Ah! My Triple Goddess!

For David Abramczyk
Art by Miamelly on DeviantArt
Thanks to Akane, anonymous-69, and Satomi and for beta reading


Immediately after Belldandy and Keiichi returned from their honeymoon, Urd and Peorth immediately snatched her away.

"We're having a hens night!" Urd interjected matter-of-factly, as if the matter had already been decided.

Keiichi wanted to spend more time in the company of his new wife, as any newlywed would. He also found it somewhat strange that the goddesses wanted to go out and party this late at night. But despite that, he couldn't bring himself to object. He felt like he may have been hogging her lately... Their honeymoon lasted several days longer than originally planned, after all.

After Peorth shut the door, Belldandy found a quiet moment to ask, "Um, excuse me. What exactly is going on here? What is a hens night?"

"I booked a reservation at a hotel!" Urd explained. "It's an absolutely gorgeous place--you'll love it! We're gonna party all night!"

"Wouldn't it be appropriate, then, to include Keiichi-kun?" Belldandy asked.

"Of course not! It's a hens night!"

Belldandy's expression was blank--Peorth's words completely failed to sink in.

"A bachelorette party? A girls' night?"

"But I'm not a bachelorette anymore," Belldandy replied, tilting her head. "That word refers to an unmarried woman, doesn't it?"

Urd resisted the impulse to fall flat on her face in exasperation. "If the semantics really mean that much to you, then... it's a post-facto former-bachelorette party! Now come on, let's go! There's a window just next to the hotel entrance we can teleport to!"

"But wouldn't someone see us?" Belldandy asked.

"Oh, it's fine! It's plenty late! Most people are asleep at this hour!"

Belldandy sighed, still somewhat concerned. "Well, if you're certain. Where is this window?"

Urd transmitted the location telepathically to Belldandy.

"Got it. Now to find a mirror... ah!" The rear-view mirror of Keiichi's motorcycle was a bit small, but otherwise suitable for a quick teleport.

"Alright, hold hands, everyone." Belldandy took Urd's and Peorth's hands and leapt into the mirror. "Away we go...!"

They emerged through a window just outside the revolving door prefacing the huge and pristine lobby.

"And there we go!" Belldandy said. "I apologize for the tight fit going in."

"Does it really make a difference?" Peorth asked. "It didn't feel like a tight fit. It just felt like... how teleportation feels."

"Hmmm... perhaps not." Belldandy giggled.

Urd, having booked the reservation, handled checking in, using her natural talents to ensure the clerk knew exactly who she was and how the hotel's owner owed her a favor. Meanwhile, Belldandy took in the scenery, thoroughly delighted. Once that was taken care of, Urd took Belldandy by the wrist and headed out the revolving door. Peorth was paying attention enough to not need Urd's prompting.

"B-but aren't we going to see our room?" Belldandy asked, somewhat saddened at being torn away from the beautiful architecture.

"We can do that later!" Peorth replied. "The party is far more pressing! We'll spend the night in the room."

Urd added, "Besides, we won't be too far. If you want some alone time with the lobby, you can just head back. But keep in mind, we're doing this for you!"

Only a short walk away from the hotel was an admittedly less gorgeous izakaya, but it still possessed a distinctive, homey charm to it that Belldandy also loved.

Urd explained, "I have a favor from this place's owner, too. Anything you want tonight is on the house! Now then, Mrs. Morisato, let's take a seat at the bar and have a toast!"

The fairly new bartender's attention was immediately pulled from the glass she was cleaning to the three supernaturally beautiful women who sat down at her bar.

"H-h-hello," she stammered. "What, uh... what can I get you three?"

"This lovely lady here just got married!" Peorth indicated Belldandy. "We'd like to start out with a toast for her good fortune!"

The bartender felt unnerved, oddly enough.

"A-alright, I'll get some champagne. Ah, who's the designated driver here?"

"I'm sorry?" Belldandy asked.

"Who drove your party here?"

"I teleported my friends and myself here, if that's what you mean," Belldandy chirped.

"T-tele..." The bartender shook her head, figuring she simply misheard. "Never mind. Alright, so two champagnes for your friends, and... what would you like?"

"I'm really not sure," Belldandy replied. "What do you have available?"

"Well, let's see... there's root beer..."

"I'll have a glass of root beer, then."

"R-really? It's pretty gross, to be honest." She somewhat regretting making her first suggestion to this beautiful foreigner be a drink that practically no one enjoyed. It just slipped out!

"Well, I've never had it before," Belldandy replied, completely serious. "There's a first time for everything, right?"

"S-sure, that makes sense. I imagine a foreigner like you would probably have some different tastes." The bartender poured two glasses of champagne for Urd and Peorth, and a glass of root beer for Belldandy--in the same.

Urd added, "Oh, and put all our drinks on my tab. Name's Urd."


Peorth said, "Well then, let's do this! I'd like to propose a toast to Belldandy Morisato. Belldandy, you're a very lucky woman, and Keiichi-san's a very lucky man. May fortune shine on you both."

"Here here," Urd responded, gesturing with her glass.


Urd and Peorth clinked their glasses together, did the same with Belldandy, and proceeded to down their champagne, so Belldandy followed suit with her root beer.

Just as Urd was about to finish her glass, she flashed back to the Christmas party from a while back. Belldandy got ridiculously drunk and started spreading fortune to anyone and everyone at random, rapidly getting out of control. Her medium of inebriation was not the absurd amount of alcohol she drank while Sayoko attempted and failed to drink her under the table and humiliate her, but rather the can of soda Megumi gave Keiichi to mitigate his hangover, which he ultimately gave to Belldandy.

In other words, Belldandy gets very drunk on soda.

Root beer is soda.

Urd connected the dots too late to warn Belldandy, who had already finished her glass. Her cheeks were already quite red.

That's not good. Well, as long as we keep a close eye on her, we should be alright. Besides, this is supposed to be fun. As long as Belldandy doesn't bless people with good fortune, Keiichi won't receive comparable bad luck. If she realizes that's happening, then it'll put a serious damper on her ability to enjoy tonight.

After the toast, Urd and Peorth ordered drink after drink. Korean soju, Okinawan awamori, mugi shochu, umeshu, even Dack Daniel's whiskey. Anything the bar had on hand, the goddesses downed like it was nothing. Belldandy found pronouncing most of the drink names too difficult in her seriously inebriated state, so she tried her best in saying "I'll have what they're having, please!" through her drunken stupor.

Over the next several hours, the bartender ultimately concluded she lost her mind at some point and was hallucinating her three oddly-dressed customers. At this point, she didn't really have an explanation as to why she kept on happily pouring drinks for the strange and probably fictitious women.


Peorth and even Urd eventually became just as wasted as Belldandy was.

"You know what, Belldandy?!" Peorth exclaimed out of nowhere, slamming her glass on the counter, shattering it. "You're so lucky. You know that?! You married the most amazingly kind mortal on this entire stupid rock!"

"I am, I do know that!" Belldandy agreed happily. "And I did marry the most amazing kind mortal on this entire rock!"

"You know, I loved him! Even way back in the start, when I thought you weren't doing your job!"

"I loved him, too!" Urd exclaimed. "For Mom's sake, why'd you have to marry him?! I... I loved him so much! These stories work so much better when you never marry!"

Urd and Peorth began sobbing on each other's shoulders.

Peorth sniffled. "Hey, Belldandy... do you think you could... y'know, make room in his heart for me?"

"Me too!" Urd added.

"Peorth... Urd... yes, that's a fantastic idea!" Belldandy clapped her hands together in front of her face, pushing her glass to the floor, causing it to shatter.

"I know just what to do!"


Belldandy awoke to the sight of her own face. A mirror, to be specific. She was standing up, oddly enough--a first for her upon waking. She attempted to move, only to find her legs hit someone else's. It didn't take long for her to realize what happened.

Her body was fused with Urd's and Peorth's, effectively turning them into a single being with six legs, six arms, three breasts, and each of their heads. Their robes were haphazardly fused together.

She shrieked out of instinct, which woke Peorth, but barely fazed Urd.

Peorth babbled in her still-asleep state, "What?! Yes, hi, Peorth here! Goddess First Class, Second Category, Unlimited-- wait."

She looked up and down the mirror, realizing she was part of the multi-limbed, -headed, and -breasted being before her... and shrieked too.

"We're all together!"

"I know," Urd responded.

"We have six arms!"

"I know."

"Six legs!"

"I know."

"Three breasts!"

"I. Know."

Peorth's frenzied panic abruptly turned into idle curiosity. "Why do we only have three breasts, though? Why not six breasts, too? I mean--"

"I have no idea!" Urd finally snapped. "All I know is that we're together like this."

"And our limiters are gone, too," Peorth added. Her and Belldandy's hair had taken on a silvery sheen. Urd's hair had turned partially gold. Their facial markings had become more intricate, too.

"I need to contact Yggdrasil!" Belldandy exclaimed abruptly. "Find out how this happened!"

"Well, we're back in the room somehow," Urd pointed out. "So you can use the phone there."

Belldandy used the legs under her control to waddle over to the phone and quickly dialed the number. She didn't have to wait long for the other end to pick up.

"Hello, Ere-san? It's Belldandy. Listen, um... would you mind telling me what happened last night involving Peorth, Urd, and myself?"

"Nothing, as far as I'm aware. Well, let me check, anyway. One moment.... Oh wow! It would appear the System Force was tapped into and... I may not be interpreting this right... fused the three of you together?"

"Can you determine who did it?"

"Working.... Uh... Belldandy...?"


"It seems it was you who effected this change."

"How was the command phrased? I need to know exactly what was requested!"

"Working.... It's fairly difficult to decipher. A lot of the words are seriously slurred. Something about making room in the heart of... someone called... Keiichi?"

"Ah, I..." Belldandy responded slowly. "I see." She then sputtered quickly, "Thank you for your time, Ere-san. That will be all." and hung up.

Both Peorth and Urd's heads stared at her. She was surrounded no matter what she did.

She gulped. "Okay, so... funny story--"

"What did you find out?" Urd asked.

"Um... I'm afraid it would seem that... I am responsible for this change. I must have removed my earring to do that. I'm so sorry, you two!"

Urd sighed. "I figured as such."

Peorth asked, "We're not stuck like this, are we?"

"I'm afraid I don't know."

"Hang on a minute," Urd interjected abruptly. "Have either of you considered that this might not be so bad?"

"That's a pretty stupid question to ask!" Peorth replied. "Why would I ever want to be fused with two other people like this?"

"Well, hear me out here. We have only one vagina, which would suggest we're sharing it. I suspect that sensations there would be three times as intense as normal."

"Of course that's immediately where your mind goes!" Peorth rolled her eyes.

"Says the goddess who can't not flirt with Keiichi for five minutes."

"Oh, shut it, Second Class!"

"Now, now, Peorth," Belldandy interjected. "Let's let Urd finish."

"Thank you, Belldandy. Moreover, since we have three, not six breasts, they may be twice as sensitive. They're also noticeably bigger. Additionally, we may wield more power in this state that we ever could have individually, especially with all our limiters missing. I certainly feel it. What about you two?"

Belldandy nodded. "Now that you mention it, it feels like it usually does with my limiter off, but to an even greater degree. It's... it's a little scary, to be honest."

"I was a class of my own during that brief stint when I was a demon," Urd continued. "I imagine we're even more powerful than that in this state; maybe even more powerful than the Almighty One? I'm not saying we should do anything crazy, but I think it would be wasteful not to at least explore what's possible with this new form."

Peorth nodded slowly. "Yes, I see where you're coming from there. In fact, I can..." She raised her eyebrows in surprise. "I can literally see it. I think I'm... picking up your thoughts."

"As am I..." Belldandy added. "You... you're pleased by this development, aren't you?"

"Wh-wh-what do you mean?" Urd stammered. "I just think sex would feel better with our senses compounded like this!"

"No, there's... there's something else. You... you value your ability to lie as a Second Class goddess... so you're able to protect Skuld and myself! Urd, I never knew! I'm touched!"

Turning bright red, Urd turned away. "I-it-- it's not that big of a deal."

"Not that this isn't heartwarming and all," Peorth said. "but I'm more interested in finding out more about this new body of ours. What say we give that a try?"

Eager to change the subject, Urd agreed wholeheartedly, "Yes! Absolutely, let's do that!"

She walked the gestalt over to a full-length mirror and willed her wings into existence, out of curiosity. Six alabaster wings appeared behind her with a flurry of feathers.

Belldandy, Urd, and Peorth admire their new gestalt form in a mirror (art by Miamelly on DeviantArt)

"Ah, good," Urd said. "No more black left wing for me anymore."

"We actually do look surprisingly good in this state," Peorth commented, posing a bit with the arms and legs under her control. "A bit weird, but what's wrong with that?"

"I concur," Belldandy replied. "This will take some getting used to, though. Doubly so for Keiichi-kun."

"If he has a problem with this," Peorth said. "Then he isn't nearly as good a man as I thought he is. And if anyone here knows how good of a man anyone is, it would most definitely be me, the goddess of love!"

Ignoring Peorth's unrealistically elevated view of herself, Urd commented, "It's a good thing we were wearing our robes when this happened. Otherwise, our clothes would have gotten real torn up. I don't think any of us were this big before."

"What about our angels?" Belldandy asked. She summoned her angel... except nothing happened.

"Holy Bell? Hmm, that's odd.... Try yours, you two."

Urd attempted to summon World of Elegance, but reached the same result as her sister, as did Peorth.

Each goddess tried again and again, but were unable to summon them. Urd was reminded of when she was a child and was so terrified of World of Elegance's half-black, half-white appearance that she ordered her to never show herself again.

But that was a long time ago. She had gotten over that and was ultimately able to summon her angel with the same ease as any other goddess. It couldn't be a relapse of that phobia... could it?

"Wait!" Belldandy interjected. "I have an idea. If we're fused together like this, then logically, so would our angels! Let's try summoning them simultaneously."

The three did so. Sure enough, Holy Bell, World of Elegance, and Gorgeous Rose appeared behind them, fused together in the same fashion as their goddesses. The flowing swirl of cloth that ordinarily would have gone from their waists down was too small with their six legs. Annoyed, they shook the cloth off, allowing it to dissolve away into a gust of feathers. Their legs were now visible, all clad in white sheer stockings. A single strip of cloth covered all three of their breasts, which extended downwards to loosely cover their loins. Urd was again pleased to see World of Elegance's hair and wings were now completely white.

"Now hold on a moment!" Peorth interjected. "I realize our angels--or perhaps I should say our angel--looks downright radiant, but what about us? I don't know about you two, but I'm interested in how this new body of ours feels!"

"That was my idea," Urd pointed out. "So stop acting like you're the first one to consider that."

"Semantics!" Peorth shot back. "That's the next logical step in a situation like this, right?"

"I don't think there's any precedent for anything like this," Urd replied with a chuckle.

"Now, now," Belldandy said. "Instead of arguing who had the idea first, let's just get to it, shall we?"

The goddesses retracted their wings and took off their robes. Meanwhile, their angels simply let their cloth strip fall from their body and dissolve away.

Lying on one of the room's two beds, Belldandy began gently massaging the outer two of their bared and huge breasts--one with each hand. She rolled her hands around each of them, gradually finding herself enjoying the sensations. Urd gave the middle breast the same attention Belldandy was giving the other two with one hand. She brushed her other hand up and down their midriff ever so gently. Peorth spread her legs out and felt around the inside of her thighs, occasionally switching to the other, adjacent ones.

All sensations were felt by all three goddesses equally. As such, they all began moaning rather quickly. Likewise, all three were eager to feel more. Belldandy and Urd focused their massaging on the nipples, and Peorth's hands moved up the thighs and into the vagina.

She only inserted a couple fingers to start out, but Belldandy was already practically screaming in ecstasy. She couldn't blame her--if she didn't have the degree of sexual experience that she did, she'd probably be reacting the same way. She pushed in deeper, feeling around for the G-spot while her other hand played with the clitoris.

That got all three goddesses screaming. Pleasure came in earnest and intense waves, radiating through their entire body.

Their restraint and self-control completely gone at this point, they began using their powers to enhance the experience. A dildo made of magical energy materialized within their vagina, which both Urd and Peorth's hands eagerly shoved in and out of the orifice. Meanwhile, Belldandy continued with the breasts--groping two and licking the third.

Nothing they did was ever enough to satisfy them. The goddesses, in this moment effectively one mind, telepathically urged their angels for assistance. The angels were all too happy to comply, even in the middle of pleasuring themselves. They began transmitting their own body's sensations to their goddesses, increasing their pleasure by a couple orders of magnitude.

Outside the hotel, a powerful thunderstorm formed quite abruptly, localized around the goddesses' hotel. Intense gusts of wind and frequent flashes of lightning filled the sky. The wind even sent thousands of roses flying through the air. An obscenely powerful bolt of lightning struck the building directly. It was well-designed, so all that resulted was a power outage.

At that same moment, the goddesses finally reached a tremendous orgasm, sending surges of divine power through their body.

Just because they reached orgasm didn't mean they stopped pleasuring themselves, though. On the contrary, the sheer power of that orgasm only made the goddesses hornier and urged them to push themselves further. One orgasm became two became four became sixteen became thirty-two became sixty-four... all in the span of seconds. Thousands came over the next few minutes.

Each orgasm they experienced gave them more power, but the process suffered from diminishing returns over time. Regardless, it lasted for the rest of the night and well into the following day.

A housekeeping employee came at about 1 PM. She knocked on the door and called out, "Housekeeping!"

Receiving no response, she opened the door with her master key, stepped in with her cart of cleaning supplies, and saw two naked and divinely radiant bodies lying on the beds, frozen in sexual euphoria of what appeared to be impossible intensity. A strange, glowing object pulsated inside both beings' vaginas. Moreover, they possessed extra heads, breasts, arms, and legs.

She stared at the writhing bodies for a long moment before turning around and exiting the room without another word.

"I think I should go home. I am obviously in no fit state to work today."


It wasn't a stretch to call the afterglow beyond even the greatest pleasures of Heaven. Goddess and angel alike lay on the bed, panting and smiling, their divine brains flooded with sublime endorphins.

"That was... perhaps the greatest thing... I have ever experienced," Urd uttered.

"It was... amazing," Peorth agreed.

"Indeed," Belldandy said. "But what made it better was experiencing it with you two."

"To think," Peorth chuckled. "If we hadn't gone out for a hens night and got profoundly inebriated, none of this would have happened!"

"You know..." Belldandy sighed with pleasure. "I love Keiichi-kun... but I love you two, also." She grasped one of Peorth's hands and one of Urd's.

"What, like sisterly love?" Urd asked. "Romantic? Sexual?"

"All three!" Belldandy giggled.

"I feel the same way," Urd replied.

"Likewise!" Peorth added. She sputtered moments later, "W-- well, not sisterly, seeing as I'm not related to you two, but you get what I mean!"

"Yeah, yeah," Urd waved her free hand dismissively. "More importantly, I think we're all in agreement: this form is amazing, right?"

Belldandy and Peorth agreed.

"In that case, we should give it a name. It would be a lot quicker and simpler to just have a single word to refer to it, instead of trying to describe it."

Mere seconds passed before all three goddesses came to an agreement.

"Freyja," they said as one. They turned to their angels. "And as for you...? Heaven's Eternal Bliss."


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