Quantum Goddess

Welcome home, honey!

Yes, I’m really excited! You know how I’ve been working on the problem of quantum-phenomic bridging? Well, I’ve had a major breakthrough! As of this moment, you’re speaking with the only woman on Earth who can manipulate quantum phenomenon with merely her mind!

Oh, it’s a really big deal. I’d explain, but I know the math involved would go right over your head. No, no, it’d go over anyone’s head, it’s very complicated.

No, I haven’t tested it out yet. Let’s start with something small – here, in the kitchen.

Interview with God


Hi! You don’t know me, but we’ve met before. Countless times, actually. I call myself Omni, but in a few minutes my name will be Amanda, a cute little blonde from down the hall.

Oh, don’t bother calling campus security. Your phone has turned into a banana. No, it’s real! Eat it. See? Pretty good, right?

I’m in your room to tell you what’s about to happen. I just love to watch your expression while I tell you about the true nature of reality. It just never gets old! Sit down. Yes, there on your bed, if you please. There you go.