An Edeal World

*Heavy Spoiler on the ending of Bravely Default*

5 months after the 4 heroes of light defeated the God of destrcution Ouroboros, everything was in peace and harmony.

Edea Lee, the valiant heroine of eternia, was in her room, thinking about the events of the end of her adventure.

-Mmmh i can't beleive i just did that not so-far ago.

-And now... Agnes became pope, Tiz is in intensive care in the hospital and Ringabell...

-Where are you, you idiot! screamed Edea, alone in her room.

The Quintessential Mary-Sue

My stories are over-the-top by design. So, it should come as no surprise that the motif of the "Mary-Sue" is one I find particularly intriguing. The fact people write the character spontaneously and without realization is almost enough to make me believe in the collective unconscious, almost. I know it is traditional to write a Mary-Sue unintentionally, but I did so with the greatest of intents. This story goes from Earth to space to the gates of Heaven and Hell as Mary-Sue proves her superiority over all of creation. I wrote the story to be as the title boasts: The Quintessential Mary-Sue, the definitive work for this pervasive motif. I am happy with the result. I was going for the "High Score."

5 Short Stories by Mr. GreyMan

Author's Note: It is unlikely that all of the following stories are of your taste. Yet--if you are reading this--I would strongly suspect some are. If you find yourself reading something you don't find enjoyable, my suggestion would be to simply stop and quickly move on to the next. Since--if you continue--the distaste will -likely- only grow. The delineation between the stories are clearly marked for this reason. If you start to grow uneasy with the images being called forth, just move on to the next story. Oh, and you do have my permission to write sequels or prequels to any one of these stories or to create other art inspired by them. In fact, I would be most appreciative if you did.

Supanari Chapter 6


Just as Katie started to experience her catastrophic growth spurt in the nurse’s office, Ms. Tracy was delivering some big news to the girls in the thirteen-plus homeroom.

“You’ll all be excited to learn the construction of the replacement hydroponics module for the ISS has finally been completed,” announced Ms. Tracy. Her even, white teeth sparkled between her collagen-puffed lips.