A Universe of Magic: Chapter 2

Trigger warning: allusions to rape


Tsubasa's eyes gradually fluttered open to see a vast starfield. She was lying in a luxurious bed, underneath warm, thick black sheets with an intricate metallic trim, reflecting the twinkling stars above. She was naked, which didn't strike her quite as odd as it might to someone else in the same situation. She had stripped down naked to masturbate earlier, after all.

The bed was profoundly comfortable, somehow--she couldn't place why. As it also served to cover herself, she was quite content to remain where she was. She looked around and realized the starfield extended in all directions, even where the floor should have been.

This wasn't her room. This wasn't her bed. And this was most definitely not where she was earlier.

"Where am I?" Tsubasa asked no one in particular.

A feminine voice laughed. "That's kind of a long story," she replied. "You're actually in deep space.... buuuuuuuut I get the feeling you're going to find that hard to believe, seeing as you're able to, uh... you know, not die."

"Yes, you're right on that point..." Tsubasa agreed. "What's going on? Am I dreaming?"

"Sort of?" The voice seemed unconfident in her answer.

If I was able to ask that and not wake up, then maybe this is a lucid dream. While this does feel different than a regular dream, I don't know enough about lucid dreaming to know if that's what this is.

"Why am I here?"

The owner of the voice came into Tsubasa's field of vision. She was statuesque, tanned, and muscular--not quite enough to be a bodybuilder, but definitely enough to convey an abundance of physical strength. Her eyes were two slightly different shades of blue--both so brilliant that they glowed in the darkness of space. She was clad in a sleeveless white dress shirt hugging a pair of tremendous breasts, stopping right before her navel. It was just translucent enough to let her firm, toned abs show through, as well as her conspicuous lack of underwear. Her snug blue yoga pants went on and on before finally tapering off at her ankles, revealing bare feet. Her entire body pulsed with the energy of countless stars, nebulae, and galaxies of infinite colors and sizes, confirming without a doubt the identity of this woman.

"It's you!" Tsubasa sputtered.

"It's me! ...Er, it is? Have we met somewhere?"

"I keep seeing you! Dreams, daydreams--hallucinations, maybe! I really don't know at this point! You're that literally perfect woman plaguing my subconscious! Because of you, I had to bolt out of class to masturbate in a bathroom stall! Then I was forced to play hooky and sneak home, only to find that I couldn't satisfy myself anymore, no matter how hard I tried! I can't function like this! Who are you, anyway?! What are you, for that matter?! What's going on here?!"

The woman nodded her head slowly as recognition came to her. "I see, I see. Well, to start off, I'm terribly sorry about that. Sometimes my power is so vast that its effects occur in adjacent times. I assure you it won't happen again. Or, at least, if it does, I'll put a stop to it before you even notice it."

"Well, that doesn't quite make it all alright, but... w-wait, what? H-how is that even possible?"

"It's... complicated."

"I can imagine. A-anyway, who are you?"

"My name is Oaeire Brio Vyrasia ara Toth'lesna. I'll admit, it's customary in my culture to use one's full name in most circumstances, but it's... probably a mouthful to you, yeah? One of the downsides of this verbal communication you humans use. Well, anyway... you can call me Oaeire, but I'm not especially picky about what you call me, just as long as it's not unnecessarily long and/or profound. As for what, I'm a being native to what you may be familiar with as the tenth dimension."

"A-alright then... Oaeire from the... the t-tenth dimension..." Tsubasa replied, a little unnerved. "Why am I here, then?"

Oaeire's expression and tone became serious. "You're here, Tsubasa Iwayama, because I have an offer for you."

Tsubasa was only momentarily surprised this woman knew her name. If she was capable of everything else she had encountered of late, then simply learning her name would be child's play.

Keeping calm as best she could, she replied, "An offer? Like what?"

"I've been keeping an eye on a great many young people not unlike yourself: good people, good moral compasses. You see, there are otherworldly creatures called Alius that roam your planet and oftentimes wreak havoc. They don't know better."

"Alius... Kami mentioned that term at school earlier today. Given what was discussed, I can believe that."

"Someone has to teach them right and wrong--guide them, discipline them, keep them in line."

"And..." Tsubasa inferred. "I'm such a person?"

"Yes. Or, at least, you will be, if you accept my offer, which is this: become a magic user and keep the Alius in line if they cause trouble. As long as you can do that whenever the time comes, you will be free to use your powers however you wish, with only a few lenient restrictions."

Tsubasa let this sink in. "You... you're serious."


"You want me to become a magical girl?"


Tsubasa couldn't resist laughing. "I-I'm sorry, it's just that you're a little late!"

"You lost me."

"Well, magical girls are always middle schoolers, aren't they? Middle school or younger? I'm in high school now!"

"Oh, you don't necessarily have to be a diabetes-inducing prepubescent schoolgirl to be a magical girl! I'm recruiting high schoolers specifically because they tend to have a level head, but still plenty of youth. There's nothing stopping you from continuing the job as an adult. And, from what I've seen, people are fine with that!"

"Wait a minute, wait a minute..." Tsubasa interjected abruptly. "Magical girls, Alius... you want me to become one of those magical girls, don't you? Li-like in the news?"


Tsubasa was at a loss for words. "I... I'm overwhelmed. I don't know how to respond."

"Understandable. You haven't had any firsthand experience with magical girls until today."

"Y-y-you have to understand, this whole thing sounds too good to be true. I heard about an anime some time ago where a similar offer was presented, and... well, it didn't end well."

"Your skepticism is understandable, expected, and appreciated. No good comes from being a dumb shit, after all. Ask as many questions as you want. I have nothing to hide."

Tsubasa chuckled a little. "Okay... if I were to become a magical girl, what would I be able to do?"

"That depends to a certain degree," Oaeire replied. "You typically get a motif or overarching theme to your powers that generally complements your personality. In addition to those, you'll get the generic cadre of powers that every magic user gets--enhanced endurance, speed, strength, reflexes, et cetera."

"What if I use my powers too much?"

"You'll become exhausted," Oaeire answered. "It is possible to push yourself so far that you end up killing yourself, but that would require a simply ridiculous amount of effort and determination. Think of using magic as doing physical work: after a while, you get tired and need time to recharge. You could keep going and eventually harm yourself... but I trust you're... probably not crazy enough to try it. Yes, it's good to not give up, but you also need to know when to fold them."

"That makes sense. What about the Alius? I know next to nothing about them. What do they look like?"

Oaeire shrugged. "Anything, basically."

"Oh, lovely. That certainly makes things easy."

Oaeire chuckled. "I know, right? I mentioned those basic powers that every magical girl has, right? One of them is the ability to identify an Alius on sight. So, while the average Hanako won't be able to tell a rabbit apart from an Alius who looks like a rabbit, you will be."

"You've thought of everything, haven't you?"

"I've had a lot of time to think!"

"Let's talk other magic users. I assume they'd be my allies?"


"And they're in the same boat as me?"

"Same tailored powers, same overarching goal, and at least a pretty good moral compass, yeah."

"How many are there?"

Oaeire started counting on her fingers. Under her breath, she mumbled, "One, two, three... carry the one..." Seconds later, she concluded in a normal tone, "Just shy of ten million. I'm actually not done with my first wave of recruiting yet. I plan on reaching about 90 million at the end of the year. You, if you accept my offer, will be one of the early ones."

"That so...? Anyway, what about the long-term? What happens when I become an adult? What if I want out?"

"Nothing is in place to stop magic users from keeping and further developing their powers into adulthood and beyond. The informal surveys I gave my most veteran magic users tend to say they enjoy their powers enough to want to keep them indefinitely. If you want out for any reason, just ask and it will be done. I will urge you to reconsider, but if you insist, I will comply. Hell, if you really want, I could even erase your memories and take you back in time, so you effectively never became a magical girl in the first place."

"At first this was sounding too good to be true," Tsubasa chuckled. "But you're making it seem like there's honestly, truly no strings attached."

Oaeire made a satisfied sound and beamed. "I try."

"Okay, last question: what's in it for you?"

"You know, that doesn't cross most people's minds at a time like this. Kudos. Well, let's see. It's in my own personal interest to maintain peace in this universe as best I can. Keeping the Alius in line is perhaps the best way to achieve that. Simply put, by becoming a magical girl, you'll be helping me do what I can't."

"From what I've seen, I'm surprised such things even exist."

"Yeah, people tend to assume I'm omnipotent, infallible, flawless, perfect, et cetera--mostly because of the space thing and how beautiful I imagine I appear--but really, I'm not too far off from you!"

Tsubasa took a deep breath. Choosing her words carefully, she said, "You've made a very compelling offer. I acknowledge the risk involved in agreeing to such an offer, and... I will accept it. I've always felt like just a bystander in my life. This way, I think, I'll be able to change that. I like the idea of keeping the peace, too, though my original plans for life weren't anywhere near this fantastic. If this works out, I'll know how I'll be spending the rest of my life! If not... well, I'm only 16--I have time to come up with a plan B."

Oaeire just smiled. Tsubasa wasn't sure what to expect next.

A vigorous handshake? A large novelty check? Party horns and confetti? A contract to sign? I don't have a lawyer handy... or at all, for that matter.

In an instant, Oaeire vanished. The bed transformed. The black of the sheets changed into an impossibly deep ultramarine, and its silver trim became brilliant gold, almost glowing from its luminance. As this occurred, Tsubasa felt her earlier uncontrollable arousal return. In seconds, it intensified exponentially.

She was in agony. At that moment, she was convinced she was more aroused than any human had ever been.

Oaeire appeared, sitting wariza on the bed, in front of the writhing Tsubasa. Her appearance alone send a wave of tremendous pleasure through Tsubasa's body, but it wasn't nearly enough to satisfy her. She was still paralyzed by ever-increasing, almost literally electric surges of arousal.

Astriferous robes were draped over Oaeire's divine form, glowing with the light of the cosmos. She began crawling towards her ever so slowly. A seductive smirk formed on her lips, as if she was amused by Tsubasa's squirming. As she got closer, her robes gradually dissolved away. There was no denying it--the body formerly veiled by those robes was indisputably the ultimate feminine form.

Oaeire was very close to Tsubasa now--about close enough to kiss. She moved the bed sheets down Tsubasa's body, revealing her breasts and stopping a bit below her waist.

Tsubasa slowly started to sit upright, shaking. Her head felt heavy.

"I... n-need..." she struggled to utter each syllable. Her trembling hand slowly removed her glasses.

Oaeire smiled. "You need...?"

At that moment, something clicked in Tsubasa. Her tone changed dramatically as she threw her glasses away and made direct eye contact with Oaeire.


She let go of her restraint, letting herself finally give in to her overpowering desires. She practically flung herself on top of Oaeire.

"Ooh, alright!" Oaeire exclaimed. "Let's see what you've got!"

Tsubasa was more than happy to oblige. She grabbed a tremendous breast with one hand and began groping vigorously. She pressed her face into the other breast and began sucking at the nipple. Surely breasts this magnificent carried similarly magnificent milk!

Her hips began moving almost involuntarily, slamming against Oaeire's remarkably thick thigh. She somehow managed to reach a new climax with every thrust. It was wonderful... but not nearly enough. She continued thrusting with startling force.

Her remaining hand flew down to between Oaeire's legs, to finger her. Oaeire purred in delight. "You're very good at this! Do you have some prior experience in this department?"

Tsubasa moaned, more out of extreme pleasure than in response. Her body began to glow purple as her nervous system went into overdrive. It quickly felt like ten orgasms roaring through her frantic body with each thrust.

As this happened, Oaeire's breast started producing milk. It had a strange but remarkably sweet taste. Tsubasa quickly found it addicting, as she was unable to stop sucking and drinking, along with humping and fingering Oaeire.

Tsubasa noted that Oaeire had yet to reach climax even once so far. That was understandable--no doubt an entity as powerful as her wouldn't be so easily stimulated.

If I'm gonna satisfy the first woman I've ever fucked, I'm gonna need to step up my game here! I need to submerge her in this sea of orgasms I'm in!

She felt something like a second wind, but far more intense. Whether it was motivational or magical in origin, she didn't know. Energy was being channeled into and through her fingering hand as it moved far more rapidly than she was capable of, causing Oaeire's moaning to intensify significantly.

Not long after, Oaeire began writhing underneath Tsubasa as she experienced a tremendous orgasm. Tsubasa reached her own almost simultaneously. She finally pulled away from Oaeire's breast and immediately tossed her head backwards, letting out a tremendous shriek of pleasure. Oaeire responded in kind. Both voices echoed throughout the heavens, as if the entire cosmos felt the sheer intensity of their pleasure.

Their lovemaking went on and on for quite some time, somehow. Hours, maybe? Days? Tsubasa wasn't really sure. Time seemed to mean very little here.

What was stranger (but very welcome, no denying that) was that she felt Oaeire's titanic orgasms as if they were her own. She was uncertain how, though. Were their nervous systems linked somehow? Was it a sympathetic response to not only witnessing but being responsible for countless supernovae of orgasms?

Either way, the constant roar of euphoria was wonderful, but also very exhausting. She half lay, half fell on her back as her orgasm continued raging on inside her.

"Oh, dear..." Oaeire said as she moved upright. Tsubasa, in her barely conscious state, was simultaneously surprised and not surprised she could take that kind of pleasure. She had a pleased but unsatisfied look on her face as she added, "Surely you're not done already? We've only just started!"

Tsubasa was too exhausted to waste even a moment not gasping for air. Oaeire merely giggled and snapped her fingers. In an instant, the seemingly bottomless pit of exhaustion Tsubasa found herself at the bottom of vanished. She felt fine. Fantastic, in fact. Everything was gone but the pleasure and each other.

"Holy fuck..." Tsubasa uttered.

"Feel up for a few more rounds now?"

Tsubasa stammered, "Surprisingly, yes!"


Oaeire moved forward a ways so she sat wariza over Tsubasa, her legs spread just enough to allow Tsubasa to fit in between.

"Now it's my turn. I'll make you cum so hard that you warp the very fabric of reality itself!"

Tsubasa wasn't sure how to feel about that statement. However, any sort of conscious, coherent thought that may have stemmed from her processing that sentence was instantly terminated as Oaeire lowered herself onto Tsubasa's drenched vulva with the utmost gentleness.

"Oh god!" Tsubasa gasped.

Oaeire smirked, clearly enjoying the position she was in.

"That's Goddess to you."

Tsubasa still maintained enough lucidity to moan in delight. Her arousal doubled with that sentence alone.

That boost, however, was nothing compared to what Oaeire did next. The slightest touch from her vulva sent an overwhelming rush of empyreal energy into Tsubasa, blanketing her entire nervous system in blue-hot pleasure and producing an exquisite onslaught of countless thousands of orgasms--one that had no intention of leaving anytime soon. Oaeire manipulated both bodies ever so slightly so their respective clitorises were precisely aligned. Every time they touched, their clitorises would receive a multitude of sublime sensations, thus making the experience, already more pleasurable than anything the human experience had to offer, even more so.

Oaeire started slowly, moving her hips gently against Tsubasa as she cried out in ecstasy so impossibly intense that, under normal circumstances, would have gotten her admitted to a hospital, if it hadn't already killed her. Oaeire gradually moved faster and put more force into her thrusting.

Tsubasa's body started glowing brilliant purple again, this time mimicking the magnitude of a star. This somehow managed to make her euphoria--which she was already convinced she was experiencing the upper limit--even greater. If she had even a single brain cell not reveling in sensations too powerful for anyone else to even dream of experiencing, she would have concluded that there simply was no such thing as limits where magic is concerned.

Tsubasa's body was being tossed to and fro in an endless storm of omnipotent euphoria, the stuff reserved for whatever beings the gods might worship. At this point, language became insufficient to describe the degree of the pure ecstasy coursing through her body without end.

Yet, somehow, that feeling was all but imperceivable over the unstoppable roar of power surging from Oaeire into Tsubasa with each beyond-exquisite thrust. A godlike floodgate was opened, and no force in the universe could even hinder it, let alone stop it.


After a transcendent experience like that, the infinite starfield surrounding Tsubasa now felt a lot smaller.

"Okay..." she uttered between heavily labored breaths. "Now I know how Saint Teresa felt."

Oaeire was lying next to her, on top of the covers with one hand behind her head and the other holding a lit cigarette to her lips. She blew out a puff of iridescent smoke and chuckled.

"And then some. Saint Teresa's got nothing on that."

Still breathless, Tsubasa replied, "You're... you're very good at that, you know that?"

"I could say the same to you. I was surprised when you leapt on top of me like that. Good surprised, though--don't get me wrong. I like a girl who can take the initiative."

"In the... in the back of my head, I was surprised too, to be honest," Tsubasa replied, staring at the vastness of space above them. "I'm not exactly sure what it was, but seeing you crawling toward me on the bed just... turned me on so much, I kinda... lost control of myself."

"Well, this is an unusual scenario for you right now, so that's understandable. I wouldn't worry about jumping someone's bones prematurely out in the real world. Your new magic will help regulate your urges so that sort of thing won't happen again. On a related note, about what you said earlier, what happened just now was so powerful that it sent ripples in time forward and backward, which is what caused your bursts of arousal earlier."

"Huh... wait, forward too?"

"Yes, but I wouldn't worry about it. Your magic will keep you feeling just fine. Better than fine, in fact--the afterglow you're feeling now will probably last for the next day or two."

"Really? Well, that's good to hear."

A beat.

"Ohhhh! That's what you meant earlier!"

"Right. But more importantly, how was it, having your way with a goddess?"

"I-it was--" Tsubasa attempted to continue, but words failed her. "I don't think a language exists that can do it justice. It was... unreal. Beyond description. Definitely the best way one could lose their virginity."

"I thought so. And there's always the quote-unquote 'language' of thought: a purely telepathic means of communication through the mental transmission of raw concepts, exactly as they are in your mind. Misunderstandings would be literally impossible. As long as you grasp what you want to convey, the other person will understand it exactly as you do. In other words, you could effortlessly tell them exactly how fucking awesome that fucking was just now, since you'd be fucking beaming your no-doubt-fucking-vivid memories of the fucking experience to your conversational partner. But that's a beast to fuck another day."

"That would be handy. No one would believe me if I told them about this otherwise."

"I can't deny you have potential aplenty, but I'm afraid you're not at that point yet. But I digress. I'm not used to being submissive, but I don't mind it either. Even before I went to town on you--or perhaps I should say before you went to town on me--you showed some serious innate potential. Kudos."

She took another huff from her cigarette and let out another rainbowy cloud. Tsubasa hadn't been paying attention to what Oaeire was doing until then. She broke out of her blissed out daze and asked, "Are you smoking?"

Oaeire tossed her cigarette away. It vanished in a flash of light. "Yeah," she replied nonchalantly. "Well, not anymore. Doing that after sex is a thing for humans."

"I know that."

"Thought so. But do you know why they do it?"

Tsubasa shook her head.

"The nicotine--while slowly poisoning your lungs--stimulates the body and cuts off blood circulation to the brain. The heart rate elevates and you feel a subtle... buzz. That feeling, coupled with the afterglow of orgasm, lets one enter a truly remarkable Zen-like state of serene contemplation... wherein you can ponder the meaning of life, the universe, and everything."

"42," Tsubasa said absentmindedly.

Aghast, Oaeire made a sound somewhere between a shriek and a gasp. Breathless, she stammered, "H-h-h-how did you know...?!"

Tsubasa smiled. "Lucky guess, I suppose. I saw this movie about space hitchhikers some time ago. I needed subtitles, though. My English wasn't--and still isn't--great, and everyone's British accent didn't help."

"You know," Oaeire smiled back. "The most powerful magical girls are literally immortal, to the extent that they'd live beyond the end of the universe, in a manner of speaking." Her smile grew as she added, "And after our fun, I can tell just how much potential is within that shapely body of yours. I bet you could easily pull that off and have plenty of time to become fluent... among a great many other things, no doubt."

"Wait, what? R-really?"

"Oh yeah! You've got a lot of potential inside you! No particular reason, really--you're just lucky."

Tsubasa found herself too blissed out to respond more eloquently than a rather satisfied chuckle.

"It's kind of strange, though," she commented.

Oaeire turned her head. "Hm?"

"I wouldn't have expected an omnipotent cosmic goddess--"

"Ah! I already told you--I'm not omnipotent."

Tsubasa replied, "Ah, you're right--my bad. I didn't think... a goddess as wildly powerful as you... to enjoy or even have sex. Don't you think it's... primitive or sloppy or boring or something?"

Oaeire didn't hesitate. "Yes, yes, yes, and yes. Mind you, I mean sex by human standards."

Tsubasa chuckled.

"No offense," Oaeire added.

"None taken. After what I just experienced, that's totally understandable."

"My philosophy is pretty simple: if it's ethical and makes people happy, then go for it! Which, in human terms, means lots of sex."

"That makes me wonder," Tsubasa said. "Why did we have to have sex? Couldn't you have just... like..." Tsubasa couldn't come up with the right terminology. "Like... bippity-boppity-boop me on the nose or something?"

"Hm, I suppose I could've done that, but would you have enjoyed that nearly as much?"

"No, I suppose not."


"Okay, that's fair. How bout this: why'd it feel so damn good? Did all the magic do that, or is sex just that amazing and no one told me?"

"It was most definitely the magic. Part of the process involved is preparing your body to become a magical girl. Just putting magic in you wouldn't do it--it'd be like trying to filling a colander with water. Have you ever tried filling a colander with water?"

Tsubasa was somewhat baffled by the absurdity of that question. "No."

"No, because you're not an idiot and know that wouldn't work. It's... well, it's actually not really the same way with magic, but the preparation bit is necessary. Anyway, once you were prepared, the imbuation began. It actually doesn't take very long, but I dawdled around some. You were having such a good time, I couldn't help it!"

Tsubasa chuckled in a rather undignified fashion, but she felt too good to care. Oaeire smiled.

"Well," she continued. "There wasn't any kind of time constraint on our fucking, so I could get away with it. You see, I can make time progress on an as-I-feel-like-it basis. How long did it feel like we were fucking?"

Tsubasa shrugged. "I dunno. That wasn't really on my mind at the time." She chuckled. "Maybe the better part of an hour?"

"Try a week."

"What? You're kidding, right?"

"Nope. Well, only an hour or so passed in the real world, but we've been here together for just over seven days now, by your calendar. Most of it was comprised by us having sex."

Dazed, Tsubasa stared straight up at the stars. "Wow. You dawdled a lot."

"Yeah, I guess I did. Well, I enjoyed it. You certainly enjoyed it. That's all that matters at the end of the day, right?"

Dazed, Tsubasa nodded. "I can... get behind that."

"Are you proposing a round two? Would you like to assume a position, or should I?"

"N-no." Tsubasa paused. She noted her recent intake of magic seemed to have also put her sex drive back in line, or else that line and look of Oaeire's would have triggered another supernova of an orgasm within her. That, or her hips would begin thrusting involuntarily against the first bit of divine flesh they could find. Instead, she couldn't help but laugh again. "I'm just... glad I'm under control again."

"I do apologize again for that. But, at the same time, being out of control can be fun sometimes!" She giggled before continuing, "Now then! When you go back to the real world, you'll find a sheet of paper or two outlining my rules on being a magical girl. You're a good lass, so I don't think you'll have any trouble in that department, but regardless--do I have your word that you'll read and follow them?"

Tsubasa nodded, "Oh yeah, absolutely."

"Excellent!" Oaeire leapt off the bed, toward the "floor" just beyond the foot of the bed. A sheer black nightgown materialized around her body while she was in midair. It appeared to do a poor job of keeping her warm, but Tsubasa suspected that was hardly the intent.

"Please understand I'm not usually a rules girl, but these are biggies. I'm self-obligated to enforce them."

"Understood," Tsubasa replied firmly. After a moment's hesitation, she abruptly stammered, "Ah, thanks for having me and going to all this trouble for me."

"No! Thank you. Both for hearing me out and accepting my offer! I had a great time meeting, recruiting, fucking, and talking with you!"

"Right, about that, ah... thank you so much for the, ah... um..."

Tsubasa's face reddened. She attempted to conceal it with the fancy bed sheets.

"Adding your virginity to my collection? The best sex of your life? The unparalleled magic power?" Oaeire smiled, looking quite amused.

"Ah-- right, yeah. Those. B-but I should be going now. I mean, I don't want to overstay my welcome or anything."

"Oh, it's no trouble at all! I can handle one guest! But I'll get things ready for you to leave."

She snapped a finger and the sort of door that would accompany a tatami room appeared in the void of space. She thrust it open in an overly grand gesture--apropos for her, Tsubasa noted, now that she had gotten to know this goddess. The tatami door revealed a blindingly bright light behind it.

"Just step through here and you'll be back in your room. And remember that you're welcome back anytime you like!"

Tsubasa exited the bed. Her school uniform rematerialized around her, just as it was when she came home, before she stripped down and was transported to this realm. Even her glasses reappeared on her face, which caused her to realize she forgot she discarded them rather haphazardly earlier.

"Ah, before I go, one last question--for real this time."

Oaeire smiled. "Shoot."

"Do you look like... this... to everyone, or just me?"

"No, different people see me differently. The constant is that I'm always a beautiful woman. Who doesn't love a beautiful woman, right? What you see here are elements of your ideal woman, combined with how I feel like looking to a certain extent. For example, that Okinawan transfer student would see me looking actually not too far off from y--"

"Wait, w-what? Okinawan transfer student? Who--?"

"Oh, you'll find out." Oaeire giggled. "Now then, closing remarks! One: when you get back, you'll be back on your own bed, a few hours after you left. As far as anyone else is concerned, you were masturbating and dozed off. Two: if you have any more questions or even just want to talk, just... pray. Not like worshipping nonsense, but the same idea. Talking in your head--that sort of thing. Start it with 'Hey Oaeire, what's up?' or something, so I know it's for me! And three: don't forget to read those rules! They should be in your school bag!"

Tsubasa smiled as she started toward the glowing door. "I'll do that! Thanks for everything, Oaeire!"


Tsubasa jerked, now suddenly quite awake. Her breathing was ragged and her clothes were all currently scattered about on the floor--about normal for one of her rounds of masturbating. Her head rolled left to check the time. It was a bit past 7 PM.

Once the shock of waking up so abruptly faded, she noticed a pleasant warmth filling her body. She recognized it as the afterglow of a really good orgasm.

I guess I dozed off while masturbating myself back to normal. I'm pleased to report it succeeded!

She got up, turned on the ceiling fan, and lay back down on her bed, watching the fan blades spin faster and faster before blurring into a translucent circle.

Now that I really think about it, I... don't feel quite... normal. Like, too good. I must've had... I dunno, maybe 70 or 80 orgasms before I fell asleep! God. After going at myself that hard, I should feel more exhausted than anything else. My arms don't ache at all! Could that mean... what I'm feeling is... magic?

As the word entered her mind, her encounter with Oaeire shot back into the forefront of her memory. She had nearly subconsciously dismissed it as a dream, but now she was certain that experience really happened.

"Magic..." Tsubasa tried out the word. "So... what? Do I draw a magic circle on the ground? How does this even work, anyway?"

She rolled over onto her side. Not knowing what to do with her hands, one gradually drifted down her body while the other rested idly under her head.

What kind of magic do I have, anyway? Oaeire wasn't incredibly clear on that. "It's catered to you" only tells me so much. What, do I need a black robe and hat, a shrill cackle, a cauldron and broom? Though, if it's catered to me, then wouldn't I be able to get by as I am now? Things to think about....

Her hand found her vagina again. It started moving around, touching the surface casually, but somehow, it felt like... more. Curious, Tsubasa poked her labia. That simple touch was enough to send a coherent wave of pleasure all throughout her body. Her hips shuddered as it happened. She raised her eyebrows.

I've never been able to feel that good that easily before!

Fantastically, fascinatingly lewd ideas started coming to her mind.

If I can do that with just a touch, just imagine what it might feel like with my vibrator! Well, fortunately for me, I don't need to imagine--I have it right here.

She turned it on and inserted it inside herself. The instant it made contact with her, she reached the most intense orgasm she had ever brought herself to. The best part was that it continued to rage on and even intensify as the vibrator sat there on the surface of her vulva.

She noticed a purple glow form around her body, which seemed to add an extra layer of pleasure. This feeling was new to her. Distinctly foreign, but unspeakably good.

Magic! Tsubasa thought as she continued writhing in ecstasy. Fuck, this is amazing!

Fantasized images of Nozomi Saotome in various states of undress and arousal appeared in her head as she thrusted the vibrator down her vagina, further amplifying her pleasure. Orgasms materialized rapidly with no indication of slowing down or weakening.

In her current state, she was aware of very little, but it felt like her profound euphoria was causing her to ascend. She was adrift in a sea of orgasms. Instead of succumbing and drowning, she figured out how to control it, enhance it. Summoning power beyond comprehension within herself, she burst through each sphere of heaven, before finally transcending it as a whole. At this point, she didn't know where she was or what she was experiencing--only that her journey through the very essence of paradisiacal bliss would never end...

...except it did, because she passed out.



Where am I? Space?

There's a person before me.

Who's that? A woman?

Wait... I know her.

"Tsubasa, you pushed yourself a little too far just then."


"When you were masturbating. Don't feel bad, though; it happens all the time to the new guys. Honestly, I'd be more surprised if this didn't happen to you! I'll help get you back to normal this time, but in the future, I expect you to maintain better control of your powers. Alright?"

Tsubasa blushed. "Thanks. And... sorry for troubling you."

"Ah, don't worry about it. Now, you've got school today, so you should wake up.

come on...

wake up....


Tsubasa Iwayama woke up to the sound of her phone alarm and immediately felt a familiar wetness in her panties. She sighed. This was definitely getting annoying.

These things are soaked through! It might be a good idea to just not wear underwear to bed if I'm gonna keep soiling them like this. It's probably a good idea to wash my bedding today, too.

The whole magical girl thing was insane, there was no denying that... but Tsubasa couldn't help but be excited by the prospect of it. She had a new reason to smile as she stepped outside to the fluttering of cherry blossom petals.

Sometime, I have got to fuck another magical girl with that kind of power. That's something I need to experience at some point.


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