Monika's Giantess Club - Giantess Story

Okay, everyone! It’s Monika from the game Doki Doki Literature Club and you will be reading a story based off that visual novel. I am communicating through this computer realm into the text you are reading. The computer realm is an alternate one from the traditional one in the game. This realm is one where I am not deleted and am now omnipotent. I brought back all the girls to create special interactions with the fictional character representing the dear reader.  I will refer to myself in the third person to make this all simpler.


The following story is extremely weird. It involves a woman becoming wildly, absurdly, grotesquely fat via the application of her own omnipotence. Proceed with caution.

Molly would have happily described herself as a hedonist if she knew the meaning of the word. Her mom and dad described their unemployed twenty-year-old daughter as “a big eater” and “a good heart”. Friends of the family often ended sentences about her with “bless her heart”.