards Chelsey's ear again.

"You're not the expert here."

Chelsey froze as a shiver of pleasure ran down her spine. Stunned, she leaned back in her chair, noticeably redder than she was a moment ago. She somehow managed to utter a sound.

"No... no, I'm not."

Tsubasa never quite grasped how they remained so close, but she found herself somewhat envious anyway.

I mean, I enjoy eating with ReiMiKo, but I tend to feel a little overwhelmed being around a bunch of people at once, even if I know them and they're nice and all. Keiko and Chelsey have a nice, one-on-one relationship... if an odd one. I kinda wish I could have something like that. There's also the fairly obvious fact that they're in love with each other. That's the most envious part.

"Say," Rei said. "I heard online that one of those magical girls stopped one of those, uh... the, uh..."

Rei wracked her brain, trying to remember exactly what they were called.

"Creature... things... from attacking a bank."

"What would they want with money?" Chieko asked.

Rei chuckled. "I said attacking, not robbing. They just strolled in and started fighting people. I heard only a few seconds passed until a magical girl showed up and took care of the situation, easy."

"It sounds a bit too sensationalist for me," Kami commented. Tsubasa didn't notice her come back.

"And they're called Alius," she continued. "It's derived from Latin, meaning 'other' or 'another'. Though, in Latin, it's an adjective."

"Wow, Kami-chan! You're so smart!" "Wow, Kami--you're so smaaaart," Chieko and Rei responded simultaneously.

"Thank you, and fuck you," Kami replied, pointing at Chieko, then Rei.

"Oh, you know we love you," Rei added with a smirk.

Kami simply responded with a vague, difficult-to-read smile.


After lunch, during math class, Tsubasa's eyes felt itchy, so she closed them to give them a rest... only to find the sexy space lady from her recurring dream before her.

Were... were her breasts that large last time? Tsubasa managed to form a coherent thought before everything starting getting hazy. The woman's sleeveless button-down dress shirt was very tight against her chest--it had to be uncomfortable. So she snapped her fingers, causing it--and the rest of her clothes, shockingly enough--to vanish. She either wasn't wearing underwear to begin with, or it vanished along with the rest of her clothes, since she was now completely naked. It wasn't until this moment that Tsubasa realized just how tall this woman was, as she was now practically towering over her.

Thoroughly rattled, Tsubasa attempted to open her eyes and be rid of the ridiculously sexy visage, but, much to her confusion, it persisted.

What the hell...?

The literally perfect woman looked very horny. Those brilliant blue eyes of hers made eye contact with Tsubasa with a look of agonizing sensuality. Ever so slowly, ever so seductively, she approached her. This triggered an abrupt surge of pressure to build within Tsubasa. Her breathing quickly became ragged.

Sitting just to her left, Nozomi apparently noticed Tsubasa's quiet fit and leaned over.

"Iwayama-san?" she whispered. "Are you okay?"

Bleary-eyed, Tsubasa's eyes shot open and turned toward Nozomi. Now it looked like Nozomi was stark naked, rife with desire, and approaching her. Tsubasa started shaking.

Oh god. It's happening. I'm gonna wind up jumping her bones if I don't get out of here right fucking now!

Barely even thinking about it, Tsubasa grabbed her bag and bolted out the door. She ran into the nearest restroom. Fortunately, it was empty. She opened the first stall she saw, entered, and immediately locked it.

Hanging her bag on a hook, she leaned against the stall door and let out a huge sigh.

What do I do? I'm basically in heat right now, for lack of a better term. If I don't do something soon, I'll die! Well, I'm alone. I took my bag with me, so as far as my classmates are concerned, I'm just having a panic attack or something. Or my period, maybe. Perfectly normal, nothing to see here. Move along, move along.

It occurred to her just how quiet it was in the restroom.

My, there really is no one around here. I could get away with masturbating right now, couldn't I? Oh my god, what am I thinking?! I can't believe that actually sounds like a good idea! Oh... fuck it! Beggars can't be choosers! I'll do my best to be silent.

She dropped her skirt, pantyhose, and panties and sat down on the toilet seat. It felt so wrong to do this in a public place. She shook her head vigorously, vehemently denying that sort of thinking. Her glasses nearly fell off her face. Suddenly fearing breaking them, she took them off and set them down on top of the toilet paper dispenser.

I'm not going to make a sound. I don't care what it takes--I can't make a sound. As far as anyone else is concerned, I'm not even in here. The quicker I start, the quicker I finish. Now let's do this.

She began by rubbing her vulva's surface indiscriminately with her fingers--tiny circular motions with plenty of sustained force. She kept at it as her hand started to ache. Once the pain became too great, she switched to her other hand, leaving no span of time where she wasn't stimulating herself. Instead of continuing to rub the surface, she started pushing into the vagina with three fingers, arching them inward in search of her G-spot. Her pleasure quickly intensifying was a dead giveaway that it didn't take long for her to find it. As the point of no return approached, her hand added the earlier gyration to the thrusting. While doing this, she pressed her palm against the hood of her clitoris.

Deeper. Faster. Harder. She was starting to really get into this! She shut her eyes and let her mind go blank--let her body move on its own. Nothing but pleasure....

As she arrived at the final stretch, she found a hidden reserve of strength somewhere within. She pushed even harder, even faster. It felt like she had the energy to continue on and on like this indefinitely.

Despite that, however, her nervous system finally exploded into a single orgasmic frenzy, shooting wonderful pleasure through her body like a barrage of fireworks.

At that same moment, someone entered the restroom. Tsubasa let out a terrified gasp before covering her mouth with her hands out of instinct. It wasn't until she was touching her face that she remembered what she was just doing with her hands--they were damp with vaginal fluid, naturally.

Oh god! Gross!

Opting instead to keep her lips as painfully tight as possible, she fumbled over to the toilet paper dispenser and did what she could to clean her hands with it. She refrained from replacing her glasses until after her hands were satisfactorily dry. She had to breathe somehow, so she switched to her nose, making each breath painfully slow and quiet.

Whoever entered the restroom took care of business like normal. As far as Tsubasa could tell, they weren't even aware she was there.

Okay... that one was really something... though it may just be my heart still pounding from when that other person came in... Either way... wow, what a rush!

As the other person flushed their toilet, exited the stall, washed their hands, and left, Tsubasa let herself relax somewhat. As she came down from the high of her orgasm, she found herself still unsatisfied.

Oh, you've gotta be kidding me! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME?! I put my all into that orgasm--not to mention was nearly found out!--and you're telling me that's not enough?!

She considered telling the teacher about her predicament.

Oh, what would I say? "I would like to leave early today. I'm afraid I'm in heat; my libido has become insatiable within the last half hour and I probably need medical attention."? No, that's a disaster waiting to happen. I see little alternative to simply leaving school and heading home, despite how much I don't like the idea.

She put her panties back on and pulled her pantyhose and skirt back up to her waist. With a few squares of toilet paper in hand, she hesitantly opened the stall door.

She approached the mirror and found she looked a little rattled, but it wasn't obvious that she had just masturbated. She decided to just avoid getting close to anyone until she got home and hope for the best.

After disposing of the toilet paper and washing her hands and face, she exited the restroom and hurried left, toward an out-of-the-way stairwell.

I don't know how many higher powers up there can hear me right now, but I'm requesting the attention of everyone who can. So... God? Christ? Buddha? Muhammad, Zarathustra, Amaterasu, Uzume, Inari Ōkami, Izanami, Izanagi, Isis, Freyja, Athena, Poseidon, Frigg, Odin, and... and... I dunno, Lovecraft? Please, please please please please PLEASE. Let me get home without incident. I would really, really, really, REALLY appreciate it. I realize I have nothing to offer to the likes of supreme beings, their sons, gods of thunder, and great august kamis. But consider this: I've done nothing against any of you. I'm just a girl who's gotten herself caught up in what I hope to be just a temporary bout of persistent genital arousal disorder. If you're all the kind folks that your stories have made you out to be, surely you'll at least hear me out.


This felt wrong--a different kind wrong compared to masturbating in a school restroom stall. Tsubasa wasn't sure which was worse. She wasn't a truant. What if she got caught?

I think my parents would be fined. Course, I live on my own, so who knows how that might influence things. I just have to hope and pray to all those gods that no one thinks too much about my being out and about.

As Tsubasa got off the train at Onarimon Station, she noticed someone: a girl--from another school, judging by the uniform. Her skin was noticeably darker than average--most likely a fake tan--and her huge, flowing hair appeared to be bleached golden blonde with pink dyed highlights. She had several colorful beaded bracelets on one wrist, and a purple scrunchie on the other. A black one tied a bunch of her hair into a large sidetail. Her enormous breasts pushed against her half-unbuttoned uniform shirt. Her ribbon dangled just about at the bottom of her cleavage, as if accentuating it. She had a pink sweater tied around her waist and her shirt sleeves rolled up. Her skirt was raised to an almost dangerous degree. There were mere centimeters covering her panties--a light breeze would be enough to expose them.

This girl was a grade A gyaru. Tsubasa found her undeniably sexy, even just standing there drinking Starchild coffee.

She seemed to notice Tsubasa's staring and waved her over. Terrified, Tsubasa hesitantly complied and walked over to her.

I don't have time for this! I am in multiple heaps of trouble and this is one I can easily avoid! Why am I still walking towards her?! I need to get home! What am I doing?!

"Yo," the gyaru said once Tsubasa had gotten close enough.

"Yes, hi!" Tsubasa sputtered a little too loudly. She blushed and prayed that she didn't draw anyone's attention. "How... how may I help you?"

"Are you alright?" the gyaru asked as she brushed a lock of hair out of her face, not helping Tsubasa's ongoing arousal crisis even slightly. "You look distracted. Stressed."

"Ah, um..." Tsubasa sputtered. "Yeah, th-that'd be an accurate assessment. Listen, I'm a little pressed for time--not to mention kinda sorta leaving school early without permission due to forces entirely beyond my control--so I'd like to just make a frantic beeline home, if you don't mind!"

"Oh!" The gyaru raised her eyebrows. "I see. Well, I'll leave you to it, then. Hope you don't get caught! If you want to hang out sometime, I'll be..." She made a nebulous gesture with her coffee cup. "Around. Oh, my name's Erika, by the way. Later!"

She sauntered off. Tsubasa hurried towards the station's exit, putting her entire focus into simply moving as fast as she could, struggling to keep her arousal in check.

I feel like I'm approaching the grasp of a black hole of arousal... If I hit the event horizon, I'll completely lose control of myself. Point of no return, indeed.... She was nice, though--that Erika-san girl. Not at all what I would've expected from a gyaru, especially one as remarkably beautiful as her. She said she'd be... around, so maybe I should try looking for her. Of course, after the current fiasco has been resolved!

I suppose, if that event horizon thing does happen, my best bet would be to find someone around here who's willing to fuck an anxious high schooler senseless. ...God, I do not like that prospect at all. Let's just focus on getting my ass home, and we'll cross that bridge if we get to it!


The instant Tsubasa unlocked the door to her apartment, she stepped inside, immediately shut the door behind her, and locked it. She dropped her bag in the genkan and shut the blinds in the main room. She then entered her bedroom, removed her glasses, closed the window and shut the blinds in her room, then stripped down naked.

It was finally time. She was at home, in private. She could pleasure herself without reservation!

I'll cum so hard that whatever's wrong with me is just forced out!

Tsubasa leapt onto her bed and reached into a compartment of her nightstand mostly hidden by her bed. She pulled out a purple rabbit vibrator, unique for being remarkably powerful and versatile. She wasted no time in turning on the vibration and rotation at their highest settings and plunging it into her vagina. She was already plenty wet down there, which was fortunate, as her supply of lubricant was low. She gasped as the space between the rabbit ears was filled by her clitoris. The ears vibrated horizontally against it with an intensity that never failed to surprise her. Her free hand gravitated to a bared breast and started groping it with abandon.

The vibration felt wonderful, especially from the rabbit ears. Waves of pleasure radiated from between her legs to every extremity of her body like an earthquake. The rotation rolled massage beads around to provide vaginal stimulation, while the tip vibrated intensely to attack the G-spot with an onslaught of pleasure. The harder she pressed, the better it felt.

Under normal circumstances, she would have stopped at about this point and gave herself time to relax. In her current state of mind, however, she was much more interested in keeping at it, reaching several downright explosive orgasms along the way. None of them proved to be enough, though. She kept going, not even taking the time to revel in the powerful ongoing stream of pleasure.

Before long she was a sweaty, panting mess, unable to perceive much more than the white-hot ecstasy permeating her entire body. Yet she still yearned for more. She needed more.

She was getting sick of being unable to satisfy herself. A frustration-induced second wind came to her as she shoved the vibrator harder, faster into her vagina. If she wasn't about to lose her mind attempting to rid herself of her perpetual arousal, she would have worried about possibly injuring herself or damaging the vibrator. At this point, though, she didn't particularly care about either.


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